Quiet Deadline for Phillies?

Michael YoungThe Phillies have spoiled fans with plenty of action at the trade deadline in recent years, one way or another.

Let’s look back, shall we?

  • 2006: Traded Bobby Abreu, Cory Lidle, Rheal Cormier, David Bell and Sal Fasano and DFA’d Ryan Franklin in a fire sale.
  • 2007: Acquired Kyle Lohse and Tadahito Iguchi.
  • 2008: Acquired Joe Blanton.
  • 2009: Acquired Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco and signed Pedro Martinez.
  • 2010: Acquired Roy Oswalt.
  • 2011: Acquired Hunter Pence.
  • 2012: Traded Shane Victorino and Pence.

This might be the quietest deadline since 2005, when the Phillies got Ugueth Urbina in June. I say that because last night the Red Sox acquired Jake Peavy from the White Sox, which means Lee isn’t going to Boston or anywhere else. So I believe at this point it’s Michael Young or nobody. The Phillies are not going to trade Lee just to trade him. Why do that? They don’t need to shed payroll, and they’ve already been burned once on a Lee deal. Teams aren’t beating down doors for Jonathan Papelbon, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Ruiz or Delmon Young either, so they probably aren’t going anywhere. Ruben Amaro Jr. has said Chase Utley isn’t leaving as they’ve discussed a contract extension, so that’s basically it. It’s Michael Young or nobody, unless something crazy happens in the next few hours.


It’s amazing how Doofus Amaro has taken the Phillies from a WS winner to a sub-.500 club in 4 years. He has really painted the Phils into a corner with his lack of foresight. There’s no one to trade and no one in the minors. How is that possible other than through wanton ineptitude? Amaro must be the laughing stock of the MLB. And Montgomery too, for keeping him around.

This is devistating news for a team in dire need of a makeover. You are not re-signing Chooch or either Young, so, trade them for a PTBNL. Give younger players a shot to play. As “beloved” as Utley is, he is a huge chip, and should be traded immediately.
I agree that Lee and Paps should stay unless we are blown away. Yet another season where RAJ has no idea how to run an organization. That fact that we could be seeing today’s lineup in September is a joke!

RAJ should be fired.

Maybe there’s an AA level independent league team out there somewhere that could use Michael Martinez? A bag of balls and a broken bat should get it done.

Its amazing that in that whole list, only Blanton brought us a WS, lol. I don’t blame Ruben for guys not working out, he went after the best and got them. We were all thrilled when we received Oswalt and Pence – just didn’t happen.

Epic fail! Far more than just inept. This reeks of rotting, good-old-boy, nepotism.

Time for the youth movement to begin.

Maybe with Pujols possibly missing the rest of the season, the Halos might be in the market for a DH (Delmon Young)?

That would be a team that you might expect to show some interest in Cliff Lee too.

Shocked and chagrined, mortified and stupefied , courtesy “Jackie the Lawyer” Seinfied Bra les wonder episode. Jackie is out of work, maybe he could replace Rueben, might not do as well sic but we all would be entertained. As Obama once said to Mit Romey your no Jack Kennedy Ruben is no Pat Gillick, the only GM with a half a brain. I say Make Dallas GM at least he might have the balls to stand up to Montgomery, Giles and the rest of the regime. I say sell the Phils to a investor or investor who actually might be involved. I love Charlie but remember a beloved Yankee Manager Casey Stengle, who might have been the only person to understand Charlie when he talks. Casey won all those titles with something called talent, poor Casey went to the pathetic Mets and what did he do ? nothing more than he would have done it the Yankees had the talent that the Mets did. Charley your a great guy, sorry you have to go, the Phils have little talent and Charlie performed as Charlie will anywhere with a team that has limited talent, as our Eagle fans used to chant good bye Joe, good bye Charlie, wherever you may go? Go by David and Bill. I say bring back Bowa! Bring back the man with fire! Larry we love you! By Chooch, and Jimmie, John Mayberry Jr, is senior still alive? Goodbye Ryan, sorry the Phils kept you in the minors until you were at your peak had two or three great years, see what a hugh contract does, ever since you have been an unproductive shell of the first year but I forgot it took the league several years that when you have two strikes on you you will be fed down and away sliders, Ryan I know its hard to figure out. Ryan with your productive power and now the famous Howard shift exposing most of the left side of the field hum why not just go that way I forgot your paid to hit home runs (hum 10) I thing Juan ring my bell Bell but have displayed more power than you have been brining, trade or give him to the Cardinals, soory there wise to know your days are over, I just shed a tear.Sorry time for my Prozac, gets any worse with the Phils, I’ll leave Florida and move to Shamokin.

Go home John, you’re drunk.

Thanks! Love Jackie! Maybe we all could pitch in to have Jackie buy the Phils? Just like the Packers we all would have stock in the team.

Brilliant post, love the Jackie the Lawyer reference.

Thanks don’t drink, only losers like you god bless.

Really? How old are you?

Shame since we are just one small piece from being real contenders this season…..

“…one small piece…” The sarcasm’s coming through loud and clear. Once again Amaro shows how he can do the big deals, but can’t do the small things or build a farm system to put a team over the top.

I guess we can trash pick off the waiver wire next month……

We won’t be picking other peoples’ trash. We ARE the trash.

If the Phillies are trash, then Ruin needs to be cited for littering the field.

Kramer can play first base, just as long as he doesn’t knock anyone out like Mickey Mantle again.

Manuel said they could work Cody Asche in the outfield between now and the end of season. They know better than anybody that Maikel Franco is the third baseman of the future for the Phillies.

Maybe ownership prevented Ruin from further gutting the team since he is a lame duck.

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