Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

Kyle Blanks, Jonathan PapelbonIn a season full of ugly losses this was the ugliest.

The Phillies carried a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the ninth inning last night at PETCO Park, but the Padres came back to win in 10 innings, 4-3.

Read the gory details here.

The Phillies are five games under .500, which matches their season low. This isn’t the way to begin a 10-game road trip through San Diego, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. What is there to say at this point? What else is there to do? Just sit, wait and see if they can save their season before the July 31 trade deadline.

They have 29 games remaining.


I’m through until i Dave Montgomery realizes his mistake in hiring Ruben for the GM job. This isn’t for him.I’m sure he’d do fine elsewhere in the organization.

The entire Phillies Organization needs to be evaluated .How they hire,scout and draft.The team drafts players that either aren’t ready to come up to the Big Team or they’re traded and don’t pan out for the team that traded with.. Obviously they have also made a number of exceptional drafts as a result of the scouts. The Phillies bullpen has been a disgrace and the last 2 years are in competition as to which team is worse.The organization has been set back for years to .come What players in the minors can make a difference on the big team ? Even when the Phillies draft a very promising player they never give him an honest chance when they bring him up. It looks more like a charade The organization has a track record of doing this,Is it a money matter,as in not wanting to pay them ? These are serious issues ..Watch how long this goes on. As a fan and for fans this situation is truly frustrating and has been for years/decades..What makes it worse is we’ve seen this dance before and there is little hope that what needs to done will not be for quite a few years of being out of competition and the playoffs .I guess it’s better to keep the buddy system alive and well rather then putting building a winner first and foremost .

The 800 pound gorilla in the room as to whether the Phillies should be buyers or sellers is who should be making the decision. The last person I want making the calls is Ruin. Deciding which player should go or which player should stay just allows the cabin boy who was hired to captain the ship to do what he does best – rearranging the deck chairs – as the solution to saving the ship he has steered into the iceberg.

Do we really have to wait until the trade deadline? With 85 games remaining, they would have to play .574 ball (54-31) to win 90 games. Does anybody with a brain in their head see that happening? Perhaps Ruben does.

i honestly do not think that idiot amaro can see that happening, but i could be wrong

It was sarcasm

With 40% of the starting rotation out for the season, just lost their set up man, had to release their middle reliever for ineffectiveness, and their closer stuck in a funk, this team is very vulnerable. It is a pitching team with a broken pitching staff– the offense has been so unreliable that the team cannot expect to get run production above their runs allowed rate, which means statistically they are going to have a losing season… it is a mathematical certainty over the remaining 85 games. The team has a lot of latent talent that is just not showing up due to age, injury or perhaps chronic funk. There is a certain point where players just dont play well for their organization anymore– they get complacent, fat cat, tolerant of mediocrity… smae goes for the general manager, manager and coaches too I guess. IF there was a way to somehow get everyone to play near their previously demonstrated potential, this team would be fearsome!

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