Can Revere Turn Things Around?

Russell Martin, Ben RevereBen Revere returns to his big-league roots today at Target Field.

I’m sure he had hoped for a better homecoming.

I wrote yesterday about Revere’s struggles, and where the Phillies see him fitting into their future plans. Revere has a .562 OPS, which is sixth-lowest in baseball out of 164 qualifying players. (It could be worse. The Phillies offered B.J. Upton a five-year, $55 million contract in the offseason, but he signed with the Braves instead. He has a .549 OPS.) Revere has not played like the Gold Glove-caliber defender the Phillies touted, either. But they say they will remain patient with him. I understand this. They need to keep playing Revere and hope he turns things around, so going into the offseason they know if they need a centerfielder or not. If Revere turns it around and shows he’s capable of being a .300 hitter and good defender, then they can try to fill other holes. But if Revere continues to struggle then they have one more hole to fill. And they certainly don’t need another hole to fill.


No matter what he does you can’t have an outfielder thank hasn’t any arm.He already has cost them a game because of his lacking a throwing arm And probably a game or two because he’s had problems tracking balls.Ben seems like a great guy I just don’t know how you can have an outfielder with no arm. But,that’s Ruben’s thought process.

There are surprisingly a great number of OF’s that don’t really have an arm. Most aren’t quite as weak as Revere’s, of course, but it is actually somewhat common in today’s game. Trout doesn’t have a good arm, but he makes up for it (hides it) with his range, defensive instincts, and his bat. That is the main difference, because if Revere was hitting .300+ and tracking down every ball that comes near him then we wouldn’t care as much about his arm.

I do think that over time Revere’s routes will get better in CF. Most people don’t realize just how different the corner OF spots are compared to CF. The ball just looks different coming off the bat, and it can be tough to read just how deep the ball is in CF, especially if it is headed directly at you. I played CF from the time I was 12 until the end of High school, but now I play RF. In the corners you have to worry about the slice more, but in CF you gotta be able to read if you need to go forward or backward. He has the athletic ability to be better, he just a needs to get his brain and muscle memory in tune with CF still.

Will he ever be the chaos inducing offensive player that we were hoping for? Maybe, maybe not, but he really isn’t that far away from being a nice complimentary piece if he can get on base consistently and start to get his routes down in the field.

No arm, no bat, questionable fielding decisions. What exactly was Ruin thinking when he traded for Revere? Oh, I forgot, we are talking about Ruin here. No thinking involved. Ruin is now in his fifth year as Phillies GM. His next trade/free agent signing which works out to the benefit of the Phillies will be his first. And David Montgomery is even a bigger idiot if he allows Ruin, the arsonist, to conduct the impending fire sale.

Small market team to big market team. No one said the adjustment would be easy. I think Ben will find his comfort zone to play in and he’ll be fine. Phillie phans can be tough on the players. Ben is still very young so he isn’t done developing yet.

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