Madson Looked ‘Good,’ But …

Madson Will Close if Lidge Isn't ReadyThe Phillies watched Ryan Madson throw late last week in Arizona, and Ruben Amaro Jr. made an interesting comment Wednesday when asked about it.

“Our reports were good when we saw him, so he’s going to sign somewhere,” the general manager said.

Interesting because Amaro said Madson is going to sign somewhere, not necessarily with the Phillies. If the Phils were in the thick of negotiations or seriously interested, Amaro typically would have much less to say.

There could be a reason for that. Sources said Madson has been telling teams he is looking for a guaranteed Major League contract. That might be too much for the Phillies to handle, considering they just signed A.J. Burnett, but most importantly because Madson has not pitched in a big league game since 2011 because of right elbow surgery.


That’s a shame. It’d be cool to see him back with the Phils. You’d think that with all the money he got the last couple seasons for basically nothing, that he’d be a little more open to proving himself & earning a spot.

He hasn’t thrown a MLB pitch since Boris pulled a “Boris” with RAJ. He has received almost $11 million for two seasons on the shelf. Now, he wants another guaranteed contract….Some team “may” give him that…but RAJ won’t.

I’m a big fan of Zo, my fav beat writer by far, but it sure seems like tea leaf reading based on essentially one word? – “somewhere.”

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Madson screwed up his career via free agency; his ticket was punched here and instead he left out the rear exit most likely never to pitch effectively again. And isn’t he too young to rejoin the Phils. He needs be north of 35 or 36 years of age.
But in the it’s Ruin Amaro who has singlehandedly made this team what it is today – old, overpaid, and no real farm system prospects. Maybe with Gillick and Manuel on staff as advisors the Phils can turn it around; but it’s going to take time.

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