Pitching Coach Search Continues …

While the Red Sox and Cardinals play in the World Series, the Phillies continue their search for a pitching coach to replace Rich Dubee.

Bryan Price had been atop their list, but the Reds recently named him manager. The Phillies have interviewed at least five candidates: Phillies bullpen coach Rod Nichols, Marlins bullpen coach Reid Cornelius, Pirates special assistant to the general manager Jim Benedict, Triple-A Lehigh Valley pitching coach Ray Burris and Neil Allen, who is the pitching coach for Tampa Bay’s Triple-A affiliate.

“We’re still talking to people,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “We’re doing our due diligence.”

Amaro said they still could interview others candidates.

Sources earlier this week told MLB.com the Phillies could make contact with Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell. He has been invited to return to Atlanta next season, but he has not signed his contract. It is expected to arrive before the end of the month, but once his agreement for 2013 ends the Phillies can contact him.


One name that no one has even thought of or considered. Jaime Moyer……he made the most of very limited ball speed and if he could make major leaguers look stupid and get them out with stuff that little leaguers throw then he could teach our staff ALOT. . He absolutely could teach Roy Halladay how to get batters out with his failing arm strength. I always thought Halladay, Hamels needed to be taught another pitch……none of them throw the slider and neither of them are winning more than 15 games……Not the makeup of a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PITCHING STAFF. Amaro needs advice, nearly ALL of his decisions have turned SOUR.

Greg, I don’t think Cole can throw a slider. I read somewhere that because of breaking his hand, he can’t grip the ball properly for a slider, but it is also why he has a lights-out change up :o)

Yeah! Jamie Moyer. And maybe he can impart to pitchers how he got umpires to expand the strike zone six inches in all directions while he is at it.

He has said in interviews that he currently has no interest in coaching. But I do agree he would be a great fit.

If Cole Hamels has a limited pitching arsenal because of injuries or insuffiicent capability along with having never won more than 15 games in his entire carreer, then he and his high priced salary for never winning 20 games has to be traded. one WS ring does not make a pitcher a winner. Winning 20 games a season and being in important games NOW makes a remembered winner. Nobody remembers 15 game winners. Batters have caught up to Hamels since he last was a WS MVP, just like pitchers have put Ryan Howard in little league status. Last year was an indication of his delcline and if Amaro does not see this, Then he needs more than an analyst for help. The Team needs consistent winners.

You’re full of it. Basing a pitcher’s worth entirely on how many wins he has is fundamentally flawed.

Clueless, Greg N.

Hamels pitched this year like he had a losing record. Wait……he did.

Greg you sound like the guy Ruben Amaro is looking for to replace Dubee as pitching coach. You’re a genius in the image of RAJ….

Amaro needs ALL THE HELP he can get! Every time he offers a player a contract, he outbids himself–what is that all about?

How about Mitchie-poo? :oP

Is Larry Anderson a consideration? Get him out of the radio booth where he and Scott Franski think they are comedians. A little spontaneous humor is fine but their give and take is somewhat contrived!

Today’s WS game was decided on two umpire calls , IMO. The so-called HBP that Beltran was rewarded with for sticking his elbow pad into the high, inside pitch and that ridiculous interference call that gave the Cards the winning run. This has been a very ugly WS so far. First two games were won on errors made by the other team and yesterday’s game was decided by the umpires.

Erich, it was obstruction. No question. Excellent call. Although I agree that poor defense has been a big factor in these games. Bad decisions and worse execution. And Wong getting picked off in the ninth last night was probably the most egregious brain fart of the WS so far. Can’t let that happen with Beltran at bat and Holiday on deck.

Yeah. I knew that Jim Joyce had made the correct decision, but it was a ridiculous situation caused by a gimpy Craig who slid into third on a bad left foot instead of head first, therefore, finding himself on the secondbase side of the bag in the first place. He then didn’t go for a line between the throw from foul territory and homeplate, but ran straight toward home, forcing him to have to jump over Middlebrooks to begin with. He trips with his left foot, not the right foot that was on the side that Middlebrooks lifted his legs, which by the way was done to give Craig a line to run inside, toward homeplate. Of course the call had to be what it was, but Jeez, it sucks when a lousy base runner gets rewarded like that. They never considered how slow Craig was running with that severely injured left foot. Still, with plays like that, Salty is 0-2 as starting catcher for the Redsox and Ross is now 3-0 as the starting catcher. Farrell needs to bench the Salty dawg….

