Pettibone Takes First Step Back

Bob McClure, Jonathan PettiboneThe Phillies had numerous problems last season, but one big problem toward the end was a lack of starting pitching depth.

It is not a serious concern yet, but with Cole Hamels and Jonathan Pettibone behind schedule because of shoulder issues and Ethan Martin getting his right shoulder examined today by doctors it could become one. At least the Phillies believe Hamels might miss just a start or two and Pettibone took a step forward today with his first bullpen session following a cortisone injection in into his right shoulder Feb. 17.

“Arm felt good,” Pettibone said afterward. “I think we’re back on track. That was like the first stepping stone and cleared that. Now it’s, ‘Game on.’”

Pettibone said his shoulder has felt fine since the injection.

“Once I got the cortisone, I was feeling smoother and kind of fresh,” he said. “In the week leading up, everything felt fine. So I’m staying positive.”

It is unlikely Pettibone could be ready to pitch by the beginning of the season, but he said he is hopeful he could be ready the first week of April.

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Is he staking a step forward or a step back? Confusing!
The cortisone is supposed to relieve the pain, but it has no real healing properties; in fact, repeated use will actually break down the muscle tissue… so saying that his arm feels great after the shot is kind of “duh!” Does he know what the problem is?

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