Stop Goofing Off: Amaro and Manuel Call Team Meeting

Charlie Manuel, Ruben Amaro, Jr.This is a huge homestand for the Phillies. Ruben Amaro Jr. said as much Friday.

So when Amaro and his fellow front office executives witnessed Cliff Lee and others screwing around during Jonathan Pettibone‘s in-game interview Saturday in an ugly 13-4 blowout loss to the Braves, they decided to call a team meeting.

Read about the meeting here.

While I don’t think goofing on Pettibone had anything to do with the blowout loss Saturday and while I believe players need ways to break up the monotony of a grueling 162-game schedule, I also get that appearances matter. The season is on the line. You’re losing to the Braves in a big series. Now might not be the time to stick a paper cup on Pettibone’s head with a wad of gum. But let’s be honest about this: none of this happens if the team is winning. If the Phillies are winning, bloggers are making .gifs from Pettibone’s interview and having fun with it. (They probably still will.) The front office probably doesn’t care. The manager doesn’t care. It might be even discussed in postgame interviews. (Those wacky Phillies are having so much fun out there!) Nobody would have thought twice about it. But the team is losing so things are looked at differently. That’s the way it goes.

If the Phillies get on a roll this will be forgotten pretty quickly. If they lose and there is a fire sale, this will be just another low point to the season.

Stay tuned …


Todd – I just question the “expected to win” part of your comment. This club was .500 last year, and Amaro made no serious improvement over the winter. The Nats were the early division favorite, and the Braves made a serious effort to improve their roster heading into the season. Other than Jimmy Rollins, who “expected” the Phils to win anything in 2013?

Wow I was literally gonna write pretty much the same thing. There was hope, but I wouldn’t have called it expectations.

Oddly enough though, my expectations were somewhat high for the bullpen, even though there were still some question marks. The lineup was full of question marks though, as well as the starting pitching. Some of each group has done better than expected, and some have done worse or been injured.

As far as starting pitching, if Doc could have made a comeback to near “Doc stuff” and Cole was the pitcher he was in 2012, who knows how different things would be right now.

Then with the lineup, we are pretty much getting what we expected out of the Youngs – decent offense and subpar defense (although I thought M. Young would actually have even more issues). Ben Revere has had his share of miscues in the field, but you can’t teach his speed (or how to throw harder unfortunately) and I think he will start to become a GG caliber fielder in CF eventually. He has really started to come on offensively, though, after having an April that must have made RAJ shudder in his designer shoes.

All in all, the offense has started to come around a little, Utley is seemingly gaining control over his knees, Dom Brown is an All Star, and we have gotten some good pitching from Kendrick and Pettibone. Without another legit – and consistent – power bat in the lineup, who knows if we will have what it takes to actually make a run in even a mediocre NL east.

Amaro is a horse’s patoot. He was a failure as a player, and he’s an even bigger failure as a GM. He can take his righteous anger and shove it where the sun don’t shine. HE is the reason this is a sub-.500 team – as big a do-nothing as ever existed in any front office. “Expected to win?” ROFLMFAO!

Glad I didn’t watch that whole game. If I had seen that behavior, on national TV, no less……I would have been the one calling the meeting!!!
I understand goofing around, to stay loose, during a game. But this sends the message that the team doesn’t care that they’re getting their butts whipped. And it’s not the first time I’ve seen horsing around during a God-awful game! Good for Charlie, and Ruben!
And sounds like Lee was pouting a little, afterwards. Time to act like the pros you supposedly are, guys!

It was 3-1 during the interview – hardly a “butt whipping”. And if you’ve never seen that type of stuff before then you must not watch a lot of nationally televised games.

Thanks for that clarification, K. Like I said, I wasn’t really watching the game. Guess I shouldn’t have spouted off, so quickly. LOL! In my comment, I DID say I’ve seen it before. I still say it sends the wrong message, when you’re losing the game. Especially if you’re playing well below 500 ball.

Why has nobody questioned the fact that players do interviews during the game? I suppose television rules the game now.

Probably because that ship sailed a long time ago along with winning during the regular season having more value than home field advantage or a world series ending before November.

Ridiculous. The starting pitchers are probably the most bored people on the planet during a game because they know there is zero chance they will play (unless Charlie inadvisedly has to pinch run one of them because of Ruben’s depleted roster). Lighten up, Ruben. Sounds like some deflection to keep everybody’s mind off of the lousy job you are doing.

Except that Pettibone was the next day’s starter – so, shouldn’t he have been charting pitches instead of doing TV – or has that ship sailed too?

Blog somehow ate my comment that I assume muleman is replying to.

I don’t know of any starting pitchers who chart pitches the day before a start. Dubee does it during the game but I think only for our guys and it really doesn’t matter much with the amount of video teams have on people these days. I’d also question the logic behind “doing an interview for a half inning the day before a start totally threw him off his game”. He also won his start the next day btw🙂

When you have a guaranteed contract paying you over $20 million a year and you are the team’s best picture and most valuable trading chip I’m not sure that these admonitions are going to bother you much.

The real culprit is Amaro for not providing Lee and others with a roster that keeps you interested in what’s happening on the field.

I thought it was pretty funny. I really don’t think it was in good taste to rip on one of the three players on the team who happens to be having a great year.

That is ridiculous. Although a team meeting was probably necessary, this should NOT be the reason for it. Maybe for offense and defense. I think the players involved in this situation weren’t even directly in the game at the time. Maybe Amaro should direct his frustration at a different situation like some lackluster deals made in the off season.

