Amaro Backs Manuel; Here’s Why That’s Smart

Charlie Manuel, Ruben Amaro, Jr.Charlie Manuel said something interesting yesterday when asked if he thinks the Phillies have underachieved this season.

“No, I don’t,” he said. “As a matter of fact, we might be playing better than we could play.”

In other words, this team is playing equal to its talent or playing better than its talent, which is truly something considering the Phillies are 34-37 with the sixth-worst run differential (-48) in baseball. Of course, Ruben Amaro Jr. thought differently, and said the Phillies have not played to their capabilities.

So the general manager thinks the team has underachieved. The manager does not.

That brings me to the point of this post. I get tweets every day from Phillies fans saying, “Fire Charlie Manuel!” I got one last night when Manuel replaced Mike Adams with Antonio Bastardo to face Adam LaRoche in the eighth inning. If Bastardo doesn’t get this guy out, Manuel should be fired immediately! (Never mind it was the correct move.) Asked about Manuel’s job performance yesterday, Amaro said, “Charlie’s had a tough task just because, like I said, the team’s been a little incomplete. I think he’s tried to be creative with some of the lineup changes, shifting some people into the lineup. He’s doing everything he can to try to spark plug us and at some point it is up to the players to try to do it.”

It is wise Amaro sticks with Manuel through the end of the season because unless he is truly convinced the Phillies will play significantly better under new leadership, he only would be pointing more targets at himself. If he replaces Manuel and the team with the sixth-worst offense and seventh-worst pitching staff in baseball continues to lose, he will have fired the winningest manager in franchise history, one of only two managers in Phillies history to win a World Series, only to reinforce the opinion the personnel is bad, regardless of who is filling out the lineup card and making the pitching changes. And who supplies the talent? Who makes the trades, the free agent signings, the roster moves? Who gave Manuel this roster? Amaro.

Once the season is finished it probably is time for a new voice, especially if the Phillies miss the postseason for the second consecutive year. Sometimes a change just needs to be made, and Manuel has had a heck of a run. But before the end of the season? I just don’t see Ryne Sandberg or anybody else markedly improving a team that on paper — injuries or not (everybody has them) — is one of the worst in baseball. Good or bad, Manuel has earned the right to finish the season. He shouldn’t be fired because the front office’s offseason moves haven’t worked to this point and some of his core players continue to decline.


so basically RAJ should keep Charlie so the big bosses don’t fire him as well? Well, that’s encouraging

With what Ryne has shown us at 3rd – my faith in him as a Manager of the team is waning…

The next manager I meant to say…

Charlie’s not concerned since he has a job waiting for him in 2014..Nationals

Another well thought out analysis of the Phils. You make good points and keep the emotions out of it. I think you are right — they should keep Charlie now, but move on for 2014.

The people who have knee-jerk reactions to what Manuel does in games are idiots anyway, so don’t take anything they say seriously because ultimately nothing is good enough for them. I think it’s right to say that Manuel has to go. He might be the most winningest manager in Phillies history but I think that had a lot to do with who he had playing for him than it did his ability to get the most out of people. He was the right manager in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. That tenure is nothing to scoff at in the uber-critical climate of Philadelphia! Before it’s curtains for Charlie, I think we need to look at the real problem : Ruben Amaro, Jr. He has made some undeniably fun moves but I cannot say they were the right moves. Pat Gillick was capable of putting together a winning team from the farm and ad hoc. It was never about signing big names as much as it was about finding the right fit and it worked, starting in ’06 through ’07, ’08 and even a year after he left in ’09. I see a failure that starts with RA, Jr. making bad trades, paying for popularity (we should have never signed Howard [this will make me unpopular]) and mismanaging talent; i.e. letting Roy Halladay pitch himself out of the majors, (yes I realize you can’t send Halladay back to the minors, that doesn’t mean you can’t bench him and give another minor league player the chance to unexpectedly shine or get lit’up for 5 ER in 4 innings of work!).

Long story short, The front office starting with Ruben Amaro, Jr. is the real issue here, not Chuck.

Hard not to agree. RA, Jr. seems to be able to pull off the big deal for guys like Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay, but his ability to measure the talent of second line players, e.g., Michael Young, Chad Durbin, is questionable. And for all we heard about the Phillies’ minor league prospects, no one on the farm seems to be knocking anyone’s socks off.