Errors are part of the game. The obstruction call was the right call. That’s Baseball! this game showed the inexperience of John Farrell managing with national league rules–which is inexcusable.

What did he do that showed he can’t manage a team in the NL?

I came by to mention that Farrell is now one win away from a WSC. That game he lost should have been won by the Cards by a lot more than a run, but they blew chance after chance to keep the game close. Farrell did fine in the next two games, winning two against the team with the best home record in baseball. Not bad for an AL manager, huh?

LA & Franzke are priceless. They are the next generation HK and Whitey.

Comparing HK and Whitey to Franski and LA would be incorrect. Harry and Whitey were genuine friends in the booth and out of the booth. Franski commented about the “shtick” he and La do in the booth. I enjoy Jim Jackson’s play by play and would like to hear more often.

More T-Mac, Wheels, Sarge and Murph! Oh and I would like to smash my head against a brick wall please!

Did I say more of T-Mac–I am hoping his air time is reduced. He does every game even pre-season all nine innings–please give him a 3 inning break for every game. Wheels knows more baseball then most managers and coaches. Sarge is a nice change of pace. Murph is excellent doing what he is asked to do. So, please find that brick wall!!

Sarge is unlistenable; I can’t believe he still has a job. And Wheels acts like he is talking to baseball novices and talks down to listeners. People who watch baseball on TV (and pay attention; not those who have it on as background noise) or listen to it on the radio are not novices. They know what is going on.

Agree 100%

Agreed on Sarge. I still don’t know what “Cadillac Time” is but every time he says it I want to push a No. 2 pencil into my ear. I like Wheels. After watching a bunch of non-Phils games via MLB network the past 2 seasons I appreciate the fact that he actually does analysis on the game. Most commentators outside of the postseason guys don’t do that. However – I don’t think he’s a good play-by-play guy.

I also can’t tell if Carole is trolling or not….

Wheels USED to be interesting to listen to, but now he is just a blowhard. He could just say a thing or two and he would be fine, but he always goes too far and comes off like a snob IMO. Sarge is a guy I don’t get at all. He is a terrible color guy and brings nothing to the broadcast except silly hats and a stupid tag line. I also will always think of him as a Cub more than a Phillie, so it’s not like having a Phillie icon in the booth. All in all the TV crew is like a bunch of old women sitting in a room wasting oxygen. I miss Andy Musser! Seriously I loathed him back in the day, but the truth is he was 1000x better than this crew.

Could be worse. We could be subjected to The Hawk all season long.

You Wheels haters are sooooo insecure–you cannot believe he has forgotten more then you will ever know. Maybe you ought to try listening to his comments–you will learn a thing or two–which obviously you need to do. He is also excellent as a play by play commentator. He can handle both sides of the booth without a problem. As I said before, Sarge is a nice change of pace guy. If you actually listen to him, you will see he is extremely fair with his comments showing no partiality. You miss Andy Musser–“back in the day”—talk about old women — just look in the mirror!!!

Yeah, Wheels is a great play-by-play man. Just ask him. This is a guy who tried to get Harry Kalas fired back in the day. Wheels is a pompous a-hole.

Carole, you’re wasting your time trying to convince most phans of the value of the Phils TV broadcasting guys. I would love to listen to any local broadcast of the Phils games. I don’t give a crappe how bad they are. Most local phans seem to dislike everyone, though.

You amuse me….please go on…….

Referring to the game decided on the obstruction call for a second. If you throw the ball into LF with a runner on 3rd base, no matter how slow the runner, or how bad a baserunner he is, you deserve to loose. As I read somewhere, the WS ended Cards 1, BoSox 1, and Big Papi 3

Here we go again “back in the day” famous phrase of the aging. You keep going “back in the day” and the rest of the world will move on to a better life.

Sure Carole, let’s go forward with Wheels and Sarge. Yeah, that’s better. I’ll just watch with the sound down or the radio synched, thank you.

Stay off my lawn!

I guess you are interested in listening to two “want to be” comedians. As Franski has said “that is our schtick”.

I don’t believe that word means what you think it means…

I don’t think you know what that word means!!!

You know it’s going to a looooooooong offseaon when posters are attacking each other over the broadcast crew’s ability to do their job……

Well, nothing much else to comment on until Ruben makes his next unfathomable move.

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