Asche Favorite for Opening Day Job

Cody AscheEverybody knew for weeks Ryne Sandberg eventually would be named Phillies manager.

Cody Asche is a similar favorite to be the team’s Opening Day third baseman in 2014.

“The leader, for me,” Sandberg said before tonight’s series finale against the Marlins at Marlins Park. “He’s the leading candidate right now. He’s proven he can play third base, if in fact that’s the spot that’s there. He’s proven defensively he can play third base. And I think his bat has played. He’s shown a good steady bat. I think down the stretch it’s turned into a little bit of a long season for him possibly. I understand that. But the work ethic and the quality swing for a young guy like that is pretty good.”

Asche is hitting .248 with eight doubles, one triple, five home runs, 22 RBIs and a .735 OPS in 166 plate appearances. He started his career 1-for-17 and currently is in a 1-for-18 slump, which Sandberg attributes to a long season for Asche, who has played 149 games after not playing more than 130 in a season in the past.

In between, he has impressed the front office, coaching staff and teammates.

“I’ve been impressed,” Sandberg said. “I think he’s really settled into the Major League atmosphere and this level. I think he’s over that part of it. He doesn’t seem to be in any awe of the Major League atmosphere. And that’s another thing that’s good about this team he’s spent here. And really with a lot of the guys. That’s a big thing, getting a taste of this.”

So will Sandberg tell Asche he is the favorite for the job when they have their season’s end exit interview?

“I’d say come in and be ready to win a job,” Sandberg said. “You’ve shown you can play here. You’ve shown you can play at this level. Come in and be ready to take the job. I might say that to 25 or 35 guys in the locker room. They might all get the same message. He’ll be one of the guys to hear that.”


Gonna have to beat out MM in the spring………

amaro just LOVES martinez if you know what i am saying, so michele will be on the team no matter what.

if he is the best we have, it will be 2013 all over again, trust me.

I have always liked Asche’s swing. I kind of agree that the long season is taking its toll on him. So I thought the Phils would put him at thirdbase from opening day 2014.

I’m more curious what the Phils will do with Cesar Hernandez.

3B for 2014 should be the least of our concerns…….

Ouch. BP at the Ted tonite.

The Cloyd experiment is thankfully over………..

Here’s the funny thing: If the Phils can somehow get Cliff enough runs to win tonight, the Braves will be the most over-confident team going into the postseason after they steamroll the Phils in the last two joke games left in the season.

So much for the 2 runs he needed to win. At least they are 100% predictable at this stage. No surprise wins coming out of this group of weary ball players….

I’m OK with Asche but I swear that someone has to teach that bot how to throw on the run. He fires almost everything into the ground or way off target. He’s got a great arm when his feet are set, but he launches the ball to God-knows-where whenever he throws on the run coming in to make a play. Fix that and he’ll be fine on defense., an up-grade from Michael Young.

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