Delmon Young Released

Delmon YoungThe Phillies made a low-risk, high-reward move in January when they signed Delmon Young to a one-year, $750,000 contract with awards and performance bonuses.

They released him today when he refused an assignment to Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

Young was designated for assignment Friday when the Phillies decided rightfielder Darin Ruf needed regular playing time as they evaluate their needs entering the offseason. Ruf could be an everyday player in 2014 as he is one of the only right-handed bats in the lineup. He has been productive to this point, hitting .274 with seven doubles, six home runs, 11 RBIs and an .888 OPS in 124 plate appearances.

Young hit .261 with 13 doubles, eight home runs, 31 RBIs and a .699 OPS in 291 plate appearances.

He made about $1.75 million from the Phillies.

“He ended up having a couple different streaks where he swung the bat OK, but he really didn’t do the things we hoped he would do,” said Ruben Amaro Jr., who indicated he would take a shot again with Young. “I’ll say it again. I think at some point he may end up being a much better hitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back next year for somebody and has a much better year. You just don’t know how guys are going to react to certain situations or certain opportunities.”


Some guys don’t realize how good they have it. Millions of people who never got a shot would dream for his talent. Too lazy (or dumb) to do anything about it.

No, I suppose you don’t know how people will react to different circumstances, but you can get a decent idea from past performance, which is laid out in every detail with the amount of stats there are nowadays. Funny thing is, his numbers this year are nearly identical to what he has done for years. So, Ruben’s logic that somehow giving an alleged “lazy man” even more responsibility and expecting better results out of him is certainly lost on me.

If I had my way, Dom Brown would have been in RF and Ruf would have been in LF from the start of the season.

The other logic that was lost on me was sending Ruf back down to triple A to work on his defense in the outfield, while he was already better than Delmon Young in the field, and had the potential to be a better – and more consistent – power bat from the right side of the plate.

Excellent point on Young’s past numbers. A quick glance and he’s more or less producing at his regular rate this year compared to previous years. He hit .267 with 18 HR and a .707 OPS in 574 AB last year and .267,12 HR, .695 OPS in 473 AB the year before.

i am not a big delmon young fan, but i can see his point of view. when you have useless pieces of garbage like, wells, mcdonald and martinez sitting on the bench, i can understand why he would not take being sent down to lehigh valley. i am waiting for amaro to resign john bowker.

I was actually forced to watch John Bowker in a game. Final home game of the 2011 season. He started in right. One of the worst Phillies games I ever attended.

I’m sure it has a lot to do with his ego as well. ALCS MVP last year and now he has to go to Triple A.

why is amaro sabotaging the team with this pathetic bench he has put together. forget about the mendozza line, these clowns are struggling to hit above .150 it seems like amaro does not think it is important to have a player who can pinch hit and come up with a clutch hit once in a while. you can excuse mcdonald, wells, and martinez, they are way over their heads even playing in the big leagues, but kevin frandsen is a different story, when was the last time came off the bench and got a hit.

As if the Phillies problems are limited to the end of the bench.

no but it would be nice if a pinch hitter would actually contribute a base hit once in a while. with this mob they have now it is almost impossible for them to do that.

You mean he STOLE $1.75 Million… The MOST undisciplined hitter we have ever had – and that says a lot, when you consider who been through here. He never saw a pitch he wouldn’t swing at, very few of which he could actually make contact with. Vlad Guererro had a smaller swing zone…

I can’t believe Amaro took such a chance on a guy who is a known anti-Semite. It was never worth the risk to the clubhouse or the number of runs given up by having a lousy right fielder…

smacking some jerk off along side the head at the sheraton at 2am, makes delmon anti semite. i don’t think so. that is like saying if he would have cold cocked some dike that would make him anti=gay..

The Dodgers sign Yasiel Puig. Ruben signs a different Cuban….. or did he? lol That sums up Ruben Amaro right there!

Ruf will do it all in 2014–spring training will bring fire and brimstone from his bat–Eat crow RAJ—Ruf will have you fired–

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