Asche Headed to Philly, Young Headed Elsewhere

ascheTriple-A third baseman Cody Asche is on his way to Citizens Bank Park, a strong indication Phillies third baseman Michael Young is headed elsewhere.

A source Tuesday confirmed a Yahoo! Sports report Asche, who is one of the organization’s top prospects, will join the team. The Phillies have been looking for ways to retool for next season, and Young always has been the most likely Phillies player to be traded before Wednesday’s 4 p.m. ET Trade Deadline.

Young has been linked most closely to the Red Sox and Orioles. The Rangers also have been mentioned although a source told over the weekend a reunion with the Rangers is unlikely. What is interesting about that is FOX Sports has reported Young, who has a full no-trade clause, has only approved a trade to the Rangers.

Young is in the final season of his contract and is unlikely to be resigned. He also has value for a postseason contender as a veteran corner infielder with postseason experience and previous experience as a DH.

Asche is hitting .295 with 24 doubles, four triples, 15 home runs, 68 RBIs and .837 OPS in 446 plate appearances this season with the IronPigs. He is hitting .323 with 10 homers, 34 RBIs and a .935 OPS in 222 plate appearances since the end of May.

The Phillies acquired Young in a trade with the Rangers in December for pitchers Josh Lindblom and Lisalverto Bonilla. Young is hitting .277 with 18 doubles, three triples, seven homers, 32 RBIs and a .743 OPS in 398 plate appearances.


Wish we had a catcher in AAA who was ready for a call-up to the bigs.

Let’s see what we have. Hope Darin Ruf gets it going soon.

Even if Young stays it makes sense. Play asche at 3rd, Ruf in LF, and Young at 1B. See what the kids can do going into next year. Brown to RF when he’s back

Bring Joseph up and give him a shot.

why, he can’t hit minor league pitching. he is hitting .209 with a whopping 3 dingers. i do not think he will ever make an impact at the major league level. they are better off with kratz

Tommy Joseph has been on the DL, then rehabbed in the Gulf Coast League and, I think, is on the DL again. Anyway, Chooch is going to get the rest of the season to find his swing.

You can tell how full of crap RAJ is by today’s conference. Apparently he doesn’t plan on trading anyone and still thinks they can win the division. He’s either delusional or lying his ass off

If Michael Young really invokes his no-trade, he will be opening himself up to some serious phan abuse. At this point, nobody wants to see him at 3B anymore, especially with Asche in the fold.
It’s not personal Michael, it’s business.

Looks like Young isn’t going to leave. He has the final say after all with the ‘no trade’ clause.

He hit a HR tonight, and with that silences a lot of pundits that had him packing his bags….

I really don’t get all the bad-mouthing about Young. He’s got the 2nd best BA, and plays a decent 3rd base. There’s a reason other teams want him.

I’m not bad mouthing Young. I am pointing out that, with Cody Asche on the roster, there is really no reason for him to stay here. But don’t try to pass him off as a “decent” third baseman. He’s a poor third baseman and other teams might want him strictly for his bat.

RAJ should be doing something very simple: Look at the roster. Anyone not playing where you intend them to play next year should be a) moved to the proper posisition, or b) moved via trade. Time to see what we reeally need. Howard is 1B (Can’t trade him) Utley seems to be our 2B, JStroll is ss. If asche is 3B, then move Young to 1B or trade. OF is Ruf in LF, Brown in RF and Reeve in CF. Since 2 are on DL, let kids fill the gaps.

Pitching: bring up kids from minors for 2 start rotation each to see how they do. Send down the Pablebon down. as for the pen–beyond hope

i was glad they brought up asche up from lehigh valley. but i do not understand why they they dumped susdorf so fast and have all the patience in the world with the 3 biggest piece garbage that ever played major league baseball, that being martinez, nix and mcdonald

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