For anyone to say that this team has underachieved is pure nonsense .The bullpen aside from Paps is a disgrace. Stutes obviously isn’t factored in as of yet. I think he’ll be fine. Basically the same cast of failures have been brought back. Ruben gave anyone he saw a chance to be in the bullpen with the exception of anyone with talent.Even if Revere continues his improved hitting the fact that he has no arm isn’t the most prudent decision to sign him. However I think Ruben jackpotted I’m glad to see Revere changed his bent over stance at the plate because he couldn’t get his arms free which slowed his bat down thus the weak grounders.
I think that it will take several years to have any credible chance at a meaningful playoff experience.

I think at this point, Charlie needs to go because the team is just in a state of dry rot, and it’s going to take a manager change (as well as many player changes) to make a difference… but RAJ needs to go too. As long as he’s GM, this is what the Phillies are going to be. Gillick built a strong car and Charlie drove it well to a victory… but the wheels are falling off of RAJ’s bus, and we need someone to clean house and start over.

It’s been a great run, but it’s over.

Chollie’s an idiot. Why didn’t he bunt the runners over last night? Why didn’t he make Rollins give Revere a chance to steal against a no-arm catcher? Chollie makes a dozen baseball strategy mistakes EVERY game, and you writers keep covering it up for him. He shoulda been gone last October, or before.

And oh yeah, NO manager has “earned” the right to finish out a losing season. WINNERS earn that right. Chollie’s progression has been to LOSE more, every season since 2009 – why should he expect a chance to keep that up through September?

Actually we didn’t start our major decline until last year. If you remember correctly 2011 we won 102 games. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth.

The fact is the Phillies have exited the post season earlier in each successive year since 2008 until not even making it last year. That is four years of decline. Exactly what was the point in the Phillies winning 102 games in 2011?

I like how people bring up the “earlier exiting” in the postseason. What they forget is that in 09, 10, and 11 when they lost in the postseason they lost to the team that won the World Series. It just so happens that they ran into that team earlier each year. The goal should be to build a team that gets to the postseason. Once you’re there – it’s honestly a crap shoot. Cardinals got in on the last day (because we beat the Braves folks) and they won the whole thing.

The fact that the Phillies lost to the team which eventually won the WS is suppose to offer some type of consolation? How about looking at it from the perspective that the Phillies made it easier for all of them.

Bunt over the runners?……..did you see who the next two batters were in that situation? Not exactly contact or RBI guys. You can bash Charlie all you want, but the old guys hands are tied with who he has available to him. It is easy to say do this or that, but you have players not capable of doing basic things. I can’t wait until Golden Boy Ryan comes in and has the same results with this crew of players. (eye roll) Manager is the least of the problems with the 2013 Phillies. At the end of the day the players have to perform…and if you think firing the manager in 2013 will have any impact on this group the joke is on you. Howard is not going anywhere, neither is Jimmy. Utley and Ruiz are gone, so you think a new manager is going to motivate them? You can’t bench them either because you have nothing better in the wings. This problem has been brewing for over two years now. Sad part is those here yelling the most would have sh*t the bed if RAJ had traded any “key” piece when they actually had value. When did we as Phillies fans become so freaking entitled to a championship every year? Relax, rebuild and start over…….that is all we can do.

The thing is Charlie generally gets the players he wants. So I see him as making his own bed.

When the housecleaning starts, don’t forget to give those 3 TV booth stooges the heave ho too. Cripes, Wheeler can’t keep his mouth shut for 5 seconds. You’d think he gets paid by the word. Harrumph


THANK YOU!!!! I turn the mute on whenever I watch the Phillies now. Tom McCarthy just trashes everybody with his passive aggressive garbage, heck I remember a couple years ago Shane got caught stealing in a bad spot, ok it was a bone headed play we were all peaved for the day but this bonehead brought it up every day for 2 weeks. I can’t stand the guy, he’s always trying to start trouble and he and Wheeler are simply unwatchable. I love Sarge but the other 2 please please please fire them, especially McCarthy

Armaro should help he did not help last year by getting a eight inning guy and they still made a run got within 3 of wild card. We need a big bat, big name outfielder like Stanton. They should trade for him sign him long term, he is a combination of youth and a star they need this year. You need to score runs to win!

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