Young Reinstated, Martinez Optioned

Phillies Cardinals BaseballMichael Young feels fortunate to be back with the Phillies in a relatively clear state of mind.

He got a big scare last Tuesday at Fenway Park, where he received a serious phone call about 30 minutes before his game against the Red Sox regarding a health issue concerning his nine-month-old son Antonio. Young went on the bereavement list Wednesday to return home to Texas before returning to Philadelphia to be activated before tonight’s series opener against the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park.

“That’s what I’ve been doing, tending to my little boy,” said Young, who declined to discuss specifics regarding his son’s health issue. “A hospital bed is no place for a nine-month-old baby boy. They’re home now. Better. Awaiting some results from some tests, but he’s home now and isn’t stuck to an IV, which is a good thing to see from a father’s standpoint. He’s home with my family and he’s comfortable.”

The Phillies optioned light-hitting infielder Michael Martinez to make room for Young on the roster. They instead kept Cesar Hernandez, who replaced Young on the roster last week. The Phillies trumpeted Martinez’s defensive versatility when he replaced Chase Utley on the roster May 24, but while Hernandez is primarily a second baseman, he simply is a better baseball player than Martinez. Hernandez entered Monday hitting .263 (5-for-19) with one double in five games. Martinez has a career .509 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in 358 plate appearances over parts of three seasons with the Phillies.

But the good news is Young’s son is feeling better.

“I’m OK,” Young said. “We got a lot of potentially bad things ruled out, which is great news. The fact that some really horrible things were ruled out was great news for my family. I’m just happy my son’s home.”

Young is expected to return to the lineup tomorrow. He said he is ready to play.

“I could always count on baseball to be kind of my sanctuary, another place where I can be me and cut it loose and go out and compete at the highest level, which is who I am and what I do and what I love to do the most,” he said. “If anything, I can count on baseball for that.”


Yahoo! Shame they can’t release him (Martinez) and be done with him for good.

I guess Cesar will be with the team until Michael is ready to be in the line-up again. After that, they should send him back to LV so he can keep playing every game, but who would take his roster place? Darin Ruf? It would be nice to have Darin on the roster just to see if Delmon will look at his replacement on the roster and still keep sucking…… I doubt a player like Delmon plays with any more sense of urgency even if he knows he might be unemployed soon…..

they should have sent nix with him or just put them both on waivers. then they should bring up ruf, fields, or mitchell and give them a shot. they way this team is offensively it would not hurt.

Gee, I wonder if anybody will claim Martinez.
Don’t hold youer breath.

Lookis like Frillies attendance is down 13% from last year. Even with all those season tix working their way to the dumpster. Kind of some Phair weather fans, eh? Where is Weinus to brag about attendance when it’s hitting the skids? Oh and bucking the trend for 2013 attendance are the Braves, up from last year,


Yeah, Brave attendance is up to 11th out of 15 teams and the poor Phillies are only out drawing the Braves by 8000 per game. By the way, how is the $26.25 million 7th and 8th hole hitters working out? And, a tip of the hat to Frank Wren for signing BJ Upton and saving the Phillies from another one of Ruin Tomorrow Juniors bonehead signings.

Trolling an article largely concerning the health of a player’s 9-month old son. Classy….

MM gets to spend a week on a Big League bench and go back to his minor league bench job. It’s nice to know that there are people out there with no sense of pride in themselves. People who collect a pretty good pay check by doing, frankly speaking, nothing….

Sense of pride? Some players just are what they are. I think it is more a talent issue than pride with MM. Not his fault someone wants to pay him for it. I am jealous in fact! LOL Guys who need to seek out some pride are Howard, Hamels and anyone considered a core piece of this team that forget that hard work and dedication equates to positive results. We can knock the 4th string infielder all we want, but when your only two position players that produce are your (until a month ago) washed up top prospect and back up catcher you got bigger issues than Michael Martinez. At least IMO……..

Good answer back in return of this difficulty with real arguments and telling everything on the topic of that.

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