A Mental Break for Hamels?

Matt Cain,The Phillies believe Cole Hamels needs a mental and physical break, so they have pushed his next start to Thursday in Pittsburgh.

He had been scheduled to pitch Tuesday, but Charlie Manuel said they hope two extra days of rest can help.

“It’s like how I rested (Ryan) Howard,” said Manuel, who benched Howard on last night and tonight at Dodger Stadium. “See if that won’t help him some. See if we can’t get him back to feeling good about himself. He benefits just by clearing his head a little bit and resting. We’ll give him a blow, mentally and physically. Mental has a lot to do with it.”

Hamels sounded very surprised to hear one of the reasons Manuel cited is a mental break.

“I don’t know what he talking about – mental. That’s Charlie,” Hamels said with a chuckle. “I think it’s just because I’ve been going every five days and travelling a lot. Sometimes you get the stressful innings and the physical toll just kind of adds up. I think they just want to make things a little more free and easy.”

Hamels is 2-11 with a 4.58 ERA. He is the first Phillies pitcher to lose 11 games before July 1 since Claude Passeau and Wayne LeMaster in 1937. But he said a mental break doesn’t sense because he is not an everyday player and already gets a four-day break between starts.

“I could understand if I played every day,” Hamels said. “Physically, it just allows me to get an extra bullpen (session) in.”

Both Hamels and Manuel said the pitcher is healthy.

“Totally healthy,” Manuel said. “There is definitely nothing wrong with him. He’s fine. As a matter of fact, he’s very fine.”


The cause of Cole’s frustration has mainly been run support.He hasn’t been getting much since he’s been a Phillie . Then again what pitcher get run support from the great offensive power house teams that Amaro has put together over the last 2 years.Part of his frustration is his command.

bill, i think your right about the run support, but you got to realize that this is an old team except for dom brown, who by the way most of us wanted run out of town before the season even started. i guess he showed us.

The long and short of it is that Hamels is having a lousy year. Talk about his so called lack of run support all you want, the fact remains Hamels has an ERA of 4.48. The Cardinals at 4.95 runs scored per game and the Rockies at 4.73 runs scored per game are the only two NL teams scoring more runs per game than Hamels is allowing.

hamels is going through the same thing lee went though last season. the only difference is that lee had a lower era.

I’m sick of hearing about the “lack of run support.” How many runs are they supposed to score? They would have to score 5 or 6 runs in 6 innings to “support” him. It’s time he started supporting himself.
He’s averaging just over 6 innings per appearance, and giving up 3 or 4 runs per start. How are they supposed to support that? This team can’t be counted on to score 5 or 6 runs in 6 innings.
He has given up 4 or more runs six times. That’s not run support, gang.

“the only difference is that lee had a lower era” – Then it’s not the same thing. Hamels hasn’t been pitching well, Lee did last year. Also, for the love of God – please learn to use the Shift key. There’s two of them, either one should work fine.

what is up with the idiot (AMARO) signing a 38 year old .230 lifetime infielder. does he think he is the missing link for this years pennant run. why not just give somebody like mikael franco, darrin ruf, or even josh fields a call up from the minors. does rubin have some kind of fetish for senior citizens?

God, I wish they hadn’t signed Cole Hamels last year.

The only nearly as egregious comment as the “lack of run support” meme is the one heard from Phillies broadcasters claiming how Hamels has done a good job except for a pitch here or a pitch there, a mental lapse here or a mental lapse there or a loss of concentration here or a loss of concentration there. It doesn’t matter how you try to soft soap each incident, they have been of such frequency to add up to a lost season for Hamels specifically and for the Phillies in turn.

i got just one question, who was the azz hole behind the signing of LANCE NIX. he has to be one of the most useless pieces of garbage to ever don a phillie uniform.

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