Bad Start? Hamels Behind Schedule

Cole HamelsCole Hamels would have been a candidate to pitch Opening Day in Texas, but he revealed this morning he is behind schedule because of tendinitis in his left biceps.

He said he will not be ready to start the season, but insisted he will be pitching for the Phillies sometime in April.

“Oh, yeah, yeah,” said Hamels, asked if he expects to be pitching before May 1. “I see myself pitching in April. I guess I don’t see myself pitching in March. It’s not any pain or discomfort. It’s just the building up of muscles. When you start you can’t run a marathon right off the bat. You have to build up to it.

“Not too far behind (Opening Day) I’ll be ready.”

Phillies pitchers and catchers hold their first official workout Thursday at Carpenter Complex, but Hamels will not be throwing off the mound with his teammates. He said he just started to throw Jan. 1, when he typically begins to throw Dec. 1.

“I felt some discomfort in my shoulder,” Hamels said.

He later said the tendinitis is in his biceps, but for Phillies fans who understand several things need to go perfectly for the team to make the postseason in 2014, it is cause for concern. But Hamels seemed unworried and said after talking with Phillies physician Michael Ciccotti and head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan they simply decided he should not throw in December.

Hamels, 30, did not have a MRI.

“Right now I’m just kind of in the middle stages of my throwing program, which doesn’t allow me to throw bullpens at the moment,” he said. “Don’t feel alarmed. I feel healthy now. It’s just trying to get the strength and the stamina to be able to do that comfortably and not injure myself. But other than that, I’m glad we were able to find it earlier. Things look good. I will progress during Spring Training into the start of the season.”


April means May with things like this. Extended spring starts will be needed. “We won’t rush him this early in the season.” We need Burnett even more now. Imagine Kendrick as your #2 in Texas? Yikes!

Gaudin is looking like a much better signing than it was being given credit for at the time; think they knew this when they signed him?

They may have not known it when they signed Gaudin, but they know it now. So what is the hold-up with signing Burnett?

Why would they not do an MRI on Hamels in December? So, all they have to go on is, “I feel fine”?

And so it begins…

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