Lee Wants to Win Somewhere, Anywhere

Cliff LeeCliff Lee spurned the Yankees and Rangers to sign with the Phillies in Dec. 2010 because he said they offered him the best opportunity to win multiple World Series.

But that dream has faded over the past eight-plus months of regular-season baseball. The Phillies missed the postseason in 2012 and improved to just 32-35 following last night’s 3-2 victory over the Twins at Target Field. The victory snapped a five-game losing streak as the Phillies left for a weekend series in Colorado with the sixth-worst record in the National League.

“The past year and a half hasn’t gone the way I would have anticipated,” said Lee, who improved to 8-2 with a 2.55 ERA. “It’s why you play the games. You never know. I don’t think anyone here is happy with the way we’ve played in that time frame. It’s due to a lot of injuries. There are some good excuses, but they’re still excuses. We’re the Philadelphia Phillies. We should play better than we have.”

But can this team win as it is currently constituted? The offense and bullpen each are one of the worst in baseball.

“I can’t look at it any other way, besides I expect us to win and catch up with the Braves and get into the postseason,” Lee said. “That’s the only way you can look at it.”

Does he want to stay if the team doesn’t turn things around?

“I definitely want to win,” he said. “There’s no doubt about that.”

But if it doesn’t turn around?

“I want to win,” he repeated. “I don’t know how else to say it besides that. I want to win.”

Lee’s name already has been an endless topic of conversation weeks before the July 31 Trade Deadline, and the buzz should reach a manic state in the next few weeks if the Phillies continue to struggle. Lee signed a five-year, $120 million contract before the 2011 season, but he has continued to dominate and a team in need of an ace certainly will be interested in acquiring him.

The Phillies have said they have a better chance to win in the future with Lee than without him. While that is true, when asked if he is prepared to play out the string the final two months of the season if things don’t improve, Lee said, “I don’t have any control over that. I know that I want to win and I’ll voice that to whoever. And that’s that. I want to win here. That’s why I signed here. And that’s where my focus is.”

Of course, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Phillies were supposed to be the Yankees of the National League. They were supposed to be heavy favorites for the World Series every year.

“Yeah, that’s what I expected,” Lee said. “That’s what I expected. We’ve had one chance (to win a World Series) in two-and-a-half years and this year is not over yet. I expected us to get multiple shots at it, but there are 29 other teams thinking the same thing so nothing is going to be given to you. Nobody feels sorry for you or any of that. You’ve got to go out there and earn it. I’m going to continue to do what I can to give this team a chance to win when I pitch and that’s really the only thing I can control.”


It has to be a real downer when you come to a team that is so promising as the Phillies were when Lee came here. The losing isn’t that much about injuries as it is he entirety of the team’s overall composition.And in many respects the Phillies over the last 2 off seasons have miserably in accessing the teams needs and the so called talent they acquired. The bullpen is so bad that it can’t even be that it stinks,Papelbon has been fantastic and hopefully Adams will be better after surgery. Outfield,Do I need say anything ? It’s time for this team to make the move and cut bait with some of the players that have been here for a long long time.
Why is it that other teams year after year seem to get things right ? I’m not saying that they’re winning a World Series etc but they seem to always to be better able to recognize talent better then the Phillies .The powers that be have to make some serious thinking and be honest about what they what this team track record of your candidates fir the job. I sometimes think the Phillies Brass are more of a Social Club then a franchise with a fire burning inside to win it all. Certainly the players that have been added to the team over the last 2 seasons have me wondering what the mission is for this franchise. A few years ago there wasn’t any doubt and an entire tri state area and more were proud .

