No Runs for Ryno

Ryne SandbergRyne Sandberg knew this would not be easy.

He joined a select group Saturday when the Phillies suffered a 5-0 loss to the Dodgers at Citizens Bank Park. According to Elias Sports Bureau, Sandberg became one of just three managers in baseball history to suffer shutout losses in their first two games as manager.

Miami’s Mike Redmond suffered the same fate as Sandberg to begin this season.

The other?

Louisville’s Jack Chapman in 1876, which was the first year of the National League.


I’m surprised all three weren’t from Philadelphia

i do not think sandberg is right for the job. personally, i would go after LENNY DYKSTRA, he would be perfect to manage these thieves. i don’t know if lenny is still inside or did he get paroled. if he is still doing time maybe management could pull a few strings and get him out of prison on a work release program. nails would not only manage the players but could act as their financial adviser.

I get such a “Francona” vibe with Sandberg….the mid-90’s version! (Shudder)

Sounds like Sandberg is calling out JRoll, and how he responds can go a long way in how Sandberg succeeds. If Jimmy dismisses him and Sandberg ends up with the job long term, maybe JRoll might decide he wants to be elsewhere.

It’s amazing that players on a roster are chosen by how well they do in Spring Training. It more amazing that Ruben will decide whether Ryne will be the manager based on how he does with a roster that couldn’t win 70 games in a full season. I suppose if this is Rubey’s plan for the 2014 season, it all makes sense…….

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