Abreu Unlikely for Phillies

jose abreuThe Phillies need a few right-handed hitters with pop next season.

If you look at the projected Opening Day lineup you see many of the names you see today: Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Domonic Brown, Ben Revere and Cody Asche. That’s five left-handed hitters. You also have Jimmy Rollins, who is stronger from the left side of the plate. That has had a few people wondering if the Phillies could take a run at Cuban slugger Jose Dariel Abreu.

But one source said yesterday it doesn’t seem to be a fit because Abreu is a hulking first baseman and is not a candidate to play the outfield.

In other words, Ryan Howard is in his way. He has three years and $85 million remaining on his contract.

But so is Darin Ruf and Maikel Franco. Ruf has pop and can play first base. Franco is the organization’s top hitting prospect. He came up as a third baseman, but the Phillies are trying him at first base to give them more options. If Franco becomes what the Phillies project him to be they already have a right-handed first baseman with pop. And at a whole lot less money.


Does Franco just hit lefty, or does he also throw righty? Why move a righty to 1b if so?

I just looked it up: bats right/throws right. Does not sound like a big league 3 to me.

I don’t understand why the Phils are discounting Darin Ruf… he’s got 20-30 HR power… he’s a RH power bat. (that the Phils say they covet)… he’s cheap… he has the highest OPS on the Phils, (that’s right, look it up), and is actually a hitter who traditionally takes walks and gets on base (remember guys… the lament earlier this year about how the Phils don’t walk and take pitches?!!) Check out Ruf’s career OBP numbers… .380 in the minors and .353 in the bigs. Ruf’s D is middling, no doubt… but haven’t the Phillies won their 2 championships with Bull and Burrell in LF?!! And look at the FA market… Nelson Cruz??? He’s a juicer and a middling defender. What the Phils should do is move Brown to RF… and install Ruf in left. It’s the only realistic scenario. Spend their money on SP and a couple relievers.

Agree with you too. Read my reply to Phan52 below.

Couldn’t agree more with Terry Harmon!

One of the bigger complaints about Ryan Howard is his K rate. If that bothers you, I suggest that you don’t look up Ruf’s K rate.

So you are a Howard fan now?

I’ve always been a Ryan Howard fan. People have short memories around here because the guy’s been playing hurt for over two years. I’m hoping he gets healthy this offseason because a healthy Ryan Howard is definitely a better option at 1B than Darin Ruf.

I understand Ruf’s K’s too much… I understand – as an OF – he’s not a perfect player. But he does have some great attributes that work for this team (high OBP, OPS, RH plus power, and a small pricetag). I put it to you, “Phan52”, I’m keeping an open mind… who would you rather see in left or right next year?

Terry, I would have to see what is available before I decided who I “want” for the OF. The problem is that none of the current options are very good defensively and Revere doesn’t make up for their shortcomings like Victorino did in his prime. Brown is a lock obviously and I would play him in RF because he has a decent arm. But now I expect Cesar Hernandez to be a challenge to Revere in CF. The Revere trade could have been a mistake. If a guy is going to be that type of player offensively he better be a star defensively, and Revere is not, particularly in CF. He makes highlight reel catches because he has difficulty tracking balls and makes up for it sometimes with his speed. If you recall, he was a RFer in Minnesota. However it works out, they are lacking a RH bat in the OF right now and, in the end, I would be surprised to see Ruf out there every day. He is just not an OFer.

You know who else isn’t an outfielder? Pete Incaviglia. Another? Adam Dunn. How about just a poor fielder no matter where he is? Mark Reynolds. What do they all have in common? Power hitters who carved out careers for themselves in the major leagues because of their bat. (Yes, Inky was only in the field-platooned-for the Phils, and how’d that turn out for them in ’93?) So, Ruf is high strikeout, high OBP (lots of walks), maybe a .260 type hitter who can (projecting) hit for 30-35 HR if given a chance to play 145-155 games as a starter. Sounds like Adam Dunn, huh? I say give him that chance in LF next year and have a backup solution ready if it doesn’t work out. (Asche in left, and if Franco is raking in AAA, bring him up to play third. And yes, Asche won’t solve the defense problem, I’m just trying to play armchair GM.)

jason Werth, but not for the amount of $$ he’s stealing from the Nats

I thought RAJ dug up Bobby when I read the headline………I am sure we could lock him up at $15m/3yr deal or something. LMAO

There is a resemblance, Steve! LOL!

Shhhh! Ruin thinks it is Bobby.

Ok… “phan52” you wanted free agent RH corner outfield options… I got em… Michael Morse, 32 year old who had a blip a few years ago but hasn’t hit much lately, Marlon Byrd, coming off career year and 37, Nelson Cruz, 33 and a juicer, Hunter Pence – I’d take him in a heartbeat but news reports say he’s going to re-sign in Frisco, Corey Hart (interesting option – but missed a full year and is coming back from major knee surgery). What I’m saying is, the risk vs. the reward on these players is great, given you’ll have to give years and 10’s of millions to each. While Ruf gives you similar or even great production, and is a fraction of the cost. He’s gonna be 27 y.o. next year… which history dictates are usually the beginning of the “salad” years for hitters… so why not give him a shot? And pls… don’t say Giancarlo Stanton trade bait… the Fish don’t want to move him. (but, hey… Rabbi Delmon Young’ll be available?!)

More fuel to the fire… right now in about 253 abs… among regulars – Ruf has the Phils highest OBP, OPS, and is only second in slugging pct to Domonic Brown. If Ruf is such a defensive liability… you could always go out and sign or trade for a defensive minded 4th OF to spell him in late innings… And that would be a huge cost savings over spending millions on a guy who comes with question marks. If it’s one thing RAJ has taught you, long term deals with players in their 30’s, seldom works. It’s time to build from within with guys like Asche, Ruf, Franco and the young bullpen arms.

btw… Ruf has 253 plate appearances, not ABs.

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