Amaro: Next 10 Days Are Big

Ruben Amaro, Jr.Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. just spoke to reporters in the Phillies’ dugout. He got asked about the importance of this team’s upcoming 10-game homestand, including seven games against the Braves and Nationals. Here are a few highlights of that interview. Check later for more.

Q: How do you view the importance of this series?
A: This homestand more than anything else is probably the bigger questions. Very important. We’ve got to play well to stay in contention, clearly. I think we’ll know a lot more about this team after this homestand.

Q: If you don’t have a good homestand could the makeup of the team be different shortly thereafter?
A: It could be. It could be. I hope we’re adding to this club than subtracting. That’s the goal, but as I always say and I’ve been saying the same thing, the players will dictate it.

Q: Safe to say you have to have a winning record on this homestand? Does 5-5 cut it?
A: We’ll have to see. Probably, but we’ll have to see. But that depends how we get to 5-5, you know?

Q: Overstatement to say this homestand is make or break?
A: I don’t know. I don’t like to speak in absolutes all that much, but it’s an important one no question about it.

Q: Frustrating to see this team struggle?
A: Yeah, they’ve been a little enigmatic. I think this team has been a little bit of an enigma. We’ll see. We’ll find out more after this homestand, I think. These next 10 days are big.

Q: Do you view anybody on this team as an untouchable?
A: Some guys are a lot less touchable than others. But we’ll keep our eyes open, our ears open.

Q: How tough would it be to trade Chase Utley, considering his influence in this clubhouse?
A: Really tough. Really tough. Again, I see him as a Phillie for life. I’m not the most stubborn human being on the planet.


Ruben should have known quite awhile ago that this team has real problems, Just as he failed last year in bringing in any average relief pitchers he’s failed again this year. He failed last year to add anything at all to the offense and this year he didn’t do much better. So if he doesn’t know by now that this team is in trouble then explain to me why Dave Montgomery hired him.

Bullpen,bullpen,bullpen!! They have lost at least 10 gms probably more because of the poor bullpen pitching. Get some help and we could be in the mix for the eastern conference championship! Chase should stay, Rollins and Howard can go. Brown should be the cleanup batter from now on. Drop Howard to 6th. Revere should be leading off, M. Young 2nd, then Chase, Brown, D. Young then Howard, Rollins and Chooch.

Ruben was a little more clear on the pre-game radio show last night. Total make-or-break homestand. IMO, the only key players who would still be on the roster in a purge would be Utley, Howard, Brown and Hamels. Utley is going to be a Phillie for life, as they need to keep a guy who can show youngsters how to play the right way. They are not going to pay Howard $25 million a year to play elsewhere, at least not until the last year of the contract, so they are just going to hope for the best. Brown and Hamels will stay for obvious reasons.

How about if the Phillies “only” pay Howard $5 million, $10 million or even $15 million to play elsewhere over the next several years? Depending upon what the Phillies could get in return, should dictate how much of Howard’s contract the Phillies are willing to eat. It is ludicrous to claim that the Phillies are stuck with his contract. I do not believe even Ruin has made this claim.

It will take somebody else in the GM seat to do the right thing and eat most of Howard’s contract. Ruben ain’t doing it.
Ruben is stuck with Howard’s contract because of his ego. He absolutely will not pay Howard to play elsewhere, because of the fear that he may revive his power if he can get healthy. It’s the same ego thing that made him keep Michael Martinez in the system all these years; he has to prove the guy is MLB player, when even a casual observer can see that he is not and never will be.

While were looking to get back to our winning ways can we please look at the glaring problems in the TV booth! It’s bad enough that Tom McCarthy looks like Homer Simpson, but does he have to talk like him!!? He constantly throws out “Bad Luck” remarks right before a critical part of the game. I think we should send him back to the Mets(He seems to have the same amount of feeling for the Phillies as an NBC network announcer! Not only can he not compare to our beloved Harry the K, but, if you notice, the team has been going downhill since he got here! We have enough negative energy around the team right now without it coming from Harry and Richies old home. David Montgomery, please pay attention to Homer’s comments during key moments. I can’t be the only one screaming at the TV every time he throws a “black cat” remark out there. I swear he’s doing it on purpose. Anyone reading this, please tell your friends to listen for the things he says that makes me think he has to go!!

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