Manuel Fired Up About Woeful Offense

Charlie Manuel, Andy FletcherIt took just a couple questions about his lineup and offense today to get Charlie Manuel completely riled up.

It might be the most frustrated I’ve seen him when talking about his offense.

It started innocently enough with a few questions about Ryan Howard’s recent struggles and if they might be connected to his ailing left knee. Howard entered tonight’s game at Target Field with just one home run in his past 107 plate appearances. He is on pace to hit just 17 home runs with 77 RBIs this season and his .735 on-base-plus-slugging percentage ranks 100th out of 163 qualifying players in baseball.

That clearly is not the production the Phillies need from their cleanup hitter.

Asked if Manuel could hit somebody else fourth, Manuel said, “What the (heck) are you getting at? Who’s going to hit there? Let me ask you a question. Let me turn that around some. Write what you want to write.”

Well, how about Domonic Brown?

“I could put anybody in there, OK?” Manuel said. “I’ll do the managing. Whoever hits there, hits there.”

But it must be alarming for more than just Manuel that Howard’s production has been declining in recent seasons. The Phillies owe him $85 million following this year.

“Of course I’m concerned,” Manuel said. “I’m concerned with everybody. Hey, look, I’m concerned with every (single) player I’ve got. Yeah, I’m concerned. I want to win. We say that we want to win the division and we want to go to the World Series, right? I’m concerned about every one of our guys. I’m concerned about that (.247) batting average. I’m concerned about that. I’m not only concerned about one guy, I’m concerned about them all. How about that? I don’t know what I can do about it. I can go back to my room and sit there and look at the walls, and get up and come to the ballpark and look at the walls. I don’t know what I can do about it. The only thing I can do is to put them out there and let them play.”

Asked if he was upset about the offense or the questions concerning his offense, Manuel said, “A little of both, probably. We are inconsistent performance-wise. And when you’ve got that, it’s hard. We won five games in a row, then we lose four. That’s kind of how we’ve been playing.”


if he is so concerned, why does he allow lance nix to swing a bat or mike adams to come in and protect a lead. lets face it charlie you don’t give rats azz

Yo, Doc, I here the odds in Vegas are Charlie will be the first manager to be canned. Check this out and get back to us.

even money. collins is not far behind

It’s time to stop living in 08,09,and 2010. Face this team for more then a few reasons stinks.There free agents that would have helped and they weren’t made offers. With the exception of Hamels,Lee,Kendricks the entire pitching staff is deplorable. Center Howard doesn’t look good probably as a result of more then a few injuries.He’s striking out so much who even bothers to watch ? He’s become so neurotic about throwing the ball it’s just one more reason that it may just be time to negotiate a buy out and YES I’m serious.Third base is a problem,center field is as well .Why bother to go on from here Why weren’t the Free Agents that would have helped never offered a contract ? Is it ownership ? Is it the desire to keep down or reduce spending or is that Amaro is up to the task ? There is no way that Revere is his answer to need for a center fielder. Does he think the fans buy that BS ? People have started to become really disinterested an in a big way.The fans know that something stinks within the organization.

I have to say, although I don’t always agree with his coaching moves, you have to feel almost sorry for ol Cholly. He’s being asked to compete in a pretty touch division and league with a lot of vets on their way down, some young talent that is (mostly) not living up to their potential, and a truly awful bullpen. He didn’t trade for any of these guys, but is being asked to somehow “make them hit” and “stop giving up runs in late innings”. The only bright spot of the team has been the starting pitching with the exception of Hamels, and D Brown. Sad.

I agree. You can only run out what you got. While it is great to say cut this guy or trade this guy you can’t just do it. Charlie won’t be back next year, but sadly the new guy is going to still have an aging, overpaid core to work with. We fell too in love with 2008 and made the same mistakes we did in 1993….Tied up guys based on past performance and got left holding the bag in the end when they fell apart past 30. (Dykstra, Daulton, Kruk vs. Utley, Howard, Rollins….)

We know Charlie will be paying the price for this abysmal season. Time for the Ryno era to start. Now!

Oh God! Michael Martinez is back!! UGH!

Charlie deserves to pay the price.This guy has been on cruise control his entire tenure with the Phillies. What makes anyone think “Ryno” is the answer? He has made his share of boneheaded calls coaching third base. Besides, how was a HOF Cub not able to land the managers job in Chicago? And lastly Ruin. It is pointless to get rid of Charlie without getting rid of Ruin as well. If Ruin is as good as judging managerial talent as he has been at judging player talent, the ad should read “Only Charlie Clones Need Apply”. The Phillies just need a clean slate regardless of how this year turns out.

And that clean slate should include those 3 TV booth stooges!!!

Yeah, they should and likely will start fresh next year. I’d hate to throw Ryne into the current trainwreck. Give him an offseason to get everyone on the same page anyway.
I also agree that this franchise just can’t figure out how to sustain success. Been this way forever, not likely to change in my lifetime….

I think it’s clear: phans want a change. Charlie is the perfect scapegoat. The way he talks. His demeanor. Let’s just get rid of Charlie because frankly the team hasn’t played well and every loss is clearly his fault. It’s clearly Charlie’s fault.! Look! He can’t play small ball! He doesn’t know how to use a pitching staff! Look! He only thinks long ball. Look! All mistakes! All Charlie’s fault!

Dang! Some of you haters and cry babies should take a close look at the Phils’ roster. I mean look at it. Just look at it. That is clearly a roster to rival the Mets or the Brewers. Charlie has managed to keep the team close to .500 with two minor league starters in the five-man rotation, one of the worst bullpens in baseball and a mediocre offense that features under-performing veterans and disappointing youngsters and some minor leaguers who have no business putting on a Big League uniform. Of course, Charlie will never make excuses for himself. He really believes this roster can win games. God bless his optimism.

Do any of you Charlie-haters want to tell me who will do a better job of managing the Phils? John Gruden? lol The fact is that you are all angry that our Phils suck this year and are ready for a big change and a time of rebuilding. You just want to get rid of Charlie to end this era in Phillie history. Most of you geniuses want Ryne Sandberg to take over the team this summer or next season. He may become a great manager some day, but he will be crushed and spit out by the phanbase within two years of sucking up the phranchise. Whoever follows Charlie will have an almost impossible task of filling his shoes. Give me a name. The name of a manager who can turn the Phils around with this roster……..Come on…Humor me with your baseball IQ. I’m waiting……

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