Asche Injures Hammy

Cody Asche left tonight’s game against the Mets in the seventh inning with a mildly strained/cramped right hamstring.

Asche singled to right field when he pulled up lame running to first base.

“On the ball heading to the gap, he put a little extra into the run and felt a little something,” Ryne Sandberg said. “He’s day-to-day, but it felt a lot better. He felt if he would’ve run to first base and then made an out and came back in and would’ve been able to shake it off and sit, it would’ve been fine. Cramp symptoms.”

Sandberg said Asche would not play in tomorrow’s series finale as a precaution. He called Asche day-to-day.

Utility infielder John McDonald replaced him as a pinch-runner.

Asche is hitting .256 (22-for-86) with six doubles, one triple, two home runs and 14 RBIs in 25 games. Since a 1-for-17 start to his big league career, Asche is hitting .304 (21-for-69).


This team just can’t catch a break, this season.

But it sure can catch a strain! (zing)🙂

sitting out here in vegas at the sport room at caesars palace watching the phillies get pounded 6-1 by the mets. what an easy bet this game was, had to lay out the cash on the mets, especially with an .083 hitter in your 8th slot. but that is not what i am sending this post. they have the tiger/a’s game also on and i just watched brandon moss go yard for the 25th time this season and who i will PREDICT will be the american league play of the upcoming week, mark my word. what i find to be hysterical is that your retarded general manager let him go so he could sing JOHN BOWKER. he should be fired for making this move and if not this move how about letting nate scheirholtz walk so he could keep LAYNCE NIX. you talk about being a retarded mother flooker, now you know why you will loose 90 games this season.

Cmon doc… Bowker is TEARING IT UP in Japan!

Fun stat: Phillies attendance is down 410k people this year.

should have taken amaro with him

But still higher than the Braves.

doc, there are a plethora of other reasons that Amaro should be fired for…..

I’m starting to think that the Phils training staff are doing something wrong with they way the condition the players or how much they have the players doing stretching exercises or whatever. These nagging, recurrent, season-ending, debilitating injuries have to be rooted in the players’ conditioning programs. It could be partly due to the breakdown of aging players, but Asche is not old.

I agree! In fact, I’ve been saying it for several seasons. Same with the Eagles.

Norma, I thought the Phils syarted to fall apart after their two trips to the WS. Those consecutive years of 7 months of baseball gave their bodies no time to heal and rest up for the following seasons. I think that’s where it all started.

You’re right about those 7 months of baseball, Erich. Even a few of the players admitted it took a toll.

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