The Future Unknown to Sandberg

Not too many people know what the future holds for Phillies interim manager Ryne Sandberg, but at the moment the smart bet is he will be in the dugout managing the Phillies in 2014.

He has been impressive through 12 games, although much can change.

Asked today at Citi Field if Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. provided him a timetable for a decision about his future, Sandberg said, “No, he didn’t talk about that. Nope. He told me … I’d be named interim manager and we were both on the same page. I might’ve had as much input or more to say than he did as far as these are meaningful games for evaluation of the players and all that. Fairly easy conversation but it was left at that.”

My gut simply tells me Sandberg is the guy. He has made some changes in the clubhouse. He has handled the games well. Everybody seems to be responding to him appropriately. I’ve got to think if that continues the job is his.


Seeing as he was pretty much brought up to replace Charlie, I can’t see anyone else managing next year, either. Who else is even available?

Doesn’t the answer to this question really depend on Ruin’s successor?

since they signed utley for a couple more years, i guess that means they will pass on robinson cano when he becomes a free agent after the end of the season.

Jimmie doesn’t seem to be responding to Sandberg. Maybe it is time to let him go?

I don’t know how you can judge an interim manager based on how he handles a roster that a veteran manager couldn’t get to win games. This is not a fair test of managing ability, unless we assume that idiot Amaro will have this same roster for opening day 2014……..

I think Ruben is just trying to make it look like he’s putting Ryne through an audition for next year’s job. I’ll bet he promised the job to Ryne back when he got him to leave the Cubs organization. Right now he is the front-runner and looks good. I just don’t see him having a closed-door meeting where he cusses out all the players for their lackadaisical play. Hopefully, with his management style, it’ll never come down to having to do something like that to light a fire under these guys….

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