Manuel to Be Replaced

Charlie Manuel, Chase UtleyThe Phillies will announce a managerial change at a news conference this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park, a source confirmed.

Manager Charlie Manuel just won his 1,000th career game as manager Monday in Atlanta, but this season has been a disappointment.

Manuel, 69, also is in the final year of his contract, and it had been expected the Phillies would make a change following the season. It seems the team’s freefall in the National League East standings – the Phillies have lost 19 of their last 23 games – has accelerated that timetable.

A source said the Phillies front office has discussed possible scenarios for a managerial change in recent weeks, although until recently nothing had been decided. The Phillies front office held a conference call in the afternoon to discuss the change.

Phillies third base Ryne Sandberg is most likely to replace Manuel as an interim manager through the end of the season. He has been the heir apparent to Manuel since he joined the coaching staff in the offseason. first reported the change.


Shame on the Phillies if this is true. Manuel should have left on his own schedule.

I agree 110%, and I am a diehard Brave fan. I have always liked Charlie. Good ole Virginia boy. Met him down here in Orlando during spring training. Down to earth guy. Reminds me so much of Bobby Cox.

This move is both stupid and heartless. The end of the season would have been appropriate. This change will mean nothing for the improvement of the team now.

We will miss you Charlie

Excellent move. He wasn’t coming back and he looked completely disinterested and lost on the bench. Good time to see if Ryne if who they want for next year. Charlie will not be missed.

Just horrid……they’re firing the wrong person. Show some respect, Phillies management.

This move may had made some sense in late May or June, but it makes zero sense right now. Let the guy finish the season and move on!

Should have fired the dope who gave Ryan Howard that contract

Manual is taking the blame for Amaro’s failings.

can’t fire the whole team, so fire the manager, not a s mart move, oh well

The timing just seems so disrespectful. Why not let him finish out the season? It’s not going to make a bit of difference now. The only thing I can figure is that they were waiting for him to get his 1,000th win. Just a sad, sad day…

Don’t like this one bit. They should have left Charlie finish out the year. Shame on the Phillies management.

I’m torn about this. (And I love Charlie) One one hand it’s not Charlie’s fault and he should have been given the respect to finish the year. On the other hand, he clearly wasnt returning next year, so it gives Ryno a chance to show what he’s got at the big league level.

So maybe it’s not a terrible decision – they did let him reach 1000 wins.

Sorry, I meant to say
“so it gives Ryno a chance to show what he’s got at the big league level. BEFORE offering him a big contract”

It was time. He reached 1000 wins.They need to see if Sandberg can make a difference. If he cannot, then Ruben will go.

Maybe they just wanted to get Sandberg off third base and this was their way of doing it. They have to lead MLB in players being thrown out at home.
Thanks Charlie, it was a nice run.

Sandberg cant coach 3rd base, for Christ’ sake

personally i don’t care who manages the team, but that pussy amaro should man up for once in his life and stop being a little girly boy. if charlie goes so should amaro. lets face charlie had to play with hand he was dealt. it is not like he was sitting out here in vegas at caesars poker room playing texas hold-um and he could bluff his way to a winning hand. when manuel look down at his bench he did not see manny mota, smokey burgess, or even greg gross sitting there, when he need a hit. it was not charlie who brought us, wells, mcdonald, martinez, schneider, nix, wigginton, bruntlett, qualls, baez etc, no it was the azz hole girly boy amaro.

Manuel was really bad and lost the club house. Great to see him gone. Good Riddence “Cholly”. Now we only need Amaro cut…

half the players that will be playing for the phillies come september 1st played for sandberg last year at lehigh valley last year. if i am not mistaken, i don’t think they made the playoffs, could be wrong. so why does every phillie fan think that ryno will be the next joe mccarthy.

So disrespectful. I don’t buy Ruben’s “wanting to see what Sandberg can do”, before they make a decision about next year. What can he possibley show them, with this team, and only 40 games to go? They brought him up, to be Charlie’s replacement. Everyone knows that! He’ll be the manager,in 2014. At least, to start the season.
What really ticks me off, about today, is they didn’t let the team know, ahead of time! This wasn’t a *morning of* decision. They made the decision three days ago! Not only disrespectful of Charlie, but of the team, too.

I think Ruben promised the job to Ryne when he got him to leave the Cubs organization and manage the Iron Pigs. I don’t know how much of this disasterous season was orchestrated by RAJ in order to get rid of Charlie, but I suspect it would explain the lack of moves that were made during the season: Casper Wells… lol

it goes without saying that RAJ should have been canned as well. That said, letting Charlie go was the correct move. A) it stops him from the embarrassment of the next 40 games B) it says to team that no one is safe and everyone needs to wake up and try C) it lets us see how the (way over the age) core reacts to Sandberg, since for bad (no good) they are back next year and D) says that we are headed in new direction. Firing Charlie was over due–should have been done at end of last year

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