Rollins Hurting, Brown Moves Up

Jimmy RollinsCharlie Manuel has said Domonic Brown’s play will tell him when he is ready to move up in the Phillies lineup.

He moved Brown into the third spot today against the Brewers at Citizens Bank Park, but not because Brown’s play dictated it. Manuel said Brown, who leads the National League with 15 home runs, hit third because Jimmy Rollins could not play after fouling consecutive pitches off his right foot last night.

“His foot is sore,” Manuel said. “And if you look, gosh darn, somebody has to hit third, somebody has to hit fourth, somebody has to hit fifth. I figured because Domonic is smoking ‘em, I was going to stick him third. That’s why he’s hitting third. But I’m not saying where Domonic will hit (in the future) because he is going to tell me.”

Brown hit .303 (33-for-109) with four doubles, one triple, 12 home runs and a .991 OPS in May, although he interestingly did not walk once. He has homered seven times in the past seven games, and four in the past two.

“He’s hitting third today because it’s the best middle of the lineup we could have with Domonic, Howie (Ryan Howard) and Delmon Young hitting three, four, five,” Manuel said.

Manuel said Rollins’ foot is not fractured, but is “real sore.” He said it is day-to-day, and there is a chance he could play tomorrow.


Howie??? 🙂

Guess he can’t keep calling him “the Big Piece” when he’s not hitting like it.

Young stinks bring up Ruff ….to play left and move Brown to right..then sell,sell in upcoming trade deadline..

good post, but young is not the only one on this team that sucks, how about nix and martinez

it seems like manuel has no problem playing delmon young in right field on a regular basis. i personally do not think he is any better than jmj and probably not as good defensively. getting young was just another blunder by that idiot amaro, to go along with revere, adams, m. young, etc. is is any wonder that this team will struggle to win 80 games this year and if the do reach 80 they over achieved

Why spend time evaluating Young when he is not part of the future?

Vegas, I disagreee. Getting Young for 700K was a good move by RAJ. Keeping him after he’s shown he can’t hit like we hoped is what is stupid-both by RAJ and Charlie. Bench him and show front office that its time to pull plug. I don’t mind taking a chance on vets who may be able to help, but I do mind keeping them after it is long clear that they aren’t helping

F_I_J, you are right about Delmon, he was a low risk high reward type of player. They will definitely release him if they decide that he can’t help the team. It should be Ruf who replaces him, but why the Phils have Darin playing in left field when they dam well knew that the only outfield that Ruf would play if he were called up was right field. I don’t like the idea of moving Dom to right field. He is still NOT a born outfielder. It could screw up the progress he has made at the plate this year. For that reason I doubt the Phils will bring up Darin, which means Delmon’s job is secure….. for the time being.

i would change the whole present structure of the outfield of this team. i would bench revere and young and put mitchell in center, ruf or fields in left and move dom brown over to right field. lets face it this team with the present lineup is a boring waste of time. it seems that all you need to do to impress charlie is hit between .200 and .230, just ask mister nix. is that a waste of human flesh?

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