Halladay: Change Is Good

Roy HalladayRoy Halladay made a rehab start last night at Class A Lakewood, but the most interesting thing might have come after the game when he spoke to reporters about the Phillies’ recent managerial change.

The Phillies fired Charlie Manuel on Friday and replaced him with interim manager Ryne Sandberg.

“I’ve exchanged tests with him (Manuel), obviously I loved him, he was great, but from what I’ve seen, Ryne came in and made some changes and addressed some issues that I think were being overlooked,” Halladay said. “From that standpoint, as much as I miss Charlie, I think that Ryne is going to a good job and yeah I think bring back a little more of the Phillies baseball style than we’ve had the last couple years. You know, we really haven’t had that whole team effort and the whole team hustle I think we had in prior years.”

So what exactly needed to be addressed?

“Ah, just different things,” he said. “I mean guys being at places on time, being on the field on time, taking ground balls and taking extra bp and all those little thing that nobody thinks make a difference. I think he (Ryne) has been very good so far, but I don’t want to take anything away from Charlie. We all respected him tremendously and, you know, I think he’s going to have the choice of what he wants to do at this point in his life, so I’m happy for him.”

Interesting. It’s safe to say the chemistry in the clubhouse hasn’t been good for some time. There are some unhappy players in there. Maybe Sandberg will get the players refocused on things that truly matter. And maybe that will make a difference. We’ll see.


A few things that perhaps have been tolerated for too long that the fans or press don’t even know about.

Can those things all add up to making this team a winner on the field?

How about the huge salaries that a lot of these players are making but now delivering stellar performances?

Papelbon criticized the team and then went out and personally ‘blew’ several games on his own.

Has this superstar rotation really delivered all that is should have?

This team doesn’t sound like it was any leaders but just well paid and pampered stars that are looking for someone else to keep the team in line, players should be keeping the small stuff in line by themselves, and do the biggest talking on the field.

While trying to rectify these issues is great and needs to be done the reality is upper managment is not going to allow the benching of “star players” with big contracts for long. The players will win out in this over the manager because of the contracts and money in play. How do you motivate a shortstop who just wants to go through the motions or a 1B who refuses to adapt his approach/swing, etc.? You can’t as long as they make millions and have untradeable contracts! Sandberg will get nothing more than what Charlie got out of this core. Makes the Utley deal stink even more to me because if he is the defacto team leader these comments aren’t exactly a ringing endorsement of his leadership off the field. No manager can change that culture without the full support of upper management and the core leadership of the players themselves.

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Injuries have destroyed this team over the past few seasons. No manager will win with this team until Uncle Rubey figures out how to sign players that don’t miss large chunks of the season……

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