what about all the money they paid cole hammels for nothing this year

Yeah Lee wants to win…well if he pitched in Game 3 of the Cards series in 2011 he would have won…so Lee needs to shut up and pitch. If you look at the history of Amaro’s signings over the last four years…THE LEE SIGNING WAS TO APPEASE THE PHILLY PHAITHFUL and with that money contract the bonehead GM Amaro strapped this team financially…WE DID NOT NEED THE BIG THREE ARMS TO WIN ala 2008 who was the ace…yes Myers to start the season…but we had a determined offensive team which you can say all you want…you need to score runs and you need to be able to prove it over the long haul of the season so the opposing team is aware of your powerhouse offense. Now in 2013…Amaro has created a team that leads the majors in quality starts, but because of lack of production, aging players signed to lucrative and strapping contracts and this year going into a season of lets see…three outfield question marks…third baseman question mark…offensive question mark of a team that refuses to work counts and good forbide to take a walk…question mark on whom will pitch the 7th(dummy Amaro your million dollar pitchers cant throw nine innnings every game), and lack of productivity in the 8th with a signed Adams that to me has been broken down since last year when he was on the DL and then a question mark of who will replace Ruiz during his suspension and he decides to rest it on a career MINOR LEAGUER named Kratz. If your a large market you don’t skimp and pick up cellar basement players like the ED WADE ERA and the nineties when we ran out the likes of Mimbs, Grace and you fill in the blank…
I know I basically went off on Amaro and that is not Lee’s fault, but to me he needs to be traded yesterday. If Amaro would have any intelligent baseball knowledge he actually could trade Lee this week and get two offensive assets change the rotation to Hamels, Kendrick, Lannon, Petitbone and you fill in the blank of Cloyd or Big Z. If he could pull the trigger and send Lee to the Chi Sox and wrestle away Rios and a 7th inning guy in the BP, your offense dramatically improves and yea you loss innings from Lee, but I will take Rios to bat at least every game in the 7th or 9th inning every game whereas your only counting on Lee every fifth day…There are other guys available out there. The other possible destination could be the Cards and I would send Lee and Jroll there and give me four of their triple a prospects because whoever they seem to bring up their productive and have heart…oh well Amaro needs to get creative fast before this team falls behind the NATS and METS…yes the MUTTS!!!!!

“Yeah Lee wants to win…well if he pitched in Game 3 of the Cards series in 2011 he would have won…so Lee needs to shut up and pitch.”

My thoughts exactly.

Hey Davy so glad you agree..I hate to bash a guy for something awhile ago, but I just take issue with Lee because yeaaaa his stats r gr8 with the phils. ERA, whip and wins vs losses are all contract money building things. Show me a pitcher that steps up while on the big stage. Even last year Lee may have suffered the Hamels 2013 run support disease, but if you look at Lee there were many times he was cruising in games and then boom the lead is gone. If your going to open your mouth, start separating yourself from the goal your own team has and begin to lobby for the golden ticket to go from a five hundred team to a contender then show me a track record of post season performances. Without looking at the actual stats, I can tell you three bad post season performances from Cliff Phiefier Lee’s resume…2011 verses the Cards and two atrocious performances after he lobbied to go to Texas and pitched batting practice to the Giants in the WS. I will say I am not a phan of Lee’s and never was and I was probably the only phils phan whom was disappointied that Mr Baseball Amaro wrangled him away from the Yanks/Rangers to begin to a down-trodden run of the clown of a GM signing tier 3 Free agents the last three years. Of course the pinnacle being this year when we went into this season with ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE AND I REPEAT NOT 1 bonafide proven outfielder. We have the line of azz clowns named Mayberry, Mr. Twitter and another ADH CF former midget wrestler Revere, Whom is Nix, and a guy whom was on the DL and really was a DH last year Young and lastly the OH MY GOD HR leader D BRown…hmmm…and don’t forget we also signed another most recent DH Young and then let me just laugh and say BULLPEN DISASTER. Man just how far away are the Phils from the bullpens of MADSON, LIDGE, AND THE DURBIN OF OLD,,,where have you gone MR. LIDGE…I can continue another ten pages on how when Mr. Gillick left the holes of Amaro’s thinking was exposed ALA JIMMY JOHNSON’S PASSING AND ANDY REID WAS EXPOSED….in closing Oh yes just like Davy said it so simply…SHUT UP AND PITCH LEE and let me add, you Mr. Lee are no Doc and you sir couldn’t even sniff Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Verlander, and Andy Petite’s jockstrap…just to name three of the top big game performers…

Lee is not alone in his quest to ‘want to win.’ Chemistry is a big part of making a winning ballclub, this team unfortunately doesn’t have that. You can see it on the field and in the dugout.

