Billmeyer Won’t Be Back

billmeyerThe Phillies announced today that long-time coach Mick Billmeyer will not be back next season.

Billmeyer might not have been the most high-profile coach on the big-league staff, but his presence loomed large in the clubhouse. Earlier this week, the Phillies announced pitching coach Rich Dubee will not return. It could lead to bullpen coach Rod Nichols being promoted to pitching coach, or the Phillies could go outside the organization to fill the spot.

Billmeyer joined the organization in 2000 as the Minor League catching coordinator before he joined former manager Larry Bowa’s staff as catching instructor in 2004. He served that role five seasons before he became bullpen coach in 2009. He held that position four seasons before the Phillies moved him into the dugout as catching coach this year.

Billmeyer, 49, was one of the most well-liked people in the clubhouse and organization because of his high-energy personality, positivity and sense of humor. It actually is why the Phillies moved him into the dugout this season.

Besides his regular duties, he simply had a knack for knowing when to keep things loose in the clubhouse. The Astros swept the Phillies in a four-game series at Citizens Bank Park in Aug. 2010 to drop them three games out of first place in the National League East. The Phillies then flew to San Diego to open a seven-game road trip. Billmeyer, sensing the team was down and tight, had players rolling on the ground before the series opener at PETCO Park, impersonating pitchers’ mannerisms on the mound.

The Phillies swept the series and finished the season 27-8.

Sure, it might have been coincidental, but he frequently brought levity to the clubhouse when it needed it.

Manager Ryne Sandberg must fill the coaching spots vacated by Dubee, Billmeyer and himself. He had been third base coach before the Phillies fired Charlie Manuel in August.


A house cleaning is needed starting with Amaro.

WOW; this is major shit. first dubee and now mick billmeyer, who is next, maybe the right field ball girl. lmfao

It should be a barrel of laughs next year. Some HOFers should just be that. Not try to bulldog their way into managing.

This comment doesn’t make any sense.

And rearrangement of the deckchairs by Captain Ruin continues. Or should that read continuing “derangement” of the deckchairs?

makes sense, he’ll have his own picthcing coach, bench coach and 3B coach. Everythig else is just window dressing

It seems Ryne is serious about getting Bowa as a bench coach. It would be interesting if it happened.

Love to have LB as the bench coach! Wow RA is really shaking things up. Tale of two cities compare Pirates total payroll vs the Phillies! Your doing great RA. Depending on Howard being healthy and productive check his stats over the past several years. Have a greater chance winning the power ball than Howard hitting an 0-2 down and away slider.

that was a good post.

No problem with Bowa being back on board. He will most assuredly say things on occasion that will stir the pot, but there’s nothing wrong with that. First thing, light a fire under JRoll’s butt.

Larry Bowa? Really? I am not exactly sure to which point in the past Ruin McFly is attempting to return to with this one.

Does anybody have any history on the “Bench Coach” position? Where did it start? When did the game get so complicated that one man can’t handle the on-field activities? It seems pointless to me.

I am stumped by Assistant Hitting Coach…when did this become football?

I think the role varies from team to team (indeed some teams don’t even have one). Typically, they are the manager’s right-hand guy (they’ll take over when the manager is ejected for example) and can do a combination of personnel management and statistical analysis. IE – the other guys just brought in a reliever who XYZ guy on our bench kills so we might want to think about pinch hitting here. Or more generically, we need to pinch hit this inning – given the guy they have pitching who should we use?

Hum RAJ< Bill Giles, David Montgomery, three heads but not one brain for baseball talent evaluations or operations.

The turnaround of this team will only begin when Ruben Amaro, Jr. is no longer drawing a paycheck from the club.

Until then, I’ll be buying my tickets on StubHub from the suckers paying full price from the Phillies.

Ruben was on the radio this morning talking about the roster and his ideas for the outfield are ridiculous. But he did say that Howard should be accountable against lefthanders and that, if he continues to flounder, they should hit for him against lefties, and that Mikel Franco should be in the mix at 3B. Franco should be the star of the next generation of Phillies.

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