Revere Has Surgery, Could Return In 6-8 Weeks

Ben RevereBen Revere said Sunday he could miss six to eight weeks because of a broken right ankle.

His timetable remains the same following surgery today at the Rothman Institute. The Phillies announced foot and ankle specialist Steve Raikin placed two screws percutaneously across the fracture. Revere will be non-weight-bearing for the next two weeks with a reevaluation to follow.

“Tentative return to play is 6-8 weeks,” the Phillies reiterated.

That means he could be back anywhere between late August and mid-September.

Revere fouled a pitch off the ankle in the 11th inning of Game 1 of Saturday’s doubleheader against the White Sox.

“It’s one of those deals,” Revere said Sunday. “It’s part of the game. I’ve probably hit a couple balls on the same spot a couple times and really nothing happened, except a bruise. But it was good the next day. But this was finally the one that cracked it.”

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Sunday the Phillies will be looking to acquire a centerfielder before the July 31 Trade Deadline to replace Revere while he is out.


this is NOT because of Pap’s recent blown saves – I actually want to use his value because he is a top tier closer in a thin market – but what if we could trade Pap for someone like Austin Jackson. A young, proven, solid, lead off hitter that can field and the tigers fill in their closer position. Fill our closer role through free agency or from within. Thoughts?

Why would the Phillies create a hole at closer to fix a perceived center fielder problem?

word is, no one would touch Pap because of his current contract. Doesn’t seem like Amaro is very motivated to move him either.

How about pick up the phone and call the GM of the Padres? See if he will trade Will Venable. He could just platoon with Mayberry in CF (one lefty, one righty) until Revere gets back. Shouldn’t cost much. Venable is a decent player, but should not cost much in return.

It would be a very Gillick-like move.

Heck, while Amaro is at it, maybe he could acquire one of their relievers too. 🙂

Just saying.

we don’t need to make any trades for a center fielder when we have a future hall of famer sitting on the bench waiting to be summoned by charlie. the one and only, the most dynamic player in recent years and that being lance (stevie) nix. lmfao

I think you have beat your Lance Nix hate into the ground. He will be gone at the end of this season. You really need to concentrate on one of the Phillies’ other festering problems such as Ruin.

did you see that the gm of the cardinals saw enough of WIGGY, and released him last week. not mentioning any names but why doesn’t amaro do the same thing with you know who

and who would replace him on the roster docvegas? There is no one banging on our door to be added to the team, and it’s not as if we are short of people to send down if we need a space for someone. I agree he’s the 25th man (unless mightyMart is still here)

i will give you a few names. cody ashe, josh fields, steve susdorf or even the bat boy

The Phillies would be crazy to spend any assets for another CFer. Revere is obviously the guy for years to come because he can’t be a FA until 2018. They should just see how it goes on this road trip. If things go well, shore up the bullpen and maybe get another bat with an expiring contract, but I expect they’ll be sellers at the deadline.

Ruben was asked why the Phillies are carrying 3 catchers and only 4 outfielders. He said that they don’t have another outfielder better than their third catcher to make a roster adjustment.
That’s a pathetic statement to make about a Major League franchise.

you should know amaro by now. why doesn’t he bring up franco from reading, other teams bring up players from double a

Sounds like another Ruinism.

What is it with Hamels? There is no way they should have lost that game on Saturday with our supposed “ace” on the mound, and he gives up 3 runs in the first inning. Way to deflate a team right off the bat (no pun intended).

No to absolve one “supposed ace” of culpability, let’s not forget Lee’s performance the very next day.

Lee was bad and has given up 8 HR’s in three starts in July. But at least he was going up against Matt Harvey and our anemic lineup did as expected against him. On Saturday, JRoll jumpstarted the team with his first leadoff HR of 2013 and Hamels immediately squandered it with a pathetic first inning. Phillies are now 5-16 in Hamel’s starts.

So Lee was going against Harvey? Is that why he gave up five runs via the long ball?

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