Asche Gets Hit, Seems Just A Bruise

ascheSince the Phillies played their final game in 2013 they have preached the importance of health.

They believe if they are healthy they will win.

They suffered a scare this afternoon at Bright House Field, when Pirates pitcher Yao-Hsun Yang hit Phillies third baseman Cody Asche on the right hand with a pitch in the fifth inning. Asche left the game, but the Phillies said afterward it is a bruise and a preliminary ultrasound exam came back negative. He could have more tests Monday, if needed.

It sounded much worse than a bruise when the pitch first struck him. It could be heard throughout the ballpark.

“It scared me,” said Asche, who is the favorite to be the Opening Day third baseman. “It feels like it should feel if you got hit by a pitch, but it doesn’t feel like it’s something serious. That’s good. They don’t seem concerned about a break.”


when did the Phillies become the Cubs? #cursed

They became the Cubs when Amaro became the GM!!

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