Managers Offer Thoughts on Manuel

Charlie ManuelThe Phillies fired Charlie Manuel today, and managers around baseball offered their thoughts.

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez
“I have a lot of respect for Charlie and the way he handled that situation in Philly. As you well know, it’s not the easiest place to manage. People have a lot of expectations. It’s almost like New York City with a big press (following). I admire him. … Whatever Charlie wants to do, he can do. He’s done a lot of good stuff. Whether he wants to stop managing and go into the front office to help the Phillies or if he wants to get back on the field, I think he can do what he wants.”

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly
“Charlie’s an experienced guy, he’s been through a lot. This is not a good situation. I feel for that part of it.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland
“This comes as a surprise to me. I’m very close to Charlie. I think the world of him. He’s obviously done a great job over there. And it’s just one of those things. That’s just part of our business. It’s too bad but it’s something that happens. Football coaches, baseball managers, we know what that’s all about.”

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire spoke about Manuel here. Asked if he was surprised Manuel got fired with 42 games remaining, Gardenhire added, “I guess yes because there’s so little time left in the season. But no, just listening to Charlie talking in Spring Training. He said he didn’t have a contract next year and didn’t know what was going to happen. Charlie is not one to back away from his stance on anything. If he believes in something, he’s going to stay with it. I know they were trying to play kids but Charlie is going to do it his way.”

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson talked about Ryne Sandberg getting the job on an interim basis. Gibson had the D-Backs job on an interim basis the final three months of the 2010 season before getting the full-time gig.

“If they’re thinking about Sandberg, it’ll help him be better prepared for next year,” Gibson said. “If you’re an interim guy, you’re kind of evaluating and preparing for if you do get the permanent job. Then you can communicate exactly what you see and what you think you should do, things like that. You can be more prepared to implement it. He’ll know the team better. He should know the system pretty good right now. He’s been in the Minor Leagues as well as the Major Leagues. I feel like it helped me. The more games you manage, the more comfort you kind of get.”


Everyone in MLB respects Charlie. Too bad the phanbase is celebrating this…..

Erich, I know nobody who is celebrating this. At least, nobody who is a true Phillies phan anyway.
Amaro is clueless, tone deaf and has no plan. Why is he signing all the older players who succeeded under Charlie, while cutting Charlie loose at a juncture of the season that matters little? Sure, they quit on Charlie, but what else could be expected with the mess that Amaro has assembled at CBP? Now Sandberg is stuck with Ruben’s ill-conceived, depleted roster. If Ruben is trying to deflect, he is way off base. This shines the light more on him than anybody else.

phan52, you are smart to just post here and not post on the article boards. Too many phans were glad to see Charlie go, it made me angry to read so many negative comments. Only an idiot would blame a coach for not winning when he gotta use minor league players and veterans like Durbin and Nix who just flat out sucked. Yet they are out there. I hope they give Ryne a fighting chance when he starts losing more games…..

You are mistaken. Everyone in the Phillies fan base is not celebrating. Not by a long shot. Most of us love Charlie and all he has done for the Phillies. He has earned a lifetime of respect from this fan base. We all know he was a scapegoat on some level. But we also need to give Ryne a fair shot to help this team. Please don’t react as an automatic Philly fan hater. We are mostly far from the stereotype of the few that make the news.

what you did yesterday is not relevant is baseball–not as a manager and not as a player. too bad management hasn’t figured this out yet. No place for yesterday’s stars–neither players nor managers–question needs to be are you tomorrow’s star or not

Not celebrating, Charlie did alot for the Phils. He was a victim of poor moves or lack there of by the front office. They waited too long to start replacing aging stars, there needs to be changes there as well. Sad picture of Charley leaving the ball park but they need to give Sandberg a chance the next 41 games to get his feedback on what the front office needs to do. We all knew they would not extend his contract. Shows the difference between a class organization like the Braves with Bobby Cox who let him go out in style.

Crocodile tears while tearing out the heart. Upper management should have given him 2 more years. Why take Charlie away when next year all of the players who mean the most to the team will be returning and possibly play together for the for the first time in 3 years. Howard, Utley, Rollins, Hamels, Lee, possibly Doc, Ruiz, they are all Charlie’s guys. If that is the plan of management then why take away their leader? This all is confusing, Charlie deserves a chance to give it one more try if the core stays the same.

We’re looking at about 94 losses this year, 101 wins two years ago…did RAJ make a single successful transaction ?

I can’t stand Amaro anymore. But Michael Young has been good. Benny was a great signing, just got injured.

Ruben is a baseball BUM MAGNET. He will find the guy who gets injured or plays like crappfor the Phils.

I give the Phillies credit for letting him get his 1,000th win. He should have been gone a month ago but it took this long to get enough wins. Charlie was good for the club house. But how did the vets that he protected repay him. Quitting, and going on the d.l. everytime they stubbed their toes. He managed the pitchers poorly. Both starters and pen. He tried to stretch the starters too far. Used the same pens guys all the time. Remember Madson, Hamels, Bastardo, with dead arms in Aug. He got most of the players he wanted. RAJ made trades but tell me which one of the prospects that turned out great. Most that made it to the majors are bench players. Thanks Charlie for the memories. The team turned on you and you seem to lack the fire to get them going again. Best of luck!

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