Season Likely Finished for Adams

Mike AdamsRuben Amaro Jr. acknowledged the risks in December when the Phillies signed Mike Adams to a two-year, $12 million contract.

Those risks have been realized.

Adams said today at PETCO Park he has three tears in his right shoulder, which will likely end his season. The Phillies have not recommended surgery, although Adams said it is a possibility. He said he will get a third opinion after he received a second opinion today from Dodgers physician Neal ElAttrache in Los Angeles.

“Yeah, this year is probably done for sure,” Adams said. “It’s very disappointing. Obviously I wanted to come over here and be back to normal, be able to pitch and compete. It’s very disappointing. I feel like I let myself down, I let Ruben down, the organization, the fans, all of that obviously. But right now I have to figure it out and find the best route for the future.”

What is in the Phillies’ future? Amaro said the Phillies would like to improve their bullpen, but for the moment they will go with what they have.

“Right now we don’t have any solutions,” he said. “We’ve talked to some teams about it being a need. Of course, trying to find that need is going to be very, very expensive. And from the conversations I’ve had so far the asks have been … let’s just say they’re pretty strong. A little too strong for my liking. I’m not going to mortgage the future of our organization for a guy who might be able to help us in the seventh or eighth inning.”

Losing Adams is a blow. They signed him to fortify the eighth inning, which had been a minefield for the Phillies in 2012. But Adams, who had surgery to repair a torn labrum in 2008 and thoracic outlet syndrome surgery in October, has tears on both sides of the repair made to his labrum in 2008. He also has a partial tear on one of the rotator cuff tendons.

“It’s not good,” Adams said.

Adams could try to rehab the injury, but a recovery is far from certain.

“Even with the conservative approach, he may eventually need surgery anyway,” Amaro pointed out.

Asked if Adams could be back on the mound in time for Spring Training 2014 if he had surgery, the Phillies said they would not know until he has the surgery.

Adams has reason to try to get back as soon as possible. He has a $6 million club option in his contract for 2015 that automatically vests if he makes 65 appearances next season and does not finish the season on the disabled list. That is a tall task, but if Adams tries rehab and it does not work he will need surgery anyway, which means he will miss even more time.

“Either way is not a sure thing,” Adams said. “I think that’s why they want to try rehab first and see if that’ll work. Obviously there is no sure thing either way, whether I have surgery or don’t have surgery, you know, one might not be better than the other. Right now I have to figure out what’s going to be the best option, what’s going to help me have longevity, have a few more years. That’s the decision that has to be made pretty soon so we can figure out what route we’re going to go. My main concern now is to worry about next year, the year after that and the year after that. This year is obviously gone, probably, more than likely.”

Adams took a MRI exam before he signed in December. He said nothing had been mentioned about any shoulder problems.

“The feeling for us was that, yeah, he’s a risk just like any other veteran guy who’s been around the block a lot,” Amaro said. “There was some added risk because he was coming off a surgery, but his rehab went very well and he didn’t have any complaints of his issues with the thoracic outlet syndrome. This is stuff that happens. Can’t do anything about it. I view it as an opportunity for the young kids. It’s not ideal for us. But that’s how we have to view it.”


Here is the Ruin-ism of the day – “I’m not going to mortgage the future of our organization for a guy who might be able to help us in the seventh or eighth inning.”. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this exactly what Ruin has been doing for the last five years, mortgaging the future?

Which of his “future mortgages” has made anything of themselves in the Major Leagues? I’m not defending him, but the so-called prospects he traded are either still prospects or have disappeared altogether.
The bigger problem is the prospects he brought in. They aren’t players either, and somebody has to be held accountable for those players, as well as Revere and Adams.
Montgomery said that no decision is made alone, so that leaves scouts and consultants liable for these horrible judgement calls.

The old canard “but.. but.. they are only prospects” once again. But they are prospects until they are not whereas Ruins acquisitions are stars until they are not which is usually a year or two prior to signing with the Phillies. Prospect, by definition, have futures whereas Ruin’s acquisitions, by definition, only have pasts as confirmed by each of their failed tenures with the Phillies. The last time I looked all of the lists of 100 top prospects had at least 4 former Phillies on them while the current rendition of Ruin’s Traveling Salvation Show had one prospect on all and a second who appeared on some but not others. .

I must admit Ruben’s done a lousy job with the bullpen and outfield. The bullpen hasn’t been good since Madson left (of course he did get hurt). Dom Brown might be the only salvation for the outfield although he still needs improvement defensively.

Ruben is right- this might be an opportunity for some of the younger relievers to get things sorted out, and show what they can do. I know there is plenty of potential among them (Aumont, Stutes, DeFratus, Bastardo, Rosenberg, Savery, Diekman, and others). It would be a great time for them to use this as an opportunity to not only help the Phillies, but build their futures! Certainly the opportunity is there!

adams being done for the season ‘BIG DEAL’

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