The Delmon Experiment

Delmon YoungThe Phillies took little risk in January when they signed Delmon Young to a Minor League contract.

They believed he could help their offense, so they figured why not sign him for just $750,000?

But Young is hitting .215 (20-for-93) with four doubles, four home runs and 10 RBIs in 28 games. He has just a .387 slugging percentage and a .279 on-base percentage. He has played OK defensively, although he dropped a catchable ball in right field in the fifth inning today, which led to a two-out run in a 4-3 loss to the Brewers.

“I think sooner or later we definitely are going to have to evaluate him and decide,” Charlie Manuel said. “When you’re playing like that and trying to get going (as a team), there is a time when you have to sit down and definitely evaluate not only his performance and other guys’ too. I think that’s when we’ll decide, actually how much he gets to play or what. I think he’s going to hit. There again, it’s kind of like, when? I don’t like to give up on a guy that’s got the track record like he has with the bat. What I saw in Miami showed me that if he would get going and steady, that he could be a big addition to our lineup.”

Young appeared to be heating up late last month when he hit .333 (5-for-15) with one double, two home runs and four RBIs in four games. But since then he has hit .182 (6-for-33) with one home run and three RBIs in nine games.

“It’s only (93) at bats,” Young said. “That usually Aprils month of baseball. But when you’re losing you’re trying to do a little of everything to help the team score runs.”

I think the Phillies will give him more time. How much more? I’m not sure. Could be a couple weeks, could be a month, could be until the Phillies decide to blow up the 25-man roster and start from scratch. If that happens, the Phillies could move Domonic Brown to right field and call up Darin Ruf to play left. But at the moment, even though the Phillies are four games under .500 and show no signs , they still plan on giving this a shot. So they’ll continue to send Young out there, hoping he gets hot.


Seems like the Phillies are blowing themselves up. Utley, Howard, Ruiz, Rollins, Halladay – all with injuries of varying severity. Would they be hurt if they were 5-7 years younger? Maybe not, or at least they’d get off the DL sooner. As of now this team is going nowhere. But are the kids at Triple A ready to fill in? I was shocked when I read Utley spent three seasons at Triple A. Certainly didn’t hurt him. Maybe the Phillies are just caught between a rock (the varsity is too old) and a hard place (the youngsters, although promising, aren’t ready). Maybe us fans have got to suck it up and wait ’til the kids are ready. One thing I definitely believe, though – the answer to the Phillies’ problems will bot be solved by free agents.

That’s the thing though, chances are that Utley still would have been the player he became in the majors if he would have only spent 1 year in triple A. He struggled in the very beginning of his major league career, too, don’t forget. At some point if you think a player is good enough to be an every day player in the majors, you just gotta stick him up there and give him a chance to sink or swim. Especially with how things have gone this far, it certainly couldn’t get any worse if they brought Ruf up and moved brown to RF. Maybe Ruf even gets a boost from the move up and contributes some much needed power to this lineup. Cesar Hernandez sure hasn’t looked bad so far, and nobody even thought tat he would be up this year before he started tearing it up in triple A this year.

Bottom line, things need to change, and doing nothing and hoping for the bats to turn themselves around isn’t gonna change anything.

Young is starting to look comical out there in right field, he tiptoes up to a ball to catch up to it and then bends at the waist instead of at the knees to pick up a baseball out there.

I wonder when all of these ‘bargain’ pickups by the Phillies front office is going to backfire majorly on them and get them fired for what they are shaping the Phillies into?

Zambrano, Delmon Young, Ben Revere ? Are you starting to see a trend here? How much more of this will the Phillies fans take?

You should be shocked if you have read Utley spent 3 years at AAA because he didn’t. He played at AAA for only one full season and parts of two others. Of those two others he played the majority of games at AAA in only one. To put it another way, in the last two years of the three years Utley supposedly played in AAA , he also appeared in 137 games with the Phillies.

Phillies need to do something… will stop filling the ballpark….notice the boos are getting louder and stronger.

