Burnett Sounds Unlikely, Phils to Watch Madson

Manuel Likes Myers in 8th, Madson in 9thRuben Amaro Jr. said this morning he will continue to look for ways to improve the Phillies roster, but with pitchers and catchers holding their first workout at Carpenter Complex in six days any significant additions seem unlikely.

“It’s more likely we’ll go in with what we’ve got,” Amaro said.

The Phillies have been talking with free-agent right-hander A.J. Burnett, but the Pirates and Orioles also are top suitors.

But the Phillies will be one team watching former closer Ryan Madson throw today in Arizona. Madson has not pitched since 2011 because of Tommy John surgery and complications following the surgery, but when he has been healthy he has been one of the top relievers in baseball.

“There are several guys in that boat,” Amaro said. “We’ll have our eyes on these guys who are working on coming back from an injury or surgery.”

It is unclear if Madson is looking for a guaranteed Major League contract, and if so if that would scare away the Phillies.

The Phillies also have been looking for a backup center fielder. Currently, John Mayberry Jr. and Tony Gwynn Jr. are two top candidates for that job.

“There aren’t a chock full of opportunities,” Amaro said. “It’s a possibility, but as I said we’ll probably go with what we’ve got and see what happens over the course of the spring.”


Last place again.

If they don’t even try to sign Burnett, then they are not even trying to win. This is not 1997. The fans gave them this payroll…they need to try to field a winner. Sounds like they are not. Thanks.

Amaro sounds as if he has already given up on the season. A lot of “fire” in his statements! It is like he has realized it is his fault the team is not going to be viable this year – and probably will not be until they change the GM.

I understand “financial constrains” and things, but signing Burnett for a one year deal is do-able. The Phillies need depth for the starting rotation. There are too many uncertainties in the rotation after Hamels and Lee. If the front office makes one more meaningful signing and spends just a bit more money to improve the team, maybe the seats at CBP will start to fill up again. Philly fans will support a team with a reasonable chance of making the playoffs. This current roster as it stands now needs A LOT to go right to have even a reasonable chance at playing in October… A LOT! Bringing in Burnett on a one year deal can only help.

Ruin so reminds me of the guy who murders his parents and throws himself on the mercy of the court at sentencing because he is an orphan.

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