Halladay Could Be Back Soon

Roy HalladayPhillies fans looking for something to watch in their team’s final 45 games might have something particularly interesting to see in a couple weeks.

Roy Halladay is scheduled to make his first rehab start Thursday with the rookie-level Gulf Coast League Phillies. General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said today that Halladay might make just two rehab starts before rejoining the Phillies rotation.

“If he goes in a straight line I don’t see him going more than two before he comes and pitches for us,” he said. “But a lot of it depends on how he feels. If he feels good we’ll progress him. … There’s a chance, an outside chance, I don’t know what kind of chance, but there’s a chance.”

If Halladay, who is recovering from right shoulder surgery, progresses as expected, he could be back as early as Aug. 25 against the Diamondbacks at Citizens Bank Park. Pitchers get 30 days on a rehab assignment, meaning if there are no setbacks Halladay would have to be back no later than Sept. 14.

Halladay is scheduled to throw 75-80 pitches Thursday.

Halladay threw a bullpen session Monday in Clearwater, Fla. Amaro said it was a “very good” session.


Heard that Pettibone is making a rehab start in Reading. Forgot all about him! Can’t believe I’m looking forward to his return.

I am a huge Doc fan, but I am not very confident in his returning to “Doc” status. Besides the fact that he hasn’t been very truthful about his condition these last two years.

Would you rather have a player be truthful about his condition or about what he could be doing to mask the condition. Doc is a competitor. A true competitor will not allow his arm health to enter into a question of honesty. Based on his reaction after the news of his surgery I think it is important to realize and recognize the fact that he was excited to learn that after his surgery and rehab he will have added time on to the end of his career. I don’t like liars…in fact I cant stand liars…but Doc did not lie. He simply did not accept his own fallability. I can deal with that.Will doc be the same doc he was? Who knows. He just might be better. I would not announce that you are doubtful predicated on his lack of candor vis a vis his condition. All indications are that he is an honorable man who cares about the word team… Just hope that some day your not looking back saying…boy, he is not being honest with the Yankees. That would not be good.

So truth is relative for you?

Wow. I agree with pherris.🙂
Seriously dude, what good did it do the Phillies when Doc was going out on the mound with less than competent stuff due to his injury? You can call it what you want, but he knew he was hurt and he lied. And for that reason, I am hesitant to believe him during the course of this rehab. The truth will emerge when he faces MLB hitters, and I hope for the best because a good Doc is better than most.

If you really think Doc and Howard are huge parts of 2014 you SHUT THEM DOWN FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!! Get healthy instead of coming back 50% and compounding an already questionable 2014 season. Someone in management needs to grow a set and deal with these veterans. Being a gamer is great, but in a lost season where your career is question it really requires you to use your brain a little.

The problem with that is that Doc is not under contract like Howard is. We are stuck with whatever Ryan can give us for several years, you can and should take the long view with him.

Doc is a different story. He’s a UFA next year, are you going to sign him after surgery based on only some closed door sessions and an MRI or do you want to see him throwing to Major League hitters?

Very true, Greg.

Either that or they’re showcasing him.

Steve, it is ridiculous to “shut Doc down” Doc doesn’t have a guaranteed contract for next year and the Phils don’t want to pay him another $20 million until they see if he can still pitch. Doc must pitch this year…

Per Todd’s recap of last night’s game, where Charlie Manuel managed his 1,000 victory…”After the game, Carlos Ruiz presented Manuel a base with “1,000” written on it. Every member of the team signed it.”
Too bad the likes of Michael Martinez, Raul Valdes and Luis Garcia got to sign it. That certainly diminishes its worth.

Actually the fact that he won WITH those guys in the lineup increases it’s value! LOL

Martinez, Valdes, Garcia are all something most, if not all, of you never were: on a major league roster. If you never played above a beer league, you ought to at least not hammer them all the time.

Dude, I never expected to become a MLB player, so you have no point.
Michael Martinez is a poor excuse for a MLB player. That is a fact. Either he has dirty pictures of Ruben Amaro or Ruben Amaro doesn’t recognize MLB talent. Unfortunately, I believe the latter to be true and, now, this idiot is going to oversee the rebuilding of this baseball team? This won’t be pretty.

phan52, I agree with what you posted 100%! Ruben Amaro took a team built by Pat Gillick, made up of pieces from the Ed Wade Era, and has made a mess of the team. I don’t even understand how he still has a job…..

Trust me I know they aren’t hacks. Played with enough former AAA and bench major league guys in semi-pro to realize the worst MLB player is 1000x better than the best semi-pro guy any day of the week. They, Minimart, etc., pay the price here for a front office that pretends they are a few lucky breaks from the world series yet they roster not one, but 3-5 of these guys and each is getting regular playing time right now. It is a sad reality of a team in serious dire straits that seems to be lost on those making the roster and paying the bills. The fact that MM is run out as a starting CF 3x a week is a joke for a team that remained silent at the deadline and refuses to bring up any form of the future for a real tryout. I just hope that in September they call up everyone in the system and run them out there every day to see what they actually have before releasing them only to become starters on other teams. Proof is in the pudding, so pull out the mixer and the bowls!

Some guys just don’t do well for the Phils, look at Grilli…..

Well, Doc says not to worry that his velocity in his first rehab start was in the mid-80’s range because he was focusing on his mechanics and that the velocity will come. Uh…OK, I believe you Doc. I really do…..

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