The question is, what should the Phillies do? Let’s play armchair GM. I would love to just start the youth movement this year. Trade of DFA Delmon Young, move Brown to RF and bring up Ruf for left. Revere in center with Mayberry Jr. as backup. Do you trade Utley, if you can, and go with Hernandez? Or have Utley play out the rest of the season and say goodbye in the offseason by not resigning him and go with Hernandez at second next year? I also wish the Phils would have just let Rollins go in the offseason and start the new era at short with Galvis, but what do you do now? Trade Rollins, if you can? At third, I guess have Young play out the season (he’s a free agent too at the end of the season, right?) and have Asche get a final year of “seasoning” in AAA and just go with him next year at 3rd. At catcher, they made a dumb move (IMHO) by not just starting Joseph for the month Ruiz was out, then sending him down for the at bats when Ruiz came back, then they could have him back now with Ruiz hurt and just keep him as the back up for the rest of the year when Ruiz comes back. So, Howard. Do you try to trade him? Contract and bad knee(s), feet, ankle, whatever, will have anyone shying away from a trade, I think. Unless someone is desperate, probably from the AL with need at DH. And even so, it most likely will take the Phils eating a portion of the money left on Howards deal to make the trade happen. Or do you keep him and hope he can play 130 games a year and give you 25 or so HR and 80 or more RBI while you can rest him with Ruf or another FA signing at first base?
So, what do you all think? Am I nuts or just dumb? (Don’t answer that)

Braves are wondering if they could get Lee for their bullpen. It appears you guys won’t be needing him 2nd half.

Sure, if the Braves can impart how their road to success requires having their two highest paid players hitting 7th and 8th.

lets get real: D brown has to go-for Ruf, or someone else, but he’s not helping at all. Hernendez, however, has 2 errors in a week-not what I expect from a 2b. He needs more time. Utley has been fine this year, is a force in clubhouse, and a fan favorite. Unless he has trade value I don’t see, keep him this year and see where youre at going forward. 3B is a problem. M Young aint’ helping us as we hoped. Is it time to let Galvis play full time 3B? since young hasn’t had any power, Galvis’ bat isn’t any worse and his fielding so much better. Biggest question, however, is starting pitching. DO you move Lee? Where has Cole disapeared to? IS KK for real? WHat about pappelton? Is Doc ever coming back? at present, we are entering next year with a rotation of Hamels, Lee (if he stays) Pettibone , KK, and 5th to be named later. Do we really think KK is a legit #3 or do we need to get one? If we do move Lee, who is the #2? by the way, where can you find RP not named Pappelton? I thought we were told that our Pen would be one of the bexst this year-i’m not seeing it. Last night was scary

A little less than 2/3 of the season is still left. The next two months will decide what happens to the Phils. In June, they face a lot of awful teams, while in July their schedule is stacked with games against postseason contenders. If the Phils continue this trend they have started against the Brewers (1-2 against a team that is more than 10 games under .500), they themselves will be 10 games (or worse) under .500 by the trade deadline and the season will be over and the fire sale will begin.

getting delmon cheap is not the answer to getting in pennant race. getting young for $700.00 or $700,000.00 are not going to make the team a pennant contender. i don ‘t know about anybody else but this present offense this team puts on the field puts me to SLEEP, with the exception of course of dom brown. they have a 37 year old 3rd baseman with 2 home runs and 11 ribbies and whose BA is steadily dropping. they have a center field who will probably never reach the stands, even playing at williamsport. they have a so called bench player in lance nix who makes mario mendozza look like mickey mantle. it is time to get rid of the old men and bring up some of the players from lehigh valley or even reading and for sure would not be any more boring.

We could have spent the money on Josh Hamilton. Okay, that was amusing. While Delmon was/is a bust let’s face the facts…..who do you trade and for what in return? Let’s be real, too……not I’d trade Young and Martinez for *insert all-star*. You have to trade value to get value and there is limited value on this team. Even our limited value comes with a price tag that decreases that value in a trade. This team needs to build through free agency and low cost/high risk type of signings because we overspent on potential and past performance as most Philly sport teams do. I ask, even in a fire sale who do you trade and what realistically do they get you in return?

Trade Ruiz……get a mid-level BP arm
Utley (if healthy)……2-3 minor league prospects or a couple of PT major league guys (think JMjr/nix)
Michael Young……you get another Michael Matinez
Delmon Young….. you get the fact you no longer have him
Revere………You get the other teams Revere in return
You trade Lee….you eat money and get 2-4 prospects

There is not many trade options available to this team, so in essance you have to play it out with them and hope for the best. November free agency you jump all in.

Nate Schierholtz would have looked good in RF. But we kept Nix instead and signed Delmon Young. Brilliant.

Delmon Young’s track record? He’s had two mediocre years preceded by a few plus years. He’s never really raked. Using Cholly’s science, should we dig up Ted Williams? He has a good track record, too. Maybe he’s ready for a big year.

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