Last Month for the Final Five?

Phillies Player of the '00s: RollinsChase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels and Carlos Ruiz are the only remaining players from the 2008 World Series championship roster, and this could be their final month together.

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The Phillies are reluctant to trade Utley. I’m sure they would love him back next year. But you have to wonder if Utley, who will become a free agent after the season, will want to come back? Consider for a second if the Phillies trade Cliff Lee or Jonathan Papelbon or both. Say they trade Ruiz, etc. Will Utley believe this team can win in the near future? That is something the Phillies will have to consider as they approach the trade deadline. On the other hand, the Phillies are much more willing to trade Rollins. (You have to wonder how his comments Sunday that he wasn’t disappointed at all with their 1-3 series against the Dodgers played in the clubhouse and front office.) But Rollins isn’t nearly as easy to trade as Utley. Utley is a free agent after the season. He still is very productive offensively, when healthy. Rollins’ productive has dropped this season, and he has $22 million remaining on his deal, if his 2015 option automatically vests based on plate appearances.

If either is traded, however, it will signal a clear and significant change within the organization and a considerable culture shift within the clubhouse.


Would just hate to see them traded just for the sake of trading them. If no significant players/prospects would be acquired, why bother?

Am ready for some new (i.e. not overpaid & under-motivated) blood, though.

That being said, Chase is the heart and soul of the Phillies.

perfect response, now theirs 2 of us phillies phans that see’s the real problem,oh ya Charlie must i mean must go too.

Unless the Phillies trade Doofus Amaro, it won’t matter what they do. He always comes up short on trades for position players. As such, any trade will weaken the team.

I agree – trading those players last year in what seemed like a blind panic really netted the team nothing. Howard’s contract is the millstone around their neck, not Utley or even Rollins.

Folks it is time for a change! Nostalgia aside,this team as constructed will NEVER win another championship, they won’t even make the playoffs. As much as I hate to see Ut go, he and Rollins and especially Howard should move on. We need to get some fresh,hungry young kids to start playing together and learn how to win. Just look at the Marlins, as pathetic as they were in April,& May they are now 17 and 10 over the last 27 games with young players. Keep the pitching and Ruiz let the other 3 go This is what we have to do now.

Dave, the problem with comparing the Marlins to the Phillies is that the Marlins have never gutted their farm system as Ruin has done to the Phillies’ system. Do you really believe the Phillies can undo the damage by trading Rollins, Utley, Ruiz and Howard? The most the Phillies could expect by trading Howard is some salary relief.

pherris, they’ve “gutted” the farm system? I am still waiting to see a single player that the Phillies have traded in recent years make a dent in MLB. It’s not like there was anything there to “gut”. Most of the trades worked out, the team just had other issues, like some very poor free agent signings. I’ll take the established veteran over a prospect every day.

Glavis, Hernandez, Ashe and Ruff. Those are the players we need to find out about. If this season gets any worse it will be time to bring them up and see what they have.
I would Keep Chooch too good a catcher to let go esp if the young guns are promoted.

I love it when people start using angry wording and expletives in their comments. It makes it easy to identify the educated folks from the common drab that is only talking emotionally without much context.

Anyways, I think they need to get rid of some of their big salary pieces and go back to basics. Get a few bad seasons under your belt, get some high picks in the draft, and draft well. The nationals got lucky with Harper and Strasburg so close together, that won’t happen for the Phillies, but they brought up guys like Utley and Howard through their farm and they can do it again. It just takes time and, unfortunately, the Phillies fans have 0 patience.

I think you can hardly gather anyone’s context from a few lines on a blog such as this. But to understand any Phillies fan’s context you only need to learn something about Phillies’ history rather than being so judgmental.


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Howard needs to go first. He has seen his better days.

Rollins and Howard have nothing left to give to the team except occupying a spot that some younger talent could take. Trade both of them. But I agree… If Amaro doesn’t go, then no improvement will be made.

just a question does a baseball team have any recourse against a bad umpire I have never seen so many bad calls as there is this year do umpires look at the film of a game to see their mistakes

why is it when i go over the phillies box score and i see the name NIX, it has the letter a,b,c etc nest to his name, and when you read below as to what he did pinch hitting it always says the same thing struck out or popped up. how bad does this clown have to get before that idiot amaro says enough is enough and sends him on his merry way..

Yeah! What’s the deal with that bench player who has 94 at-bats?! Jerk is messing up our whole season!

I had to check the 2013 roster to see if Kyle Kendrick wasn’t traded. I think Zo owes someone an apology (hint: he’s probably wearing a big ring from 2008).

Kendrick wasn’t on the postseason roster so technically the statement is accurate.

A better question is ‘Who is not on the block?’
MY opinion is chase utley, jimmy rollins, and cliff lee will remain phillies. All the others are available.

That doesn’t make sense. Those three players are among the least wanted Phillies by other clubs. Why would (blanket team) be interested in players that DOESN’T produce?

What type of prospects would you get back by trading Ryan Howard? Or Michael Young and his 16 mil contract? My guess is the returns are very slim.

Now, if even the “face of the franchise” Utley and Cliff Lee are made available, then you’d probably get some quality prospects in return.

Along about late July the callups will begin. For once and all Ruf will prove to be overmatched in MLB. Tommy Joe will stay down to learn baseball but will Kratz be healthy? Biddle will also stay down to finish the season. The scrubeenies will finish the season in 4th or 5th.

Let’s find out if Ruf will be over matched, shall we?

i agree with you PP, can he possibly be any worse than NIX

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It’s time to get rid of 2 people, Charlie and Ruben. Ruben stunk as a player and he stinks as a GM. He inherited a team that made him look good and except for getting Halladay and Lee he hasn’t done spit. As far as Charlie, he need to go because he doesn’t seem to care if we win or loose. When was the last time he closed the club house, threw out the press and reamed the team a new butt. Throw a chair or two, raise your voice, they’ll get the idea! These guys forget who pays there salary, THE FANS and it about time someone reminded them of it. And by the way, let Howard go as well, he is useless except to sell Subway Sandwiches.

if i were a gm for a team that has a shot to go all the way, there are only a handful of phillies i would go after and they would be 1. dom brown, 2 paps, 3. lee 4. utley. the rest of the team is either tooooo old or toooooo over paid (howard etc). oh i almost forgot i would trade AMARO for 1st round draft choice. lol

I did not realize that Rollins had a vesting option for 2015. That was stupid, as it makes him untradeable unless they eat some contract.

Next year will be awlful for the Phils. They’re getting rid of everybody, but they could get good players in return. They won’t get good players in return.

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