An Offensive Pulse

Chase Utley, Kurt SuzukiCole Hamels might be getting his mojo back, which could mean good things for the Phillies going forward. They need good pitching.

A few numbers to consider this fine Wednesday morning:

  • The Phillies have won six of their last eight games.
  • Since Atlanta started the season 12-1, it is 40-37, while the Phillies are 39-38 and the Nationals are 38-38. The Braves are practically begging somebody to challenge them in the NL East the second half of the season.
  • Since the end of May, the Phillies rank seventh in baseball averaging 4.58 runs per game. Since a loss in San Diego on June 24, they are seventh in baseball averaging 5.29 runs per game.
  • Ben Revere is hitting .346 since the end of April, which is seventh-best in baseball. He also is hitting .369 with an .871 OPS this season against lefties.
  • Following a 0-for-22 slump at the end of May, Michael Young has hit .331 with eight doubles, one triple, four home runs, 15 RBIs and an .844 OPS in his last 33 games.
  • Chase Utley‘s .504 slugging percentage is his best mark since a .508 slugging percentage in 2009.
  • Delmon Young has hit safely in 13 of his past 14 games. He is hitting .431 with three doubles, one home run, 10 RBIs and a 1.022 OPS in that stretch.
  • Domonic Brown cooled a bit in June, hitting .135 with two RBIs in a 10-game stretch. But in 18 games since June 19 he has hit .319 with five doubles, two triples, four homers, 15 RBIs and a .978 OPS. He is hitting .305 with an .816 OPS against lefties, and .343 with a 1.007 OPS in eight games in the cleanup spot.
  • Jimmy Rollins is not hitting for any power this season, but he has a .326 batting average and .340 on-base percentage in his last 10 games.

Looking at those numbers you could say the offense is coming alive, which is desperately needed because the pitching staff is 24th in baseball with a 4.33 ERA since June 8. The bullpen is even worse. It has a 5.21 ERA in that stretch, which is 27th. That is why Hamels’ last two starts are encouraging. If he can return to form he can put up a few zeroes, keep the young relievers in the pen and give the Phillies a better chance to win.

If these past few weeks are a sign of something real and not fool’s good then you have to think the Phillies will look to shore up its bullpen in the coming weeks. Of course, at what cost? As encouraging as the offense has been lately, I can’t imagine it would make much sense to part with a legitimate prospect to plug a hole in the bullpen … unless it is a guy the Phillies can keep beyond this season. (Joba Chamberlain? That makes ZERO sense. I mean, none.)


The Phils are only a minor move or two away from being a legit contender.

Word re Joba. Lord, I hope there’s no truth to that rumor.

I’d rather have the Joba impersonator (that was hitting on women and getting free meals in Belmar)… but what about Kevin Gregg? Or Krod? Or dust off Brandon Lyons (released by the Mets) — why not sign him to a minor league deal – send him to Lehigh Valley… and if he gets his mojo back… move him up? This is a guy who ended last season well. has experience to help the kids… and would cost you belly lint. Why not?

I think it is a mirage and it is happening at the worst possible time (trade deadline). I am glad they are playing better ball, but this team is going to need to maintain this level of play for the remainder of the season just to get a sniff at the post season and it is not sustainable in my opinion. They are one slump or injury away from falling back down, not to mention we can’t get above .500 ever! Look what we had to do to get one game under (yet again) and to jump over that mark and stay there requires a consistancy this team has proven the last two years it cannot maintain. While I would love to be proved wrong, the proof is in the numbers and I would hate to see a chance to rebuild passed over because of a slight hot streak and instead we make a few tweeks to a roster needing a major ovehaul.

Rebuild and get what? We have been absolutely dreadful with prospects from past trades. Keep a core here. Try to get Utley to sign now! or adios at the deadline. Chooch too, we have Kratz. The kids we have now are fine. Give them a chance!
Not wasting my time or money or somebody’s else trash. If it wasn’t for Atlanta’s 12 game start it would be a different world out there.

We should totally hang on to old players because of thier past performance and HOPE everyone fails ahead of us in the standings. (sigh) This team is what it is…..a sub .500 club that will tease you into thinking they figured it all out, win a few games against better teams and then poop the bed for a week.

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