Hey Rich agree somewhat with you but it is the age old question does chemistry come b4 winning or if your winning you can put Manny Rameriez, Albert Bell, Vince Coleman and whatever other bad chem guys and they just might gel to win the WS that year. There are many stories of teams playing fundamentally sound baseball nightly, but the guys hated each other. A gr8 local example would be the 93 phils alot of them hated each other…ALA SCHILLING THAT BONEHEAD WEARING THE TOWEL OVER HIS HEAD FOR THE WILD THANG…just a point for you,,,

This is such a none story …Everybody from little league to the pros wants to win…you can substitute any name inplace of Lees in this article and it would be a true quote ….go interview Michael Martinez ..he would say the same thing

This is Ruin’s fifth year at the helm. The current Phillies are a product of his misguided efforts on every front over these five years. I’ll give him credit for only one transaction – obtaining Lee the first time. But even this was sullied by the unnecessary cost of trading of Lee the next year and subsequently resigning him as a free agent the following year. Do we really want Ruin to remain in a position where he can give Lee away again? Oh, by the way, how about another bone headed decision by “Rhino” last night waving Young home? I hope he can manage better than he can coach third.

couldn’t agree more with ur comments…one thing though our GM’S name is Rueban Amaro…ALSO GOOD RIDDANCE RYNO


hey mule…my bad…finally another TRUE phan that knows baseball…

Most of these posters here are the ones that wake up at 5am to listen to that bonehead show on 610 wip…The show has no knowledge and all it consists of is a big nose loud mouth dogging the phils cuz there trying to make the Eagles relevent again…blahhhh

Wow! You can deduce all this from reading crypt comments made here. I think Ruin is looking for an assistant.

hmmm now your a comedian?????

For those who remember Lee’s performance in 2011, how about his performances in the 2009 WS? It was a lack of offense, coupled with a poor outing by Hamels and a terrible Brad Lidge. Lee did what he was signed to do. Lets heap more blame on Amaro for not picking up his option in 2010. The Giants would have had a much more difficult time getting through a rotation that included Lee.

It’s a no-brainer that he should be dealt to a playoff-bound team in July. Who cares about the TV deal, people will still watch the games, provided you put a decent product out there. Decrepit old players making $20 million a year to be hurt and not produce is a much larger problem. Dump Amaro and get this ship righted David Montgomery. Grow a set!

You forgot to mention the signing of Pedro Martinez in 2009, one of the first “great” Ruin moves.

Of course, the Giants beat Lee twice in 2010 World Series

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The Giants didn’t just beat Lee — they hit him around. And that was a team that was mediocre on offense, at best. And it would have been nice if Cliff took the ball for the Game 4 start in the 2009 Series against the Yanks and CC. Somehow, the Yankees had three SP willing to do that, but Lee needed that extra day.

It isn’t Lee’s contract that is a problem. It is the money we paid to Howard. I say send him down to Leigh to figure out what his problems are and let the kids play who are hungary. Have you seen any everyday player perform after signing a big multi-year contract? Name me one.

Buppie this is the issue here in Philly…Ryan’s performance and contract has no correlation with Lee and a selfish statement he makes…basically turning his lack of confidence in the team public and calling out his teammates. Your speaking on behalf of Lee and talking like since Lee has signed here he has been nothing short of dominate. I think you better revisit that thought and see it for what it truly is based on Lee’s overall performance in Philly. It looks to me like Howard due to his struggles this year in the Phillies public’s eye if they can they will turn even the bullpen’s struggles into Howard’s fault…this is just foolish. When Amaro made the foolish decesion to resign Lee it was all based on appeasing the Phils phans cuz they were crying after we shipped Lee outta here the first time to make room for the GR8 doctor. Before Lee was signed as a free agent we had the rotation of Worley…Doc..Hamels…Blanton,,,Kendrick. They could have went with a rotation of Doc…Hamels…Oswalt…Kendrick…Blanton, with Worley as your long man and a back up starter. Now you have 25 mill to get offensive which they could have used that in 11 during the post season. If you felt you needed a shot in the arm with another lefty starter you have two quality arms that were available…Bedard or De La Rosa. De La Rosa would have xost you 10 mill a year FOR ONLY 2 YEARS AND BARGIN BEDARD WAS TENDERED A NON GUARENTEED CONTRACT. Wow what bargins are out there if the GM does the work, hmmm Amaro, When your building a team you always need to weigh your risk vs. reward and your division strength. Going in to 2011…the phils were the class of the division EVEN B4 THEY INKED LEE and the rest of the east stunk…yes the entire division stunk. Also remember THERE IS NO ARGUEMENT THAT LEE COSTS THE PHILS THE 2011 PLAYOFFS…YES LEE DID. So you don’t want Howard…b4 you can continue answer me how you replace 33 hrs and 116 rbis in that year…who was available to come in that year and do those numbers…Howard is here to produce HRS AND RBIS…PERIOD. In 2011 FA’s there was no one but old guys…hmmm/ Howard’s signing nothing to do with the effect of signing Lee which was a bad bad signing overall…

