Sandberg Not Concerned with Woeful Offense

Ryne SandbergThe Phillies entered this afternoon’s Grapefruit League game against the Braves with a .595 OPS, which was the worst mark in baseball.

Then they scored just one run and picked up just six hits in today’s 8-1 loss.

“It’s March 10,” Ryne Sandberg said afterward. “It’s also a Spring Training atmosphere. Some guys are two at-bats, three at-bats and out. Sprinkled with days off in there, kind of a choppy schedule for guys. We’re still seeing everybody, giving everybody ample at-bats. Maybe it’s hard for guys to get into a groove and get into a rhythm. Guys are seeing the ball, getting their eyes adjusted. That could come into play. But when I look at the potential of the lineup and the potential bats we have together, I see an offense that has potential of doing some things. I put a lot on it being March 10.”


Was he not paying attention last year? And the one before that? Good luck…he’s gonna need it. They seem locked for another 4th place finish and sub 0.500 record. I just hope Ryno doesn’t get caught up in the inevitable house cleaning to follow….

the braves pitching looks to be falling apart opening a door for the phils. the braves are going to regret paying floyd to right the bench

But the Braves’ offense is much better than the Phillies’.

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If Ryno is not worried then why is he concerned about losing? This lineup is the worst offense in all of MLB right now!! If he isn’t concerned now he certainly will be in 3 weeks when there are no more excuses.

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Ignorance is bliss for Ryno, what a dumb comment to make. By July, the team will be drawing 20K a game, we’ll be 15 games out of first and Comcast will be having a hissy fit while ratings drop like a stone. Monty will still be making excuses for Amaro.

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