Howard Lands on DL

Ryan HowardRyan Howard tried to field ground balls this afternoon during batting practice, but his injured left knee was bothering him again.

Charlie Manuel scratched him from the lineup a short time later. And shortly after that the Phillies announced they had placed Howard on the DL with knee inflammation. They recalled Darin Ruf from Triple-A to take his place on the roster.

Today was the 10th time in the Phillies’ last 45 games Howard had not started a game, and the fifth time in the team’s 11 games. Inflammation and tears in the meniscus in his knee are why. Howard received a cortisone injection in the knee May 19, but it didn’t provide him much relief.


Say what you will about Ryan Howard. This guy goes to the post in pain and never makes excuses.

Besides the HR last night on a gimme fastball he had not been hitting very good. Perhaps this rest will do him well.

Thank you, Mark Purdy!! Couldn’t agree more! Howard’s willingness to play through pain is what got us here in the first place. Ankle injury led to Achilles tear, Achilles tear led to knee issues. It never fails to amaze me how unappreciated he is in this town.

Mary Pat, where exactly has Howard’s willingness to play through pain gotten the Phillies? Hovering around the .500 level all year? The tragedy is not that he took the money offered, the tragedy is that Ruin offered it to him in the first place.

I get in this debate over “playing with pain” with my brother all the time. He hates Howard but he credits him for “playing in pain” while trashing Utley for sitting when he is hurt.
Playing with diminished skills while hurt may be admirable, but it does a MLB team little good.

it just took one day of that useless piece of garbage lance nix to appreciate howard a little. i hope they give darin ruf a shot at first base, i doubt very much if he could be any worse than nix

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