the phillies will never win with howard in the middle of the line up anymore. he is the most overpaid player in baseball and philly fans are tired of watching him swing at pitches at his feet and striking out. he plain sucks anymore along with jimmy rollins and his declining skills. time to look ahead and unload these guys if possible. figure out if hamels or lee is the keeper and unload one of them for more money to rebuild an aging, slow, stagnant, lazy team. letting victorino walk for nothing last year really hurt!!! i’m a big phillies fan but the bullpen and offense just suck anymore and it’s time to rebuild and change. time for uncle charlie to move on also before he embarrasses himself anymore and tarnishes what he has done…

You need to stop listening to WIP…Who replaces Charlie a non proven Sandbergh…Last time I checked Uncle Charlie was the winningest phils manager, I believe. You go on a rant about the declining players and lack of production…well who brings the players in here and evaluates them…I believe the GM. If anyone goes right now Amaro needs to go as of yesterday. This is the second year of Amaro allowing a large market team to be ill-prepared to compete in the season. This year we went in the season with NO PROVEN OF’S…SAME AT 3B AND STARTING CATCHER TO RUIZ RETURNS. The bullpen has stunk since 2012 and Amaro refuses to be creative and make some bold moves…

307 HRS…952 RBI’s…any Gm would love to make a signing where he gets this production over a contract period…that is Ryan’s numbers…WOW

To take a shot at Jroll is just classless and taking the eazy way out…JROLL’s defense is nothing short of sensational and since Jroll came here it is his team and as JROLL GOES THE PHILS GO…Jroll is putting big exclamation marks on a forging hall of fame SS career…oh I am sorry your what dogging him…hmmm makes sense…NO

Just because your little radio station makes fun of Manuel’s struggles with a double switch…that is a small part of managing the game. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS KEEPING THE TEAM FOCUSED…INSTILLING CONFIDENCE IN THEM TO WIN…AND FINALLY KEEPING THE PLAYERS PLAYING ONE DAY AT A TIME…Those three things results in wins and a successful run…760 wins…604 losses…help me with my math I believe in USA math that is 156 games over .500 right??? 2 pennants and 1 WS win…you could be from jupitier and can see that is a good record. If you take Charlie out whomever you put in still has the same rooster to choose from so what is the point!!! Oh I will accept your apology for making these dumb points.

Lastly I had to go back at the Phils rooster to see who what was his name Victorino what impact he had here in Philly…All I can say is blah blah…Now I remember Victorino, A GUY VERY VERY REPLACEABLE…

So what if Charlie is the winningest manager in Phillies history? Familiar with the concept of “damning with faint praise”? And, if “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS KEEPING THE TEAM FOCUSED…INSTILLING CONFIDENCE IN THEM TO WIN…AND FINALLY KEEPING THE PLAYERS PLAYING ONE DAY AT A TIME”, how has this been working out the last two seasons? And, how long does Charlie get to ride this “winningest manager in Phillies history” distinction? Using your logic, it must be such time as when he is no longer the “winningest manager in Phillies history” which would be about 10 years of hovering around the .500 mark.

pherrisphain…it is not just his reputation your missing all the points I made regarding Charlie…You basically proved my point when you stated that the last two years there just hovering around the .500 mark and think what has happened the last two years…Last year if you were really watchin the season…The team lost its third and fourth hole hitter…lost for awhile its number 1 and 3 pitchers…also his so called brilliant GM left him ill-prepared in the bullpen just let me mention Qualls(ouch) AND this year once again start the season WITHOUT THERE NUMBER 1 CARCHER and they settled on his replacement A CAREER MINOR LEAGUER WOW absolutely not one and let me repeat…NOT 1 PROVEN OF and their 3b was a DH most recently…so I guess Charlie should be bashed cuz of Rueban’s signings or lack of…u could take last years mash unit and lack of production players and put Cox, LaRusso or Leyland and the same results would happen and remember the turn around and almost run to the WC last year. He doesn’t need to ride that winningest manager…because the facts r the facts

