Chooch in 2014? Up In The Air

Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard, Carlos RuizCarlos Ruiz’s spot in Phillies history is secure.

He caught the final pitch in the 2008 World Series, called the final pitch of Roy Halladay’s perfect game in 2010, made the throw to first base for the final out in Halladay’s postseason no-hitter that same season and caught many more memorable games throughout his eight-year Phillies career.

But as Chase Utley prepared to sign a two-year contract extension as early as today, Ruiz’s future with the Phillies remains a mystery. He will be a free agent following the season, and it is far from certain he returns. He turn 35 in January, he has spent each of the past five seasons on the disabled list and he is in the midst of his worst offensive season since 2008, which comes on the heels of a 25-game suspension for using a banned stimulant.

But the Phillies also have nobody in their system ready to replace him on an everyday basis. If the Phillies decide to part ways with Ruiz they will have to find somebody on the free-agent market or through a trade.

“That’s not in my hands right now,” Ruiz said today. “I just want to finish the season strong. That’s not in my head right now. I can only control what I do on the field.”

Ruiz has hit two doubles and two home runs since July 29 to raise his OPS from .581 to .638, which is still the lowest mark since he posted a .620 OPS in 2008. He started the season on the suspended list, came back for a few weeks, then landed on the disabled list for a few more weeks because of a strained right hamstring.

“I know I haven’t put up the numbers I had last year, but right now we’ve still got like 50 games to go,” Ruiz said. “I feel like the last couple days I feel better at the plate. I’m swinging a little better. That’s good. It hasn’t been easy, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Asked if he is concerned people will think the drop in production is related to performance enhancing drugs, Ruiz said, “Actually, I don’t know worry about that. I know myself. I know I can be better. But at the same time there’s nothing I can do in one day. I’ve got to try to do my best each day.”

But clearly, Ruiz would like to remain in Philadelphia.

“I’m real happy here,” he said. “It’s my home. I feel like all of my family is here. But at the same time, it’s out of my hands. We will see once the season is over.”

Ruiz said he has told his agent not to tell him if there has been any talk about an extension, although it is believed that has not happened yet. He said he doesn’t want the distraction of contract negotiations on his mind.

“I don’t want to think too much about it,” he said. “I want to play. I still feel great.”

Maybe he can take those feelings, finish strong and turn it into a contract extension with the Phillies.


Since coming off the juice, he stinks. So long Chooch. Nice guy, but he got caught cheating.

Are you dumb? Adderall is hardly “the juice”. He didn’t have a prescription, that’s why he got in trouble, otherwise he’d be fine.

Nope, not dumb. Just realistic. Before he got caught- awesome. After- stinks. Adderall was “his” juice. He was taking it illegally to get better. If hebhad ADHD, we would not be having this conversation. He cheated. He needed it to hit better. Why is that so hard to understand? Everyone sees it except you.

I’d be willing to give Chooch a 1-yr, $4MM ML contract with bonuses at 100 games started, 125 games played, and awards bonuses.

I’d give him a year or two deal, knowing that it’s more of a defensive signing — rather then offensive. He should also find a doc that’ll give him his Adderall legitimately because he needs to get back on that.

just stop fooling around and get the guy who has been absolutely killing the phillies for the last 5 yrs….McCann.

McCann is more of an injury risk than Chooch.

McCann can’t catch worth a shit. He is prime DH material.

We’ll resign him. I bet we do the same with Michael Young. Remember kids, we only lost this year because of injuries and when everyone returns to 100% health and plays like thier career years again in 2014, we will be dancing down Broad Street again……not!

I agree, Rueben is on LSD< tripping out seeing sugar plums dancing in his head. Phils waited to long to re tool, need to say bye to Chooch, JRoll, Halladay, McDonald, Young, DYoung, Mayberry ( He graduated from Stanford Political Science, time to get his Law Degree) Chase is the only long time Phil with any semblance of fire in his belly.Also please do not re-sign Charlie.

