Utley Writes Back Mac

Chase Utley finally answered Mac’s letter from It’s Always Sunny.

I spoke to Rob McElhenney in 2010 about the love letter to Utley and more.


Pretty funny – and sunny.

Priceless!!! 🙂

I turned on the game, saw that Michael Martinez was playing CF and turned it right off. I refuse to watch a game with that stiff in the lineup. What an insult to the fans.

He struck out twice AND hit into a double play BUT he also got a clutch two out single to drive in a run and he went all thee way to thirdbase on the throw to the plate, then Chase knocked him in. MiniMart helped the Phils get 2 of their 6 runs last night. John Mayberry is the one you should turn off when he bats. He has such an ugly swing. I can’t remember the last time I saw a hitter look like he was consciously trying to cue the ball off the end of his bat. I don’t know what Joyner and Henderson are doing to him but he has reached the lowest level I’ve ever seen him since he has been a mainstay on the team. He is totally lost at the plate…..

So, did Martinez put himself on the Phillies roster or insert himself into the lineup or what?

TODD, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!!!! I wish you all the happiness and joy marriage can bring. I’ve been married to my wife for 23 years and love her as much today as when I proposed to her almost 24 years ago.

So many of think of you as family and we are all happy for you beyond words.

PS You looked great on TV last night :o)

Absolutely loved the letter, especially the stickers! I’d also like to add my congratulations on your engagement! That’s wonderful!

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