And, if “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS KEEPING THE TEAM FOCUSED…INSTILLING CONFIDENCE IN THEM TO WIN…AND FINALLY KEEPING THE PLAYERS PLAYING ONE DAY AT A TIME”, how has this been working out the last two seasons?…….last year it worked well cuz they did make a playoff push/this year the results r still pending

So take this valuable information and call the loud mouth big nosed hostess…

lee is the ONLY ace on the team and if the phils don’t do something soon to give him the run support he needs I would think he would ask to be traded and if that happens ruben amaro should be fired, it’s that simple

Everyone is off their rocker here…Lee never should be a philly here in 2013 and the run support and all that stuff is a non factor…Lee will be shipped somewheres by July and in opposite…Amaro needs to be fired FOR SIGNING LEE IN 2011…

Who is Amaro? Oh, I get it, you mean Tomorrow as in Ruin Tomorrow Junior. But, wait a minute, doesn’t Ruin have the best winning percentage of any GM in Phillies history? How on earth will the Phillies exist without him?

your name is annoying and that should have been a clue that your comments r annoying as well

Didn’t you refer to Ruin above as “Mr. Baseball Amaro”? Did your sarcasm escape me or are you the only one posting here allowed to be sarcastic? Regardless, you definitely earn the title of the “The Great Bloviator”.

i didnt even write this post…but

Bringing up minimart must make lee feel much better!

That is a dumb azz statement…

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I m a die hard mets fan and I have a trade solution what if mets could trade Harvey/ wheeler/ d’arnoid/ montero/ syndegaard/niece/wright/Flores for your old pitching staff of lee/Holliday and hamel

Cliff Lee has always been about Cliff Lee. He wants to win, but he hates the Yankees because of what happened to his wife at a Yankee’s game. So where was he to go? Texas? where he would have to pitch in 100% humidity and 100 degrees for a couple of months? Nah….From the beginning, he wanted to come back to the Phils but he needed to be given assurance from Ruben Amaro that the Phils would do everything possible to put the best team possible on the field every year, every game and that the owners were willing to push spending to the Luxury Tax limit. Well, Ruben obviously lied to Cliffy. And now Cliff is calling Ruben out in his own way. I will never blame Cliff Lee for wanting to go to a team whose GM does whatever it takes to develop and sign talent that will help the team make a run in the postseason. Ruben’s laizze-faire approach to the Phil’s 2013 season is nothing short of incompetence. It’s on the same level as Nero setting Rome on fire and just playing a violin as he watches……. Every single one of Ruben’s opening-day roster moves were high risk: Benny, Michael Young, Delmon Young, Chad Durbin, Lannan, Adams, and a belief that Kratz was Chooch’s equal and a band of no-name outfielders could good D and hit productively. You know, it is really hard to f’k up 100%, but Ruben has done it. The sad thing is everyone blames Charlie. Now the Phils’ pharm has been exposed for what it is: garbage. No team out there will trade away a decent player for any of the Phils prospects, including Ruf. Ruben will have to buy out some player’s contract to acquire anyone to help the team make a postseason push. Josh Hamilton anyone?

The “Dump Ruin Bandwagon” all of a sudden has become very crowded. What is up with that? Did Chooch dispense his supply of adderol to the phan base or what? Are phans finally paying attention to what has been going on in the Phillies front office for nearly five years now? Can anyone name one trade or signing made by Ruin which has panned out for the Phillies? And, please, don’t tell me Roy Halladay. Aside from the fact it looks as if Halladay is going to give only two and a half years of service on a four year contract, there is also the collateral damage obtaining Halladay played in jerking around Cliff Lee which in addition to the extra money also cost the Phillies draft picks and prospects. And while it is true none of these prospects has yet to light the baseball world on fire, it is equally true that the “star” players the Phillies have obtained have not done so for the Phillies either.

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dump amaro

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