Is This the 2014 Phillies Lineup?

Ruiz Hits Record HeatI wrote about this yesterday, but I thought it’d make a good discussion here.

The Phillies recently spent $42 million on Carlos Ruiz and Marlon Byrd, and barring a big move from Ruben Amaro Jr. those signings could be the end of their offensive upgrades for 2014. Every position is set, unless Amaro trades somebody like Domonic Brown or Ben Revere or some starting pitching to add a bat. It seems clear the front office is entering next season the same way it entered this past season: hoping a healthier roster is enough to return them to the postseason. The Phillies thought a healthier Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley in 2013 would provide a big boost. The theory had some merit. The Phillies were 45-57 on July 29, 2012, before they traded Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. They finished 36-24 for the fifth-best record in the National League. They thought they had momentum. They thought they saw signs of the former five-time NL East champions.

But that hope is a harder sell following a 73-89 finish in 2013, the organization’s worst since they lost 97 games in 2000. The Phillies scored the fourth-fewest runs in baseball lats season.

Not only do the Phillies need Howard and Ben Revere healthy and productive, they need bounce back seasons from Ruiz (he had his worst season since 2008) and Jimmy Rollins (he had the worst season of his career), Byrd to prove a career-year at 35 wasn’t a fluke, Brown to prove he can replicate his breakout season and Utley to prove he can stay healthy two years in a row.

It seems like a lot of things need to break perfectly for the Phillies to score more runs next year.

Thoughts on this potential lineup for 2014?

  1. Revere, CF
  2. Rollins, SS
  3. Utley, 2B
  4. Howard, 1B
  5. Byrd, RF
  6. Brown, LF
  7. Ruiz, C
  8. Cody Asche, 3B


Sad. Very sad. Phils will not compete fot years.

Trade Asche and Biddle for Chase Headley. Non-tender Kendrick. Sign a starter, bullpen guy, and bench bat. That gives them a shot.

Frankly, I’d rather have Asche and Biddle……..

In addition Byrd being old as crap, the biggest problem with the signing was that he sat down in the last chair when the music stopped. It took away the best place to more than marginally improve the offense. There is no plan. Other than hiring RAJ to begin with, the worst thing that happened to the team was the last 50 games in 2012.

So, you’re not a Ryne Sandberg fan then?…..

bwhahahahahah what a joke

Sorry, saw that same lineup, sans Byrd, last year and it sucked. If Sandburg keeps Rollins in the #2 slot again this year, I’ll be hoping for a new manager and a new G.M.

Unless they all have career seasons, I think we’ll be looking at another middle of the pack team. You can’t count on a bunch of 30+ players with most of them having long stints on the DL. Also, unless something is done with the bottom 60% of the rotation and about 50% of the bullpen, I’m afraid there’ll be an awful lot of empty seats at CBP this year, and we won’t be seeing them playing any post-season for a while. Spend some of that TV money and get a real bat and arm or two, The hell with the luxury tax.

What is the front office thinking? Didn’t they enjoy the winning culture they had developed? Do they like the seats no longer being sold out because they can’t put a decent team on the field? Or, maybe Amaro is just trying to be fired.

I do not think this is a championship caliber lineup. They signed another old player in Byrd and expect him, along with The rest of the injury plagued mid thirties set to all be healthy and productive.

Byrd and Ruiz are not the caliber of right handed bats to balance Howard and Utley should they both stay healthy. They need to make up for this lineup by adding a legitimate number 2 pitcher that can complement Hamels and Lee while still revamping their bullpen and bench. It’s a lot to ask…

Hoping for everything to go right is always a great plan! It’s worked so well the past two seasons – why change course now?

Rollins need to pushed down to 7-8 spot…he just belongs there at this point in his career! Oh, and 100% Howard needs to be platooned with Ruf against lefties!!! There aren’t any options to leave him in the lineup against lefties and watch him K at a fod awful rate…I don’t care that he is overpaid more than anyone in the league!

At best this team as composed will be no better than a .500 team. I am giving up 1 of my season ticket packages, keeping the Sunday plan only. Management does not want to extend their payroll well neither do I! I waited for RAJ to some me something and he fell way short. I think there will be many others who feel the same way. The house will be half empty by allstar break.

Basically same roster minus Kratz catching for Ruiz (suspended beginning of last yr) Delmon Young/Mayberry and then Ruf platoon in LF/RF and Michael Young at 3rd. I will say that I think Asche and Dom Brown will have great yrs, Big Piece will show some signs of life same can be said about Rollins. We place better in 2014 I just still don’t think we’ve got enough firepower in a lefty heavy, declining roster that is impatient at the plate, cannot produce runners by plate discipline and cannot score enough runs to wins games.

Hope is not a strategy Rube!

Get rid of Howard while the getting is somewhat good. Everybody talks about how great he is, he has not been great for several years. We need somebody like Prince Fielder who can hit for power but also hit for average and move runners along. Howard is not that person. He strikes out too often, especially when the team just needs a hit from him, not swinging for the fences. I have never been one of his biggest fans, but I definitely feel he is a drain on the club. He is not the “big piece” for this club. Trade him and hopefully get some pitching help.

Which tean do you think is going to take Howatd and that contract?

So, you’d just release him? Or are you one of the clueless phans who think their is a buyer for him out there somewhere? Not even an AL team will take a chance on him if he can’t play more than a month or two a season….. He needs to prove he can be healthy, and if he does, he’ll have 30+ HRs and 100+ RBIs easily and then you won’t want to trade him, even with 150+ strikeouts…

Needs more Martinez…….

The Texas Rangers are collecting overpaid, overweight firstbasemen…give them a call

No one is going to take Howard’s contract. Just hope he stays healthy for the year and can hit 35 HR 100rbi and hit .250, Certainly possible as long as he stays on the field.

O/U for Pete Orr to make his 2014 debut: Aug 14th.

i hate to be the grim reaper, but the lineup posted above is PATHETIC. this team lost 89 games last season and could possibly lose 95 in 2014. i thought it was all about putting a team on the field that can get into the playoffs and possibly the world series. this mob does not have a chance to make it a .500 season. beginning with the starting pitching, you have cliff lee and cole hamels, that is it. as much as i like halladay, lets face it he is done. kyle kendrick has always been a bum and will be next season if he starts in the rotation. the offense is in trouble, howard is shot, utley and rollins are at the twilight of their careers. cody asche is a big question mark at third base, don’t be shocked to see frandsen over there by july. the bullpen could be the only bright spot if the young guy mature. if amaro could go out and sign cano and shoo which he financially cannot do that would be their only shot to put some offensive numbers up. put cano at 2nd base and move utley to 1st base and put shoo in right field.

this is more of a lineup. 1. revere cf, 2.cano 2nd, 3 shoo rf, 4.brown lf, 5 utley 1b ,6 ruiz c 7 asche 3rd , 8 rollins ss.

1 Revere CF
2 Utley 2B
3 Ruf/Howard 1B
4 Brown LF
5 Byrd RF
6 Rollins SS
7 Ruiz C
8 Asche 3B

Rollins isn’t good enough to bat high in the order. Howard isn’t good enough to face left-handed pitching. There has to be a platoon there regardless of salary. If this lineup stays healthy it will produce runs.

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