Rollins Sits, Galvis Positively Plays

Jimmy RollinsRyne Sandberg has been singing Freddy Galvis’ praises since the offseason, when he essentially guaranteed he would make the team as a utility infielder.

Galvis went 1-for-2 with a triple, walk and RBI in today’s 6-5 victory over the Orioles in a Grapefruit League game at Ed Smith Stadium. Galvis has started at shortstop the past two Grapefruit League games, and is scheduled to start there a third consecutive game tomorrow against the Yankees at Bright House Field. Asked before the game about Rollins’ string of absences, Ruben Amaro Jr. said he is unaware of any health issues.

So is everything OK with Rollins or is he just getting a break?

“No, he’s fine,” Sandberg said.

Asked if Galvis could push Rollins for playing time this season, Sandberg said, “Freddy’s a guy that will get playing time at various positions. He’s a guy that I like in the lineup. I feel good about what he brings to the table. The biggest thing I like is his energy and his positive influence. His positive influence on everybody that’s around him.”

And what he has thought about Rollins in that regard this spring?

“No comment,” Sandberg said.


BAM, Ryne! You are truly putting your stamp on this team. I love it. Keep up the honesty.

Wow-it doesn’t get much plainer than that. Rollins’ lackadaisical style and increasingly meager offense may mean he sits rather than starts this year

Be still my heart! FINALLY a manager is seeing what a horrible attitude J-Roll has and what a bad influence he is! This is the best news I’ve heard from Spring Training so far this year! i guess that “who cares?” comment was the last straw from Sandberg!

*for Sandberg…

Ryne has some clout. Hes a hall of famer. And probably still could outhit most of the phillies in bp.

Rollins, Howard and Utley can’t say sh** to Ryne, he’s twice the player they’ll ever be.

If he tells J-Strol to hustle, J-Strol can’t mouth off.

Love it.

Also love the recent honest reporting by Todd.

I also think having Larry Bowa on his staff gives Ryne the comfort level to take on Rollins

You mean the same Larry Bowa who tanked twice as a manager?

That “no comment” speaks volumes. If it were not an issue, he would have said something in defense of J-Roll. That spells trouble for Rollins, IMO. Don’t be shocked if he doesn’t finish the season with the Phillies.

That’s the leverage the Phillies have on Rollins. He wants so much to be #1 in all Phillies stats(except homers) and to retire a Phillie. He will do anything to prevent them from taking his egocentric goal away from him. They know it and since he’s in his last year, they can play mind games with him.

This also has the added benefit of reducing Rollins’ plate appearances so his 2015 option doesn’t vest. Sayonara!

I don’t care about JRoll’s attitude. He still plays great D but he has not adjusted his approach at the plate. I think all these guys don’t feel they have to bring it every day that at some point they’ll get hot and things will be OK. Charlie let them work things out. That works with people who care about every game, every at bat. but everyone isn’t like that and we have seen the results.

Energy and positive influence? Is this just another way of saying the best of a bad lot?

I don’t wanna wait, I want to see that young new-look Phillies infield now; Ruff at first, Asche at second, Freddy at short, and Franco at third! And in a couple of years, there’ll be another young shortstop coming through the pipeline to challange for a spot, too!

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