Fall Cleaning: Mini-Mart, Orr, Miner and Robles Outrighted

Ruben Amaro Jr. said one of the front office’s first orders of business this offseason is cleaning up the 40-man roster.

“We have some guys who will not be on our roster shortly after the season,” he said. “We have some guys who were placeholders in some regards. We have to clean up our roster and make some decisions about who may be helping us in 2014 and beyond.”

Today the Phillies announced they had outrighted four players from the 40-man: infielders Michael Martinez and Pete Orr; right-hander Zach Miner and left-hander Mauricio Robles. Martinez has a .495 OPS in 396 career plate appearances, which is the 29th lowest OPS out of 4,549 non-pitchers with 350 or more plate appearances since 1900.

Orr had four hits in 20 at-bats this season. Miner went 0-2 with a 4.40 ERA in 16 appearances. He started three games the final month of the season when Kyle Kendrick suffered a shoulder injury. Robles allowed one earned run in 4 2/3 innings in three appearances.

Yesterday the Indians claimed right-hander Tyler Cloyd off waivers. The Astros claimed left-hander Raul Valdes.


Finally we are rid of the worst bench player in MLB (Mini-Mart).

Now Amaro needs to do something with Mayberry. He is the prototypical AAAA player. I’m OK with him being our 5th outfielder, but that’s about it.

The bench needs a complete overhaul.

Finally no more Mini Mart! About time!

Some one will pick up Orr. He did well for us over the years as someone who can field, run and hit a little. But strangely we are crowded in the infield.
Martinez – bye bye.
Miner and Roebles – don’t know about those.

How the F is John Mayberry not off the roster??????????????? Better yet, how was he ever on anyones roster. The biggest joke in the world and even more a joke the Phillies didn’t give a young guy a shot over that gaping hole in the lineup. I’ll never get their infatuation with him. I’m a better hitter than him.

He had a great 2011 – I guess they’re still holding out hope, though I’m not entirely sure why at this point. I’d have to look his contract up – maybe they’re hoping to trade him or something.

This should make docvegas happy.

it sure does, now if we only get rid of COBURN. wait a minute, i think i have the wrong sport and team.

A season w/ no mini-mart? Rube has gone too far and I am giving up my season tix😦

Too late, Ruben. Michael Martinez will always be your legacy player.

kind of surprised with robles getting the boot, he pitched well at lehigh valley and only gave up one run with the phillies in like 5 innings.

Kyle Kendrick is an experiment gone bad. It is time for the Phillies to rid themselves of his contract. Say bye bye Kyle.(I hope)

Who would you pay for the same money to do a better job? The going rate for pitchers like Kyle seems to be around $8-9 million/year.

How about someone from our farm system? Or a FA that falls into that $ salary? Kendrick is too unpredictable. He occasionally throws a good game but more offer can’t get passed the 6th inning.

So Miner and Orr will be FA’s, also mart. Is Robles a Fa or will he go to to AAA

Mini Mart must have been given a job in the organization by now……director of talent evaluation in the scouting department? No one better for the job….

Mickey Mart was a cartoon character in the real world, unfortunately for us. Thankfully, he’s outta here.

It really doesn’t matter who goes and who comes when Ruin is the guy making the decisions. Ruin will simply continue to rearrange the deck chairs. Five straight years of regression and counting.

i noticed that casper wells was not cut loose, what is up with that. does he have some hidden talents that does not show up in the box scores.

a new pair of eyes…..

Casper has disappeared off the 40-man roster..

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