It’s A Trap!

Before the Phillies opened their 10-game homestand last weekend Ruben Amaro Jr. said a 5-5 mark “probably” would not cut it.

They’re 5-2 after taking two of three from the Braves last weekend and three of four from the Nationals this week. The Phillies open a three-game series tonight against the White Sox with an excellent opportunity in front of them. They have won 7 of 10, they are at home and they are playing a team with the third-worst record in baseball. The White Sox have the second-worst offense in baseball, averaging 3.78 runs per game, and rank 18th with a 4.07 ERA.

It lines up perfectly.

And there’s the rub.

A couple people literally told me before the homestand, “Watch, the Phillies will take two of three from Atlanta, three of four from Washington and get swept by the White Sox.” (The nerve of them.) What a disaster that would be. Asked about avoiding a letdown against Chicago, Charlie Manuel said last night, “We’ve got to play hard. We’ve got to outplay them. We’ve got to do the same thing against the Chicago White Sox as we did against Washington and the Braves. We’ve got to play as hard or harder. You don’t let up. You stay right at it.”

Take two from the White Sox and the Phillies enter the All-Star break with a boatload of momentum and .500. Sweep the Sox and it’s even better.

But they’ve got to avoid the trap.


My initial concern with this White Sox series, other than the obvious “let-down effect,” is the fact that Chicago is throwing all LHPs against the Phils in this series. As well all know, left-handed pitching is our arch-nemesis.

Don’t forget Howard isn’t in the lineup…

Dom Brown hits lefties as well as righties and Rever is on a roll. Chase is a good hitter PERIOD and the rest of the lineup are righties. I’m pretty confident in my boys.

I agree. The LHP thing has been our achilles heel (Big Piece?) for several years but it does not concern me as much this year especially with Howard not in the lineup. A very real concern is the let down factor. Taking 5 of 7 from the teams you are chasing can cause a serious drop in adrenaline. Let’s hope that the younger guys like DBrown, Benny Revs, and Pettibone can keep the energy going. Let’s hope.

Benny Revs? …… Seriously?

Not a fan, eh? I’ve been testing it out. Benny the Jet feels too easy. Benny on the Spot, maybe?

Benny Revs is really cute…I still prefer RevRun, though😉

The real trap here is the Phillies having enough success to allow Ruin and Charlie to keep their jobs. I shudder at the thought of Ruin trading more “prospects” under the guise of saving the Phillies’ season when, in actuality, saving only his own bacon. Ruin needs to be kept away from the switch.

If your going to talk smack and show u have no baseball knowledge…at least spell his name correctly…there is no GM on the phils or in baseball named RUIN

You must be new around here Mark…

Mark, you are evidently a Ruin fan whether you realize it or not. And, exactly how much baseball knowledge does it take to conclude that the guy who has taken a baseball team coming off a WS win to a team scraping by and hoping to get to .500 is not a good thing?

Of course they’re throwing three Lefties at us, but at least they don’t have to face Sale.
Danks has been average at best this year although he somehow manages to avoid any walks. Quintana and Santiago have been solid, but they’re both soft-throwing guys. They’re not like Gio or maybe a Kershaw, which would be a lot worse for the Phils.
Revere has been squaring it up lately, especially against Southpaws, and Dom and Chase should hold their own. Big Plus might be not having to throw Howard out there against them…Ruf should be a lot more effective against those Lefties

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