Diekman Could Put Heat on Lefties in Pen

diekmanCan Jake Diekman get out left-handed hitters?

Can he throw strikes?

If he can, he should put serious heat on the left-handers currently in the Phillies bullpen: Antonio Bastardo, Jeremy Horst and Joe Savery. The Phillies optioned right-hander Tyler Cloyd to Triple-A Lehigh Valley today as left-hander John Lannan will take his place in the rotation Monday against the Nationals. The Phillies recalled Diekman to take Cloyd’s place, although he will not join the team until tomorrow in Colorado.

Diekman’s overall numbers in Triple-A are not good – 24 walks in 30 innings and a 5.70 ERA in 30 appearances – but he has been fantastic against left-handed hitters. They are hitting just .161 with a .461 OPS against him with just five hits and two walks in 34 plate appearances.

It is no secret the Phillies bullpen has been a major problem this season, and the team’s left-handers have played a significant role in those struggles. Bastardo, who is the bullpen’s top lefty, has struggled in tight spots. He allowed the game-winning run to score Tuesday and put the game-tying and game-winning runs on base Wednesday. He allowed big hits against left-handed hitters each time. Lefties are hitting .263 with an .823 OPS against him.

Lefties are hitting .282 with an .832 OPS against Horst, who is second on the team in appearances despite a 5.55 ERA. Savery has pitched just three times with the Phillies, although lefties are 3-for-4 against him.

If Diekman shows something this weekend at Coors Field he could remain as a lefty specialist and the Phillies could option Horst or Savery to Triple-A on Monday, when they need to activate Lannan for his start at Citizens Bank Park. If you’re wondering about Bastardo, he’s not going anywhere.


Pardon me for not having such a strong belief that he will. I’ve seen this entire act played out last year.Great bullpen last year.Has anything changed ? Do they still need a right handed power bat ? I suppose Ruben thought Revere would provide that source of power. If he didn’t then he really didn’t try to acquire one.Some isn’t be honest with the fans.

Same old thing. Diekman has a “power arm” but can’t throw strikes with it. I predict Charlie won’t let him sit a week before he puts him in a game like he does when Savery comes up. Savery is a plus because he can hit. The Phillies need a change with their internal politics. Horst can’t pitch without giving up a run. Bastardo can’t come in with runners on. He has to give up a hit or bb everytime. Adams is hurt but Charlie keeps running him out there instead of letting him heal. There is a pattern here.

What is OPS and WHIP?

On-Base Percentage Plus Slugging Percentage…….Walks + Hits per Inning Pitched

Wait a second……Horst has options and Ruben has kept him on the roster all this time?! Holy shite! …………….What is wrong with this picture?!

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