Dubee Out As Pitching Coach

Roy Halladay, Rich DubeeRich Dubee will not be back as Phillies pitching coach next season.

The Phillies announced this morning they will not renew his contract. Dubee had been pitching coach nine seasons, which is tied with Cy Perkins (1946-54) and Ray Rippelmeyer (1970-78) for the longest run in that position in franchise history.

The Phillies could make more coaching staff changes, although they said those announcements could come at a later date.

“Rich was a big part of a wonderful era here and in his nine years he served our organization very well,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. “We believe it is time for change as we move forward. We thank Rich for his professionalism and contribution to the Phillies.”

Dubee’s fate seemed set the moment the organization fired Charlie Manuel on Aug. 16. He knows how the business works, and he probably figured new manager Ryne Sandberg wanted his own man in that spot.

“I’ve been fired [in the past],” Dubee said last month. “Life goes on, unfortunately. You don’t like to see it, but it’s been a heck of a run. Between watching Doc [Roy Halladay] pitch in a playoff game and Jamie Moyer win a World Series, 102 wins [in 2011] — there are a lot of highlights that Charlie’s had here that are very special, and we’ve spent them together. Those are special moments.”

Asked then about his future, he said, “I want to be in the big leagues, that’s for sure. I’d like to coach a few more years in the big leagues. I didn’t think I’d be here for eight-plus, so you never know what’s going to happen.”

The Phillies and Mets tied for sixth in the National League with a 4.06 ERA during Dubee’s nine-year run. He has worked with Cy Young winners, All-Stars, journeymen and no-namers.

“If you look at the players we’ve had pitching-wise, if we got them from somebody, how they were doing before they got here and how they pitched here,” Dubee said. “If we had them, how they pitched here and how they pitched when they went somewhere else, I think I’ve had a pretty good run of helping guys be successful. Part of that is having good talent. I’ve been very fortunate to have good talent, young and old.”


Please let Juan Samuel (AKA Pete Townsend) go too.

Does he EVER not send the runner from 3rd?

Every day we get closer to Amaro being canned (probably will take a year +) that’s when I’ll start to have faith that this organization might be headed in the right direction. Amaro and his scouts have done a miserable job, total failure. This years roster had maybe 12-15 real live “major league” players. That’s neither Manual’s or Dubee’s doing, they had to work with the drek Amaro gave them. Good luck with tat Ryne.

I agree with you 100%. Until there is a change at GM, this team will continue to flounder. The Phillies need a modern voice to lead them internally.

I think Rube knows his job’s on the line, if the team doesn’t do better in ’14. I’m thinking, rebuilding, next season. Post-season, in ’15. It’s frustrating, because we’ve been so spoiled the last six year. Patience is a virtue. Or so they say.

Thanks, Dubee! You’ll be missed!

Larry Bowa back as 3rd Base or Bench Coach, the next move??

go out and get Jamie Moyer as the pitching coach–in games like yesterday, he can also throw an inning or 2

To those who want Jamie Moyer as our pitching coach.
Some pretty good reasons why it will never happen…….


i guess it is time to play THE BLAME GAME. i assume that if the phillies would have had a different pitching coach they would have won 89 games instead of losing 89. i am not sticking up for dubee, i could care less about him, but wasn’t he the coach in 2008?. amaro is looking to pass the blame on everybody but HIMSELF. he is the real reason the team sucks and will be even worse next season. the team needs to clean house starting with AMARO.

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I didn’t see this coming. I guess Sandberg has his own guy in mind. Sucks though … I thought Dubee did very well with whatever talent was given him.

Dubee sucks. He doesn’t know how to handle young talent. He’d rather hang with Doc and other veterans and make excuses for them.

being fair, both Worley and Happ did great under Dubee and nothing once traded. On the other hand, he’s had tons of young pitchers to coach, and except the two traded away, none have done anything special under him. KK credits Doc for helping him become a decent 5th starter/long man, and not dubee (yes, he’s a decent 5th guy, problem is we want him to be a 3rd starter). I think that canning him is just another move away from Charlie’s laid back atmosphere and towards Ryan’s more intense club house

Dubee was horrible…..and to say he developed Worley is a joke. Dubee took over 6 weeks to guess that maybe Worley was tipping his pitches! 6 weeks! I guess there was no break-down of tape of performances to analyze any reasons for his difficulties.

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