Retooling does not equate to resigning the same group of players for another go at it.

Give him a 2-year deal just to give Valle or Joseph time to be major league-ready.

I agree. Short deal until someone can develop in the farm and maybe he can finish his career here as a nice-to-have.

even with ruiz not putting up last season numbers, since he he is no longer on crank, he is still better than anything we have in the minors. joseph cannot hit his weight.

the issue is relitively simple. Ruiz is now a second tier catcher at best (great D, no O). What options do we have which are better? McCain will break the bank and spend 100 games on DL-not an option. Joseph is an option, but after this year was lost due to concussion, he needs one more in minors, Valle isn’t an option, or we wouldn’t have traded for Joseph. No one else in FA will be any better then Ruiz. Kratz is a great backup, but not a starter by any means. therefore, sign him to a 1-2 year deal so he can bridge gap until Joseph is ready, or we make trade for replacement.

Do not pursue McCann. We don’t need anymore big name “saviors” in Philadelphia; we need home grown talent from our farm system. Maybe sign Chooch for 1-2 years while prospects develop.

You mean Estrada, or Jaramillo, or Lou Marson, or perhaps Travis D’Arnaud, now a met?….. Ruben has made all catcher’s in the system expendable…. This is why we are where we are :o(

OK Phillies, dust yourselves off and put the Nats away this weekend. And if we’re talking about next year already, I’d suggest you stop worrying about McCann – or any position players, really – and start worrying about your 4.20 team ERA, which is good for second to last in the NL. Hey, maybe just lie down and take the worst ERA title this year, at least you’ll win something.

How big of a lead did the Braves cough up in September of 2011 for the last wildcard spot? 10 games in one month, wasn’t it?

getting away from ruiz for a moment, wasn’t it nice to see 3 rookies carry the team yesterday in their 12-1 route of the cubbies. like i said before, ruf definitely should not have ever been sent down and neither should have asche been sent down. martin was a different story.

Cliff Lee is such a waste. What is it, four or five straight starts where the Phillies needed him to be an ace, a stopper? What do the Phillies get? Same old, same old. Anytime in his career, has Lee ever stepped up and taken command of the situation? When is he going to stop throwing and start pitching?

World Series in 2009. We lost but he killed the Yankees every time he was on the mound. (I think he even pitched on short rest?) With all the other issues this team has, you’re really going to rag on Cliff Lee?

Lee and Hamels both are big issues. Lee in particular took last season off and now he is taking off the second half of this season. What a waste.

You’re full of it. Lee had better numbers last year than just about everyone on the staff. He pitched well and got no run support, which is not true of Hamels this year.

At least we have second base taken care of for the next few years. That was HUGE! (eye roll)

The Phils have gotten to a point that they need to do something besides shuffle AAA guys around. A major move is needed to jump start this lifeless corpse of a team. Sadly (or not depending on your opinion) it’s time to relieve Charlie. Allowing him to be a lame duck did him no favors along with the crappy roster he had to play with. I believe he will be “reassigned” the day after he gets win 1000. At this point I can live with waiting for that to happen, although it could be a while. Hopefully this clears that out of the way and then we can see which “core” guys want to stay here and actually pick up the pace. I personally don’t think Sandberg is the answer, but let him manage out the year and see if he can find a pulse. I doubt the results will be any different, but at least you can address the personnel issues better when you see that firsthand. Something needs to happen or this is going to make the mid-90’s look like the late 70’s!

Getting rid of Charlie would be a move in the right direction but would only amount to changing the color of the lipstick being put on the pig. Ruin needs to go first.

I didn’t see an inning of the games against Washington. I refuse to watch a game with Michael Martinez in the lineup. That is an insult to the phans.

want to talk insults, how about the azzhole signing mcdonald and wells. that is an insult to every player in the minor leagues who are property of the phillies

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