Reports: Bastardo Suspended 50 Games

Antonio BastardoThe Phillies got another dose of bad news today when Major League Baseball suspended left-hander Antonio Bastardo 50 games for violations in relation to its Biogenesis investigation.

Bastardo will begin serving the suspension without pay immediately.

He had been one of the only reliable arms in one of the worst bullpens in baseball. He is 3-2 with a 2.32 ERA in 48 appearances. He has allowed 32 hits, 11 earned runs, 21 walks and has struck out 47 in 42 2/3 innings.

He had been serving as the team’s setup man with Mike Adams on the disabled list recovering from right shoulder surgery.

Phillies president David Montgomery issued a statement that read: “Obviously, the Phillies are very disappointed to learn of Antonio Bastardo’s violation of Major League Baseball’s Drug Program. We strongly believe in the Program and look forward to a time when performance enhancing drugs are completely out of baseball. Hopefully the sanctions announced today will bring us closer to that day. We respect the fact that Antonio has acknowledged his serious mistake and accepted his 50-game suspension.”

The Phillies said general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. was unavailable for comment.

Bastardo is making $1.4 million this season, which means he will forfeit about $460,000 in salary. He is eligible to return for the team’s final game of the season Sept. 29 in Atlanta, although that is unlikely.

Former big-league pitcher Dan Meyer expressed his anger toward Bastardo on Twitter. He pitched with the Phillies in Spring Training in 2011, going 2-0 with a 6.75 ERA in five appearances. He was assigned to Minor League camp before the Phillies released him.

“Hey Antonio Bastardo, remember when we competed for a job in 2011. Thx alot.” He added later, “Never said I was good enough but what about the players that never got their chance? Their lives could have been completely different.”


Honestly, what difference does it make? One could even argue this happened at a good time/season as he was going to be figured out at some point anyway. I applaud you, Todd, for being able to go day in and day out and report on a team that is so miserable and not fun to watch. I know its your job, but still, bravo!

There are 51 games to go. Think he’ll be back for the grand farewell party?

As Todd said…..He’s eligible to return on the last day of the season. But unlikely.

Xyzzz… you bother to read past the headline?

(((SIGH))) That’s all I got.

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P.S. Should have traded him while we had the chance.

And how long has Reuben known about this? Is this why he didn’t even bother to go for a bullpen piece? Yanks knew about theirs – that’s why they made offers for BOTH Ruiz and Young. Reuben has been lying to us for so long (think every injury ever) has doesn’t know how to tell the truth. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid like extending Utley or Ruiz, just to make a splash in a last-ditch effort to save his job.

he shoulda been a politician

Chase is getting Extended you can count on that!!!

Chase has seen his last days as a .300 hitter. Have you seen him swinging and missing at balls out of the strike zone lately? I think he’s trying to take up the slack for RyHo in the Bad Strikeouts category. Let the Angels overpay him to play back home, and get us the extra draft pick.

Just ’cause he’s not hitting 300, doesn’t mean he’s not valuable. Did you watch tonight’s game?

i was watching the game sunday, it was the bottom of the 5th the team is down 4-1, they get the first 2 batters on base with no outs and what does that freaking idiot manuel do, is bring mcdonald to the plate to pinch hit for cliff lee. how more pathetic does it have to get when you bring a .075 hitter into the game. lee is actually the better hitter. isn’t pretty bad when you have martinez, nix, and mcdonald as your go to guys when you need some offense coming from the bench. i think it time for these 3 stiffs to get their walking papers

And, Chollie brought McDonald in to bunt the runners over – something Cliff Lee is excellent at doing. Another of the dozen errors Chollie makes every game. I don’t know how many managers get to manage for five stright years of declinging wins, but Chollie never should have had the chance. Ruin Tomorrow Jr. Keeps him around to deflect blame off the lousy roster he assembles…

5 straight years of declining wins? Are we watching the same team?

It’s not Charlie’s fault that his bench consists of players like Laynce Nix, John McDonald and Michael Martinez. That is all on Ruben.

How bad are we?….even our dopers suck!

Last year Chooch is caught stealing and now this guy. Bunch of unlikeable losers. Bastardo, you suck!

Caught cheating



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