Report: Phillies Turn In 2 Players to NCAA

Ruben Amaro Jr. declined comment this morning when asked about a Baseball America report the organization turned in two college players to the NCAA for rules violations.

Amaro said he could not comment because it is an open investigation.

The Phillies drafted Oregon State left-hander Ben Wetzler in the fifth round and Washington State outfielder Jason Monda in the sixth round of the 2013 First-Year Player Draft. Neither signed. Baseball America reported the Phillies told the NCAA in November the players violated its “no agent” rule. College players are not allowed to hire agents before they sign, but it is widely known and accepted they use an adviser to help them negotiate before the signing deadline, otherwise it would be a college athlete negotiating on his own.

The NCAA has made Wetzler ineligible to play. It recently reinstated Monda.

Amaro directed questions to Phillies assistant general manager Marti Wolever, who declined comment to Baseball America.

“(Monda) agreed to the draft and then just changed his mind; he just decided to go back to school,” Wolever said after the draft.

The Baseball America report is receiving attention for a couple reasons. First, high draft picks often decide to stay in school and reenter the draft at a later date. But teams very rarely contact the NCAA for a player having representation. Second, there could be repercussions for the Phillies. If they draft a college junior in the future, he might have reservations about negotiating with the Phillies because of fears about being turned in to the NCAA if he does not sign.


Jimmy Rolllins spoke yesterday about his bad 2013, his no-trade rights, chasing the franchise’s all-time hits record and more.


would LOVE to see some current/former phillies draftees go on record that an agent negotiated their deal yet somehow the phillies declined to report them. This seems really petty and classless. The phillies don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt if they’re going to refrain from commenting.

So, Reuben is a scummy Snitch, as well? As another blogger put it so well:
“The Phillies have gone from being perceived as an extremely classy organization to one that signs jackasses, stabs its longtime manager in the back, and rats out college kids. Snitches basically. You know what the cartel does to snitches?”

Maybe we need a little more information, fellas…

Where’s the Update? you know, the one where $cumbag Ruin Tomorrow admitted that he knew about the whole thing (but was not Man Enough to admit that he instigated it)? The Phillies Front Office should be ashamed of having no Ethics whatsoever, and should be fired en masse for preventing the Phillies from ever signing another undegraduate player. Stupid, Incompetent, Classless, and Unethical. That group is disgusting.

Get rid of Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs now before it’s too late

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