Hamels’ Bounce Back

Matt Cain,For those who have asked if Cole Hamels can bounce back next season, relax.

He already has.

Hamels is 3-2 with a 1.98 ERA in eight starts since the end of June. His ERA ranks 10th out of 93 qualifying pitchers in baseball in that span. His 1.00 WHIP is 13th. His 5.88 strikeout-to-walk ratio is fourth.

Of course, not everybody has noticed because Hamels is 5-13 with a 3.65 ERA overall. His 13 losses are tied with Angels right-hander Joe Blanton (5.52 ERA) and Astros right-hander Lucas Harrell (5.34 ERA) for the most in baseball, which should be an excellent reminder a starting pitcher’s record is often a highly inaccurate gauge to their abilities and effectiveness.

Hamels’ 3.33 run support average this season is 85th out of 90 qualifying pitchers, which tells the story about his record as much as anything.


Meanwhile Cliff Lee has been going in the opposite direction.

Lee has had bad stretches each of the past two years that lasted 5 or so starts (usually about a month) so hopefully this is just one of those stretches and he’ll bounce back too.

I hope he bounces back soon.

Todd, keep changing the lipstick on the pig that is Hamels’ 2013 season and maybe it will now longer be a pig.

Did you even read the article?

Sure I read the article. 3 and 2 during another one of Todd’s mythical and magical starting points. What was it in this case, the end of June? What about Hamels’ 1-9 start? Or what about his 3 starts during the Phillies 1-13 record troubles during Hamels’ “stellar” 3-2 run? I am sure Todd needs your assistance putting the lipstick on the pig. You appear to be be a chartreuse kind of guy.

Look at the article instead of gleaning what you want out of it. The point is not that he’s suddenly having a stellar season – it’s that he has pitched better recently and provides several metrics to back that up.

I guess you missed the fact that I am calling out Todd for his gleaning. His attempt to make a silk purse out of a sows ear if you will. And what exactly did Hamels do during the Phillies 1-13 run?

You’re absolutely right. He pitched very poorly the first half of the season. This article isn’t about that. It’s about how he’s pitched better recently.

The numbers are the numbers pherrisphain.. Can’t argue Todd’s point on this one

See my response to K above.

This whole season was a trainwreck and Hamels was a big part of it, but Hamels is fine. What we saw the other night was not an accident. He is still one of the top pitchers in MLB.

Todd..I don’t know how old you are but I’ve been following the Phils since the ‘Whiz Kid” days. A guy named Robin Roberts is just one example of NO RUN SPPPORT on many occasions Steve Carlton is another. Cole has had his problems Just as Robin and Steve did. The Phils have many problems hence this new nosedive this year. You’re frustration over their play shouldn’t single out one pitcher.

As a child my dad always was able to score last minute seats to games Lefty pitched. In the dozen or more I got to witness I never saw the man win a game despite going into the 8th or finishing the game each time. I saw a lot of 2-1 losses in the early 80’s.

Steve ..you know exactly how I feel now and back then. My boys are your age. Lefty and Robin are 2 guys who aren’t but should be in the 300-win club.

What made it worse was Lefty usually had a couple of hits and no one else could do anything to support him. The man was the complete package IMO.

Steve Carlton won 329 games. I would think it was awful difficult to see him pitch a dozen times and not see a win.

Considering he was only a .500 pitcher from 1982 until his release…the time frame I am referring to……not that difficult.

Will he become the Phillies’ latest 20 game LOLSER ?!?

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