It’s ’90s Night

phanatic nevermind

The Phillies are hosting ’90s night tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

Above is an awesome placard they handed out to fans before the game. They also handed out a John Kruk action figurine, but this is pretty sweet.

Below are the the ’90s themed images they used for the Phillies:

rollins 90s

young 90s

frandsen 90s

utley 90s

brown 90s

ruiz 90s

ruf 90s

mayberry 90s

revere 90s

mcdonald 90s

hamels 90s


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OMG! Chase looks JUST like Mel Gibson! LOL! Love J.Roll’s, and Mayberry’s too. They both have that Will Smith look. 🙂

THANKS FOR SHARING THESE PICTURES,TODD!!!! Incredible! Next year they will have to make a card with the Phanatic floating in space!! Jimmy has those Hollywood-good-looks and charm, if only he looked that good on the field and at-bat in every Phils game…

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