Phillies Pitching Coach Watch

A more than seven-week search for the next Phillies pitching coach could be nearing an end.

The Phillies have interviewed at least 12 candidates, but Ruben Amaro Jr. indicated this afternoon he might be close to finding somebody to finally replace Rich Dubee, who served that role nine seasons before they told him that he would not return.

“We’re hopeful to make an announcement or make a decision soon,” Amaro said.

Amaro declined to discuss candidates, but sources have said the Phillies offered the job to Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell and Pirates special assistant to the general manager Jim Benedict. Both declined.

In recent days they have interviewed Bob McClure, Randy St. Claire, Rafael Chaves and Carl Willis, each of whom has been a pitching coach in the big leagues. In previous weeks they have interviewed McDowell, Benedict, Mariners special assistant to the general manager Pete Vuckovich, Phillies bullpen coach Rod Nichols, Marlins bullpen coach Reid Cornelius, Triple-A Lehigh Valley pitching coach Ray Burris, Triple-A Durham pitching coach Neil Allen and Diamondbacks Minor League field coordinator Jeff Pico.

Pico has since been named Reds pitching coach.


They should just hire jamie moyer he’d be a great pitching coach

I agree. Jamie would be perfect for the job; a very knowledgeable veteran.

Don’t want any parts of St. Claire. Those Marlins and Nationals pitching staffs were terrible. Probably not entirely his fault but still…

where did rich dubee go? did anyone pick him up?

Why haven’t they considered Jamie Moyer? He would be an excellent pitching coach. He always had a book on every hitter and studied all hitters.

I wonder why Rube decided NOT to give Dubee an extension. Charlie had to go because he was blocking Ryne Sandberg. Larry Bowa is clearly one of Ryne’s guys, but Samuel and Henderson were NOT, and they did nothing spectacular to deserve to keep their jobs. Dubee did an outstanding job with patchwork quilt of no-name minor leaguers and he gets the ax. If Ryne or Ruben had their “own guy”, I would understand why Dubee is gone. In all likelihood, the guy who gets the job will not be in Dubee’s league. I can’t wait to hear all those phans who were bltchln’ and moaning about Dubee start to complain even more about the new guy. It’s inevitable….

Ok – to the folks who keep bringing up Jamie Moyer. He has publicly said that he has no interest in coaching at this point. So that’s it – end of story.

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