Phillies Need A Big Bat, Too

Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Roy HalladayIf you’ve been reading anything about the Phillies lately, you know Ryne Sandberg believes starting pitching is a top priority this offseason.

Four of the team’s final six games will be started by Zach Miner, Tyler Cloyd and Ethan Martin. The rotation enters its final two games of the season 25th in baseball with a 4.38 ERA, and 29th since the All-Star break with a 5.24 ERA. And if you remove Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee from the equation, every other Phillies starter this season has a combined 5.36 ERA. Clearly, the Phillies need to do something to upgrade the rotation, including improving depth.

But let’s not forget about the offense. It is enters these final two games tied for 27th in baseball, averaging 3.75 runs per game. The Phillies also are 25th in on-base percentage (.306) and 21st in slugging percentage (.384).

Lee certainly wouldn’t mind the Phillies adding a bat in the offseason.

“Yeah, no doubt,” he said. “Why wouldn’t I? I think we all would. I think it’s been a big part of our struggles, lack of scoring runs. But we’ve also had games where we’ve scored a bunch of runs and screwed up on the mound. It takes a total package. You’ve got to pitch, you’ve got to hit, you’ve got to play defense and you’ve got to have a good bullpen. If you don’t have all of those, you’re not going to win consistently. That’s Ruben’s and those guys job to figure it out and make it happen. And it’s our job to go out there and execute and make it happen.”

It takes a total package, and that is where Ruben Amaro Jr. comes in. He’s got a ton of work to do. He needs to find a big bat to help the offense. He needs an arm or two to fill out the rotation. And he needs a couple arms to fortify the bullpen. Otherwise, the offseason should be pretty easy.

Good luck.


The good news is that Ruben will be able to keep MM, maybe even have him on the opening day roster. ;o(….

The Phils need a Big RH bat? Where have I heard that before? Can we trust the same clown who got it wrong last year to get it right this year? Maybe because he has tied his “legacy” to Ryne’s, RAJr will have to give him what he wants: At least one decent starter and a big RH bat, probably to play right field, unless they decide to move Dom back to right field this spring. Ruf looks too lost at the plate these days to count on him over a whole season. Cesar will have nowhere to play once Benny comes back. Too many questions surrounding Cesar. Isn’t he the sam kind of hitter that Benny is at best? Why are the Phils having Cesar play left field somewhere this offseason? Is he replacing Dom or is Amaro going to force Ryne to platoon him and Ruf? Can the Phils hold on to Cesar for 2-3 more years until Chase’s contract is finished and he can play 2nd base or should he be trade bait for the starting pitching or big bat that the Phils need now?

Rube has a lot of work to do and unfortunately, I’ve no confidence in his ability to get it done – as witnessed by the team’s regression EVERY YEAR since he has taken over as GM. They’ve jettisoned a ton of productive bats, over-paid players already on the roster to stay and generally overpaid for really no reason. We’re a big market team and recently won a Series, why are they overpaying as if we’re the Mariners and begging someone to come here?

Rube’ll never get it done and next season is going to be just miserable and loaded with “if Utley & Howard can stay healthy,” “if Jimmy can revert to form,” etc. Same excuses for years now…let alone the fact that dumb@ss Michael Martinez and Mayberry are still on the team when they’d not even be on other’s rosters…oh and the fact that you CANNOT have a lineup with both Cesar and Ben playing at the same time.


that kid MOSS just hit his 30th home run today for oakland, amaro did not think he was good enough to play for the phillies. and how about good old hunter pence, he just got 90 million by the giants. another player who was not good enough for rubin.

If the Phillies paid Pence 90 million, or anywhere close to that, that would lump him into the same boat as Howard. Way overpaid for the return on the field.

Agreed…Pence is a great clubhouse guy…but $90 million? WE have more than enough big contracts NOT producing already thank you very little. That is why we aren’t winning games…the ONLY reason. Howard, Rollins, Doc, Papelbon…Hamels!

If those guys produce like they are paid…we are still playing this week…that’s a fact!

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