Ok let’s look at it this way. Say you are the boss of a company that is not doing well, and for some PR you get a TV news crew to do a story on one of your top young employees that is helping to turn things around. During that interview, which happens to be done in working hours, some of the other employees are waving at the camera, making donkey ears over the guy being interviewed and other horeseplay. Would you not as a boss be peeved at this, especially when you are already worried about the companies health, and all this good P/R could just make you and the company look silly? Yes, baseball is a game, but it also serious business to the Manager and the F.O. whose livelihoods depend on this.

Baseball isn’t the same as Corporate America. You’d probably get in trouble for smashing a towel full of shaving cream into your co-workers face too.

As said on the other board Brett, I think it’s a case of Ruben deflecting. Small-minded, IMO.

In a true professional setting, yes, that would be asinine. But it’s not just the fact that baseball is a game, it is the fact that baseball is a game that you should try to stay loose and having fun as much as possible in order to play well. Baseball players are known more than in any other sport for having some shenanigans go on during the game.

I play in a wooden bat league, and if we are losing the game, it is normally a good thing to go around and joke or pull a prank to loosen up the mood in the dugout so people aren’t all tight and wound up.

Plus, it was all the pitchers doing it, which really had nothing to do in the game anyway, like someone mentioned above.

Although baseball at the pro level is a business, you can’t really use the analogy of a company in the “business world” because things are just different.

I think it is kinda ridiculous for Amaro to get a stick up his arse and hold a meeting due to this, especially when there have been so many other, more pertinent, reasons throughout the first half of the season to hold such a meeting, and he didn’t seem to care to do so then.

If Ruben really thinks that was a big deal then he truly has become so detached from the baseball world that he has no chance of succeeding in rebuilding this team (which I thought already anyway).

I said this on Twitter but I’ll say it here as well – the meeting thing was stupid. Every single team pulls those antics, regardless of their record. The Blue Jays and Giants come to mind immediately. (Munenori and Romo?) Also – they might have lost 13-4 but it was 3-1 in the 4th at the time of the interview – hardly a game out of reach at that point. Would they have held the meeting if they had won 4-3 instead? Lastly, I probably wouldn’t be trying to piss off the two guys you plan on building your future rotation around – especially when one of them (Lee) seems to be (more and more publicly) fed up with the organization and level of play.

Ryan Howard is the biggest disappointment this season , as well as the past three seasons. All that money for what? 11 hr’s. Signing him was a BIG mistake to all of that money,

The biggest mistake was the timing of it. If Ruben would have been patient instead of signing him to a big time extension 2 years prior to his contract expiring he would have had a much better sense of what Howard was gonna be for those 5 years, and most likely – although you never know with clueless Roob – wouldn’t have given him that much per year or that many years.

I agree with the above comment. Ryan was a free agent at the end of the 2011 season. On the last play of that year, Ryan ruptured his Achilles tendon. What kind of contract would he have been offered? There was no logical reason to give him such a ridiculous contract in 2009. And, for Amaro to say he does not have a problem with the contract is incorrigible. As far as the childish display during the Pettibone interview, I would hope that multi million dollar ball players would have more respect for a teammate on national TV and for the game being played since it was only 3 to 1 at the time. That display as well as the shaving cream towel to the face during a post game interview is extremely “Bush”. I was happy to see that Dom Brown escaped that juvenile display during his post game interview. As far as what other teams do to embarrass themselves–I could not care less.

When can the fans have a meeting with Amaro?

I think the fans should be able to get in a small padded room with him, say 5 at a time, throw a couple moving blankets over his head and use him as a heavy bag. We could tell the media not to worry because we are just having “a blanket party” behind closed doors🙂

Some of you so called “fans” are ridiculous. You just want to mock and ridicule, perhaps even cause bodily harm, to a guy trying to run a team. You have no idea what it takes, what they have come up against, or any logistics behind it(unless you’ve run a major league club, which I doubt). I’m surprised Todd doesn’t just have a lot of you plain out banned from ever posting again. I get it, it’s just one way to show your frustrations. But, it’s out of line and I bet most of you are much older than I. Start acting like adults and put yourself in their shoes. These are professional athletes. If they don’t expect to win there is no way they would do this for a living.

A Stanford grad should be able to spell intrinsic correctly.

another failure of leadership from charlie and raj, who are desperately trying to cling to their jobs after a string of horrendous decisions and signings. chuck has been snoozing at the helm for far too long.

a loose attitude helped boston win the alcs in 2004. lately, teams like sf and tampa have had great success with a jocular, friendly clubhouse. chuck and raj don’t get it. lee does.

this reminds me of chuck embarrassing j-roll in the media for not hustling up the line. ppl who deflect responsibility and blame others are not worthy to lead.

and what’s the alternative, act really depressed on camera? and this was incredibly rude to lee, questioning his competitiveness and commitment for no apparent reason and with no possible positive outcome. just bungled all the way i think

Man, some of you people are serious killjoys! I guess you could have an opinion on the interview (which I thought was fine, btw), but to criticize the shaving cream pies?! REALLY??? It’s a GAME, people, it’s meant to be FUN!! I love nothing better than to see them having fun, especially after a win! Lighten up!!

I guess that’s a response to me? You misunderstood – I was totally fine with what they were doing and was simply using it as an example of something else standard to baseball that you couldn’t do in a normal professional setting.

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